I am a werewolf and need help getting through it with out dieing I need to find somebody that can teach me how to controll it. And for the people that say you can't your wrong bc there is a way.
Wolfman233 Wolfman233 16-17, M 5 Responses Aug 10, 2011

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have you shifted yet

I know exactly how you feel I'm going through the same thing but I was born into it it just didn't show up till a little later in my life can some one help me too

listen,i can help you,but you need to trust me

i can help to if u want message me

can you help me too?

If u still need help contact me I will b happy to assist

Hey! I'm a werewolf too, and ill admit it is hard to control it even after years of practice. You just have to learn and be taught well to control all the shapeshifting and anger and everything else. You might need to find a pack with a good alpha somewhere close by, How do you know that you are a werewolf? I stare at the full moon, crave meat, hear and smell really good, can read dogs minds, and more! And when I get angry I feel like biting and attacking that person or thing I'm angry with. Just remember, There's A LOT of us out here. :) hope I helped