I Am Tressa Call Me Tess If You Please

My name is tressa and i would like to welcome you all this is a pack/family and so i hope we all get along. Rules: try not to curse , i dont allow anyone over 20 if u join as 19 or lower you may stay if you turn 20, absolutely no rpers i cant have fakers in my pack , and be as truthful as you can , and we have no democracy for when igive up this pack i will give it to i feel is most trust worthy and deserves this position, when you join you will be given a position such as beta or omega if you are abeta you are most likely to in herit the pack and betas get a more detailed rank such as first class beta or second class beta we will allow werewolves in this pack but they will become second class omegas and i hope i never have to demote someone to third class omegas who are really just outsiders or werecats that will have to start their ranks all over again for breaking rules to many times . Were was i oh yes i never told you about myself my cat form is a tabby simease mix and i have been captured by humans um....... so many times its hard to count ! And whenever someone joins they must give basic infirmation such as clan name ( what they wished to be called in the clan) their cat form and their real name
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13-15, F
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I am a werecat and I know it 10 years. I would like to join your pack, if you allow me.

I think I'm a werecat but i haven't shifted yet how can I speed up the process