Feral Weres

Feral Weres are the opposite of most Weres. They are cats with human like qualities. They are also different in that they never show physical similarities to humans. A feral Were could be a lion who uses human ingenuity by herding his prey into some sort of trap, like a river it couldn't cross. Or perhaps a wild tiger who discovers a researcher's hidden camera and poses with a smile. These sorts of things show that the animal has flashes of a human mind in that it attempts to communicate with humans in human-like ways. Feral Weres have been shown to become extremely active in the presence of a Were or Therian of the same species. Going to great lengths to gain their attention and show them what they are.
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Cool! The one thing I din't know about werecats. You are wise, I can tell. May your adventures take you a good ways.