Hi, All Werecats! :) (& Our Friends Ofc!!)

So, hi, and welcome! :)
To start, I'll share my own story.
I have been feeling different since birth and I have always felt similair to cats, I have always been talking to them and they always seem to understand... Milk is my favorite thing to drink. When I go to friends, they always know, that I will ask for a glass of milk! :)) And so do my parents - they always buy so much of milk, because they know, that I love it. Also, maybe weird, but, when I come home, I just sit on table and talk about how was school.. I love sitting and sleeping on higher places. Also, my vision isn't so good (i wear contact lenses), but my reaction is, I always see the littlest moves.
Only recently I realised, what I am.
I was looking at werewolfs and stuff, and I wondered, if there are something like that, but CATS. And I found.

*raising a paw for all werecats*
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8 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Weretiger here, lol.

Me too , I recently found out I was a werecat but I always knew I was different. I seem to bond with every cat I meet, I love getting
up high(i even got in trouble for it) and I have great night vision
and hearing! I'm a black panther werecat with velvet black fur
and midnight spots with green eyes. Anyway I'm glad I found you
guys its nice to be appreciated =)

European wild cat werecat. Packless but friendly. Do you know about some werecat packs?

I'm a WereLeopard. I have eye glasses, but I also see small movements. I like climbing trees and sleeping high up. I LOVE meat. I've always been able to communicate with cats, but my mom is a dog person. I've always been interested in seeing leopards

IM a snow leopard. If any of you want to talk with me then fel free to message me.

dude u seem freakin awesome!!!!!!

I am a lion

I never knew there were so many people like me :D I'm now really excited. I'm a mountain lion...not as cool as a jaguar but still. She's beautiful. I've been m shifting for a year or so and I've already started shifting my eyes and teeth :))