What Makes A Werecat A Werecat

Being a Were is, for many people, a state of mind. The sense that you are, indeed, a human in cat form, you make yourself believe this and in doing so it becomes true. Others find themselves remarkably cat-like, they love milk, enjoy climbing, and are agile. In other words they are a human with cat traits. Now for those finding themselves literally transforming from a human body to a cat one, it is different. You have been given a gift that many long for and should appreciate it as such. Your transformations, despite what you may have experienced, have nothing to do with moon phases. You have complete control over when you change. If this isn't the case then you have likely subconsciously affiliated your transformations with a certain time, such as moon phases, and thus change at these times only. In other words, you've made yourself believe that you only change at certain times so you do.
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I just found out I'm a werecat and I was wondering when I'll be able to shift. And how do I know what I'll look like?

IM here and i Wan to say your right about the moon and thank god to I still dont know about the whole transphormation yet, but can you turn you body to characterristics. I can change A LITTLE BUT IS THAT NORMAL

Sup, it's me emerald the werecat! I fegerid out my breed, I'm a cross breed between tiger,panter,and lynx.

My...condition is a little different from what you're saying. I was bitten by a Werecat who was scratched by a born Werecat. He was fully transformed into one but his bite/scratch causes one to become half a Werecat.