Let Me Outta Here !

Recently i was strolling the beach in my cat form when a young girl and her (im guessing) brother scooped me up i clawed the boy who dropped me and i fell in a puddle splashing the girl . She screamed and looked madly at me then . Jumped into the ocean a few seconds later i smelt fish coming from the girl i ignored it i turned to walk away but the boy grabbed me and used his belt to tie me up heheld me a few feet from his body and dangled me by the tail he yelled something to the girl and ran towards the street he eventually got to a small faded house i looked behind me to see the girl competely dry even herhair and she hadnt changed her outfit ithought that was weird but before i knew it the boy had stepped inside the house holding me . It was pretty big for a small house i heard another human come down the stairs it was a elderly lady but she looked pretty young to me then the humans started talking and i heard thease words: "sara" "micheal" and " fluffy" my first thought was omg their naming me fluffy then i thought I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE i hissed and clawed and karate kicked wich if your a cat tied up with a belt it looks like your pawing a ball of yarn wich made the humans do that -awww- sound they shut the door and cut some holes in a card board box put me in and closed it they put a bowl of milk in there and a ball of yarn then they fell asleep wich was when i snuck onto the computer and let me tell you it aint easy to type with paws but it got easy in time i think their waking up ! Tressa out peace !
prettykitty101 prettykitty101
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

wait you area domestic werecat and WAS CAPTURED HAHAHHAHAHAH