Is This Where I Post My Cv?

I think I am a well educated professional. Not OVER educated. I always think of myself as a beginner and lifelong learner.
I have a BA in TV & Film Production and an MA in Education, then an MFA in Screenwriting.
And I am definitely a professional in what I do.
Education in the Middle East is very important. The parents usually pay their kids' fees until they graduate from University. Sometimes also they pay for the Graduate studies. In my case, I only had to finance my MFA degree. My parents (and work study) paid the rest.
I hope I'm paying them back by making them proud of me and by being always proud of them.
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I am not sure that I worry MUCH about how my parents will see what I'm gonna do, I am confident that whatever I do it is not gonna be a disaster for mankind (at least not on purpose, lol). I think they did their job by raising us (my siblings and I) well, and for that we're being grateful by excelling in what WE choose to do :)

Thank you MR! I think it is more how we use this education and professionalism that decides about it being impressive or not :) <br />
<br />
But, thanks again! How about you? :)