Bona Fide Weirdo Here

Yep, I'm just your friendly neighborhood weirdo. I'm interested in a wide variety of strange, arcane things that no one cares about. I become fascinated with simple things that most people are too busy to notice. I love quiet and solitude. I hate my cell phone. I have a bizarre sense of humor that earns me many interesting looks. Yep, just a head-in-the-clouds, fish-out-of-water, stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb freak. So. Who's with me?

Nyxie Nyxie
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Cabcraft, thanks for your comment. You're my kinda gal, and you absolutely qualify for this group with your story! (That, and the fact that you actually read this entire thread.) You sound fascinating! Be a weirdo, but don't be a stranger. :)

I hope I qualify for membership. I've read every single comment and I have had to change my pants twice! I've found my soul-mates! At last. I've been looked at sideways - BY MY OWN FAMILY - the beings that left my very own body stretched and battered, but proud! They'd probably commit me given half the chance, and that was before my two head injuries that cemented my wierdness! Since then????<br />
I talk to bats, when I've chased my cat out of the room, he tries to eat the poor things! I have a wild pet Baboon Spider in my bathroom (South African tarantula). I'm terrified of spiders. I swoon at heights but have paraglided and been on the world's highest and longest and fastest zip-slide, and dream of skydiving. I like snakes, despite being bitten by one. I rode on a tortoise called Grandpa that lived in my Grandma's garden. I was also bitten by a tortoise who didn't know my credentials and the family-tie to Grandpa. I have communed with elephants and believe them to be reincarnated fabulous people. <br />
Am I over-eager? Do I qualify? I really feel I belong!

Hey, frito! Nice to see you, girl. The Smurf lunchbox is just the Smurfiest! And I'm glad you like weirdos, too. :)

Good to *see* ya Nyxie!!! Hope that Smurf lunchbox is workin' well for you *grin* I've always liked weirdos. :)

Hi Des! Long time no see! *MWAH!*

You're among friends here, Amethystium. :)

Glad you think so. And my condolences.

NO one else. ;)

Welcome, Frito and Dawnriser! <br />
<br />
Weirdness never goes out of style, Frito, so you're not too late. <br />
<br />
I think some of the weirdos decamped for parts unknown, Dawn. And anyone who says "what box?" definitely belongs here. :)

I only see 116 comments -- not 135. Weird? -- Some <br />
wierdos musta left.<br />
<br />
Me -- outside the box? I was never INside the box. Or what box?<br />
<br />
OK now you will think I really AM weird!<br />
Gotta go now..... Whooooosh

How about 135? Hope I'm not too late. I don't think creating your own mold is's just creative individuality. There now...that's what I always tell myself anyway.

I'm sorry, Myo. Being 133rd was weird. You just missed it.

And I am the 134th comment here. That is weird.

Hey, nadar! You are pretty darn rockin' yourself! :)

Indeed. Animal abuse has no place in art or anywhere else.<br />
<br />
OK, we've got our leading lady and leading c0w. Now all I have to do is think of a storyline. Shouldn't be hard...I have a lot of experience being weird.

Welcome to the Chamber of Weirdness, Brut and Blue, mes enfants! <br />
<br />
I am sorry, Mr. distracting as those lovely teats are, I will have to nix (ha!) your suggestion of Un Chien Andalou because although Luis Bunuel was obviously a raging weirdo, that movie makes me queasy. <br />
<br />
I think we should make our own, and cast ourselves as characters. You, of course, would be the handsome cow with the udders of gold. Myonis would be the impossibly gorgeous femme fatale. Anyone else? The cast list is starting to fill up!

Caddy Shack,,, the original

Nyxie gets to choose the flick because it's her story. No doubt, it will be something really weird. Maybe we could make some suggestions, though.

Oh goody, a movie?

Welcome to the theatre, Blue.

ok I'm in. Can I sit up front?

When I do become interested in soething, it is usually soething count me in!

I suppose it's the Dutch side of me surfacing. Did you know there are more cows in Holland than people? Who doesn't love cows, really?

You're such a hopeless romantic!

You had me at, "Bovine Depends".

*curtsies deeply* Thank you, my dear Danda. You will find me a most benevolent dictator. ;)

YAY! I was just wondering if you would make a return appearance, Danda! You were, after all, the creator of our official group name, the "Eclectic Eccentrics"! Once a weirdo, always a weirdo. Welcome back! And consider all back dues waived. :)

LOL, Myo!! Yeah, you just keep that tail right where it is, c0w! <br />
<br />
Welcome to the Eclectic Eccentrics, Mello! Dive right in and soak up some weirdness! (As you can see, we have some primo stuff here.)

"What does a m0rec0wbell smell like?"<br />

"sMOOch!" Hahahaha! Those leaky udders are a shame, though. Do they sell bovine Depends? Or maybe Dr. Moreau could prescribe something...

He would give you a sMOOch, Nyxie, but his udders interfere and they leak sometimes. It upsets him. He's kind of weird that way. I think maybe he was conceived on the the island of Dr. Moreau. He just hasn't shared that with us.

*bats eyes at c0w* C'mere and give us a smooch, you bovine wonder!

Indeed I did. Making absolutely no sense is just part of my weird charm!

I'm sorry, you want the Existential Department. This is Weirdness and Silly Walks. Go down the hall, take a left, and ask for Monsieur Sartre.

Or the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, if you're claustrophobic.

Here, on the Island of Misfit Weirdos. Keep up, c0w!

Scratching head and wondering......

Sounds like everyone here right now is right where they belong. <br />
<br />
Myo, didn't you know that lilt was really Eliza Doolittle?

Yes, they do, because there are Wood Ducks. I've seen them, and they're weird. <br />
lilt, you said BLOOMING idiots! You are so weird, nature lady!

No, but you still might want to duck.

If a joke bombs in the woods - is a duck still funny?

Well, a good argument could be made that it is the attitude of the weirdO vs. that of the weirdEE, frequently because weirdEEs have no sense of humor. But I can see your point. If someone acts weird in the woods and no one is there to see it, was it really weird?

Ha! I always say ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING, and I believe it pretty much is.<br />
The question now is, is it the attiutde of the observer (my choice) or that of the person who is weird/different?

Dawnriser: Attitude. ;)

I think I was behind that SAME woman at the Dollar General store a few months ago. It wasn't just clothes, but she had to RE-decide on each and EVery item she had put in her cart, and the whole time was talking on her phone which she had hanging around her neck and turned on speaker!!!! The whole time another woman, (friend or sister?) stood there and had to be consulted on each thing. It was an exercise in patience for me and the clerk and the lady behind me who finally found another line open. <br />
Kinda got off the subject of weird. <br />
Question, How and when is "different" "weird" or not "weird?"

Behavior like that is a hanging offense in my book.

Okay, I'm at the store, the woman has her entire cart filled with clothes. At least 40 items. Yet she is still shopping. She is looking over the clothes, talking to her friend, debating whether or not she wants each piece rung up. All the while, there are about 5 in line behind her. Then she answered her phone.....

Why? What did she do?

The woman in front of me, at the store today, didn't look too cynical.<br />
She was a blooming idiot.

That IS pretty weird. Are you sure you're in the correct century? I mean, cynicism pretty much defines the 21st century, does it not?

i believe that there is nothing LESS "cool" than cynicism - pretty weird, huh?

Pigs in blankets! Torn down buildings! C0w bags! James Brown!!! Good Lord a-mighty... CAN I GET A AMEN???

Papa's got a brand new bag! c0w has a couple of bags of his own, too.

James!!! <br />
Get on up!

Building, is you ready? 'Cause we gonna tear you down!

I brought pigs-in-a-blanket.<br />
That's a good snack for weirdos, right?

Welcome to our merry band of weirdos, Myonis, Newday and Scooby! Let the weirdo party commence! Cell phones OFF! Phallic lamps ON!! And a round of c0w's chocolate shakes on the house!!

CHEERS! When's our next meeting?

Me me me meeeee!<br />
AND I've managed to escape the usual fate of the weird one. "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down."

WIGU, I'm coming over, but I'll call first if I find my phone. Don't make the floats, though because c0w is supplying chocolate shakes. I have to see that lamp. How about some pictures?

ME! I'm with you! But don't ever call me because I don't turn on my cell phone. Don't bother coming over because I am having my alone time right now. As far as humor, well, I have a funny bone and that's all I have to say about that!

Just keep it away from the Clapper.

I bet it lights up the whole room.

ROFLMAO, WIGU!! (That must be SOME lamp! ;))

Or how about you drink some rootbeer and stand outside in the snow for awhile? Yummy! Root beer floats!

Yay!!! The c0w is here!!! Fresh 2% for everyone! :)

Dawnriser, it's all good. Welcome to the "eclectic eccentrics"! :)

Oh great! Communicating with other species makes me wierd! I'm in! Talked with a woodpecker the other day-- cats, dogs and horses all the time.<br />
How about cutting my own hair, wearing golf shoes to the barn in winter, not liking parties, ahhhh... there's more.. I'm thinking...

WIGU, d10, are all welcome to this party. In fact, it wouldn't be a party withOUT you all! :) (El and Peeds are already veteran members, of course.)<BR><BR>WIGU, I'm with you on the cellphone. And I'm fairly confident in my ability to communicate with dogs as well. (For you dogs out there reading this: Woof and get off the damn couch!!) And let's face it...seeing phallic symbols everywhere is just plain fun. (I have no experience whatsoever with compost.)

I held out as long as I could without a cell phone.

El....No cell phone!!! How do you ever manage???

When I Grow Up - I don't even have a cell phone! How weird is that?

Dawnriser, if you're a weirdo, you've come to the right place. Believe me, you are among friends here...regardless of hour, or in some people's cases, state of undress. And of course, it's never too late to be weird. <br />
<br />
Thank you for resurrecting this story. The only thing more fun than being a weirdo is being a weirdo during the holidays!

I don't know how wierd I am but in all my life I have never fit into any group. Hmmm.. maybe this is the one? Could this be the square hole this peg fits? I see some of my friends and favorite people here and was pleased to see the thread still active when I thought I was too late. Hope you'll let me hang out -- you are the kind of people I like. If you think writing things like this at what is almost 3:00 in the morning, is wierd enough .......... Perhaps I am qualified?

Hey, Mox! You rocks!

I'm sitting here cracking up! Such fun!

El, I had a logical in my way once and had to have it surgically removed.<br />
<br />
Alan, you've made my head hurt. ;)

I think fitting into the standard cultural mode is not only weird, but insane. Thanks for not doing so.

I can see weirdly now the brain has gone<br />
Lost are all of the logicals that stood in my way

Love your song EGarto - it fits so nicely. I can hear the melody and have been singing it - it will probably get stuck in my head. Oh no!

You must save a packet on cat food. I have 2 actual cats - one is called Feed Me, the other is called Feed Me 2.

I'll share a weirdness no one would ever see. But if they did, a few eyebrows will be raised indeed.<br />
I have three spirit cats, Kitty, Kitty Kitty and Kitty Kitty Kitty # III.

What's plain for Twain is really just arcane.

"There's weird, and then there's WEIRD; and never the twain shall meet." Samuel Clemens said that.

Well, of COURSE I can believe it! It was in a great book by a brilliant author, so it MUST be true! AND weird! *snort* Oops, my bad.

Getting pretty self-disclosing today. -- Like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality?<br />
<br />
As to this whole underwear issue; I believe too much has been made of that. I mean, can you name a more efficient way of carrying your underwear to the laundromat? -- Gosh, some people are so uptight!<br />
<br />
I, for one, enjoy driving at high speeds while in the passenger's seat; some people say THAT'S weird! Can you believe that?

Did I mention that sometimes I snort when I laugh? (OK, MOST times.. :D)

The point exactly, WiseOldOwl (apt moniker!). Who wants to be like everyone else? I just refer to us as "weird" because that's how "they" see us. We are, of course, rugged, determined individualists who reject convention and wear underwear on our heads at the laundromat. (What? You mean not everyone does that??)

I haven't seen any weirdness here yet, just good old individuality. Maybe I'm weird, but I'd rather hang out here than with a room full of stereotypes.

See, ApplesCarrotsCelery? It's true what they say...strangers are just weirdos you haven't yet met! :D