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I am a self-taught webdesigner, I've been designing since the tender age of 13. I'm largely self-taught, I've never taken a formal class on webdesign although I've participated in workshops and worked directly with a mentor for several years. I've taught myself to write accessible, standards-compliant code and create unique, aesthetically stunning designs.
I've still got a bit to learn, but I'm already working as a freelance designer and professionally as part of a webdesign collective.
I never thought, when I was doing it all through high school, that webdesign would become such a large part of my life, and my personality, but now that it is, I'm kind of glad! It's a great skill/talent to have!
lianhua lianhua 21-25, F 5 Responses Nov 2, 2007

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Have you built any site for your own personal use? If yes, where did you host it?


your ignorance is painful to witness. she's been learning for 11 years you useless twit. why did you even bother to post?

in this field, by the time something is available as a university or certificate program, it's obsolete. anyone who's any good is constantly learning, so a degree is a waste of ink except to get a foot in the door when ******** like you are in charge, and people with computer science degrees seldom end up working in design anyways.

what's needed for design is innate, and can only be learned by someone with an inner drive to know and a natural sensibility to suit. the technical stuff is all available for free online and the truly useful information isn't in any textbook.

I have yet to meet a designer who's any good who claims that they learned what they know from a course.

an uninspired idiot with a degree is still an idiot - he's just an idiot _you'd_ hire while the truly great designer you wouldn't hire goes on to kick *** on behalf of your more enlightened competition.

... and learn how to spell, moron. it's bad enough you feel the need to spout off about something you're clearly unqualified to judge, you could at least do it coherently.

- - - -

to the rest of you, sorry for the rant. I'm self taught, and I've worked for dozens of Fortune 500 companies at the cutting edge of technology, including Microsoft, GTInteractive, Panasonic, and Nickelodeon. the most inspiring and creative minds I know of online are self-taught and usually educated in a completely unrelated field.

the people who are the biggest stumbling blocks to progress inside many of my past client companies are degreed blockheads who only know what some book has told them and have yet to have an original idea of their own.

as you can see, I've got a bit of a chip on my shoulder about the issue of education. that's because it was an ongoing battle to get taken seriously, and only my track record has enabled me to get past it.

luckily people (and companies) actually care most what you can do for them, not how you learned how to do it.

lianhua and nokturn and any other human out there who is capable of teaching themselves something good that could contribute to their existence on this earth; i say...great job and thank you for letting your brain be productive and keep the good work up.

self thought..aah i think u guys can not be good..u will have to learn a lot..

same here... though I can be creative when needed...