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Do You Need Werewolf Advice

 I am a werewolf and I have been trying to find a way to give all you real werewolves out there some info on werewolves some advice , Though I doubt most of you are werewolves I cant not think that there is a little werepup out there that doesn't have a shoulder to lean on when they first shift and new things start happening. So like the caring werewolf I am I decided to try and help.... If any of you real werewolves out there are Having trouble with your shifts and abilities please ask questions and I will answer them if i trust you deserve the answer... If your a young werewolf you need to learn about the important facts .PLEASE REAL WEREWOLVES ASK QUESTIONS.
caretaker13 caretaker13 13-15 353 Responses Nov 8, 2011

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i don't know but i have always loved the moon had 20/20 vision and hearing a longing the be outside i am 11about to be twelve and lately have had a faint voice in my head and am getting angry nothing what so ever so am i a werewolf

Pm me and just cause you like the moon it doesn't mean your instantly a werewolf

Hi. I am a 15 year old kid and i just need to kown if i am a werewolf. I have bin getting angry at little things and my eye sight and sense of smell has gotten better. My speed has gotten better to (i was never any fast) but know i can beat all of my friends in a me (THIS IS ALL REAL NONE OF IT IS A LIE)

Pm mE

I'm 18 and I have been told I have been growling through the night by several ex girlfriend but I have no memory some mornings my dog is cautious about coming to me and I have started to notice a certain smell coming from people, I would like your opinion

Pm me

Hello I was wondering how can you tell exactly if you're a werewolf because I started reading up on born werewolves but I need more info I can't tell if I am actually a werewolf or not I tend to get really angry and lose myself for small things I have really weird and strong connections to animals mainly dogs I'm 16 and don't really know what's going on I'm always attracted to the woods have an urge to consume a lot of meat I just want to know how to start transformations if I was truly a werewolf

Hi pm me

Hi my am is Cody hall I am 15 and I need help with my powers and turning plz help


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Why do you always just comment add a response on everyone's posts ?? Instead of saying that why don't you actually comment something like all of us

So I have just been feeling out of the ordinary lately, angry, suddenly have darker hair, my eyes are always changing, and I hate standing on two legs, I would just like to know if I'm truly a werewolf and how do I turn, and I'm 14

I've also had better senses all around, and strength out of nowhere, usually I'm way to skinny to lift anything, I guess I'm just confused right now

I"m 12 but i also have ben getting some simular side effects like my hair is stronger and is growing faster and my nails also.


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Umm I'm almost 17 and I randomly have a lot better reflexes and strength. I found out during a random dodgeball tournament. I did nothing to get ready I just got thrown in last second. But within seconds I was the only one left going up against the runner up team. And then everything slowed down I felt a rush in my head and my vision focused more. And next thing I know I'm dodging and deflecting and throwing and making short work of an entire team. I figured it was adrenaline, but wouldn't everyone else have it too. Is it possible I'm special?

I'm pretty sure you just focus hard enough and it was adrenaline rush

I don't know if I am a wolf blood but I love most animals have very good sense of hearing and wear glasses my hearing is getting better as I age I llloooovvveee meat... I also love the outside mostly woods

And I'm twelve

I also am very terratoreol of my room I growl at my cat and he backs away then runs

Sorry but that doesn't necessarily mean you're a werewolf

me also

i am 12 too but wait and see
post if anything else happens

Wearing glasses does.not have anything to do with being a werewolf or not

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Why does my body hurt during a dull moon

Um it should not because the full moon does not bring on a shift nor does it effect us and nor are you at the age to shift

the full moon dosn't realy effect me it just is pretty.

I wasn't speaking to you

So i just found out on christmas day that i was a werewolf because of my dads side of the family. My dad sat me down and we talked about his family history and about how we had weerewolf genes. I believe him because the closer i get to becoming 19 the more wolf like i get. I get really angry to the point where i will hurt you and may leave you really injured and i growl when i don't like someone and lately i have really been wanting to howl but i can't because my mom will hear me. And one time when i was extremely mad my eyes started changing colors and they turned a goldish brown and they had a black ring around them I was really scared so i calmed down. Anyway i also have dreams about me transforming but i haven't turned yet.

Also, I don't live near any woods so when i turn how am i supposed to get out the house and how do i control my anger. Because if i dont control myself im gonna turn in front of everyone in school.

You bond with yourself and you will learn to control it your not dangerous all you want is to be free to run free to live freely to who and what you are there's nothing dangerous to that all that might have to control is just anger or when something triggers you and if something does then just control pm me and I'll share what I did to control my anger

Ok thanks i have school tomorrow and i dont want to wolf out. I know i should have graduated high school but i got kept back because of my anger. I will tell you what happened if you want. And i will pm u if something does trigger me. Thanks xoxo

Ok just take a few deep breathes

i mean i have school the day after tomorrow i thought it was sunday

Running helps me also thats why i love jym so much.

When i get mad i tend to eat and this methode also helps from my jaw ach.

Um ok hopefully you should shift soon maybe you're late you might need to bond with yourself get to know you as what you are

My eyes change to but mostly when i get up set and thats alot of the time because im pretty shure i have a anger problem.

Your eye changing thing is to do with your mood that can be a normal human thing to do sometimes

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help me please i am a pup and i have no idea what to do or tell people
please give me some basic advice!

Pm me the things you wanna do

.1 don't be scared.

What would happen if I were my silver necklace to long

If your a real legit werewolf nothing if depends on you but if I not you but I were rusty silver on a dommie for too long then I get some bumps coming out oh and Btw where did you hear the silver thing I bet it was from a a bullshit movie damn Hollywood clouds every human minds

from a friend that use to be a friend that is a born werewolf

Oh well they have it wrong silver jewelry doesn't do ****

I was born a wearwolf.

So true.
My sister watches that stuff soooo fake it's insulting.:)

Nothing silver dosn't hurt us unless we get shot with it and if that happend whell then you got your self a big problem.

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Its full moon today my body has grown bigger n stronger m getting head n stomach pain m not sure m i a were wolf cause this happens wit me every ful moon day . my mom locks me up in room every full moon nite n whn i sleep i wake up in som other place n as i get up i suffer wit stomach pain n i jus puke n ill b sick for almost one week

I was born wit all talents n a lunar eclipse mark on my back
I cannot be cursed ..
Well if u want a prove try it tell me sm bad words behind me b thr u go uil hv bad luck n m serious hello not my fault i was born lik it try it if u wanr

The full.moon has nothing to do with the full moon it doesn't give you power or energy it is just like a decoration in the sky like a decoration on a xmas tree

I'm a wolf and I never transform ino my wolf form on a full moon

That cause the full moon. Doesn't do anything and also you are not old enough to shift

How old do you have to be?


Every body changes at different rates just like pubirty.:(

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How do I shift whenever I want to? I'll involintarily shift sometimes but I can sort of control it and now I'm getting better at controlling it and suppressing it a bit when my body decides to shift at a party or something but how do I shift at times I want to?

Firstly wait till you'd 17 also when your that age try bond both your wolf and human forms together as one it makes an easier shift

It is all about learning control. I use to get what I call "wolf attacks" I did some meditation, think of an image of me and my wolf in a force. I was the one bowing down to the wolf. I eventually to the wolf that I am the alpha. And I don't know what happened during the super blood moon eclipse but now ever since then the wolf and I are one. Don't worry control will come when you are ready and not when you think you are ready

We're you born and moons don't do anything no full nod superr moon does nothing that's just when we get a bit more hungier and we hunt cows and pigs and other wild animals

I don't post stuff like this or do I really care and iam sure iam not a werewolf. Like when I was a kid I became friends with wolves at a petting zoo but didn't think they were much. I was enjoyed the smell of the forest and adventuring and meeting new animals. As a kid and still alittle now my skin would be irritated by pure silver but that's nothing iam sure. Idk but I usually have I high temper but it's increased to a point were I want to destroy things ever sense I became 16 it started. My dreams have been weird and I body begins to shake and feel weird every night unless I eat meat and sugar. Animals seem to not be afraid of me to but recently dogs keep going cr like my great aunts dog and friends dogs started biting for no reason idk why but when I focus on or think about the moon I feel at ease but every time full moons get closer my dreams wig out and I feel uneasy and in dreams when every I try to run I revert to all fours and I started a habit of running up the stairs on all fours well that's all I can share so yah but iam sure there's no way I could be a werewolf it's just not possible or real or scientifically possible. Also my hearing is very well my eyesight is the only one in my family with 20/20 vision that doesn't need glasses or major allergies or dieseases. But I have never been bit by a werewolf nor have I seen one but I do have glimpses of a dark woods as I think of it but not important on full moon nights I wake up with red marks on my chest area and neck and back like if it was healed scratches but say if werewolf did exist would 16 have anything to do with it. But I honestly hope werewolf don't exist or I would become one because as much of how cool it would be I don't wanna have that responsibility or deal with the truth but as I said there's no way that's possible.

No sorry your not Silver doesn't do much just a slight annoyence but it cannot kill us you just might have a allergic reaction to jewlery cheap silver or gold jewlery and second the full moon does nothing to werewolves or wolves that part is just hijacked by Hollywood

werewolves dont exist its all in your head :)

That's what you think that's just your opinion no need to trash others

PS Btw why are you here in a fourm then if you don't belive they don't exsist why would you waste your time coming in this fourm or group ??

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i don't know if i am a werewolf my eyes change from greenish blue to light blue i have super hearing andi also have super smell i can speel thing athere people can't i sight and i love to run but it is manly at night my eyes are messed up a little i cant see far away as i used to that happened when i was 9 years old i need help to know if i am one

Pm me

i don't know if i am a werewolf my eyes change from greenish blue to light blue i have super hearing andi also have super smell i can speel thing athere people can't i sight and i love to run but it is manly at night my eyes are messed up a little i cant see far away as i used to that happened when i was 9 years old i need help to know if i am one

Well i'm in the process of being one, and I haven't seen the moon in days and I have a cold, my muscles are sore, and I feel like crap. Any advice? And how do you join a pack?

In the process you actually have to be born one

I was born with good hearing and eyesight, my hair grows back EXTREMELY fast same for my nails, I stare at the moon alot, I was born with good speed and strength and agility, and when I howl it feels just great. Oh and my favorite animal is the wolf, and my favorite color is black.

Ok first the full moon doesn't do jackshit for us doesbt effect us its phycological second fav colour has nothing to do with it

I don't know about that but many you were born like when your mother or father was in wolf form

Well I have just wolf parents around somewhere that had me as a pup then when my human body was born my wolf mum or someone else stuck me in this human body as they wanted me to have a life first and also its my disguise to fit in when we walk amongst the humans

i have a pack people say i am a royal blood and that there isn't many of my kind alive but i don't know if i am a wolf yet i am still 17 years old my boyfriend didn't change until he was 18 and he is a royal blood too.

Are you sure about that ?

your not a werewolf they dont exist its all in your head :)

Don't bother coming and wasting your time

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Hey I don't have any questions or anything but I just want to say thank you very much for posting this is very true their are real pups or there that need our help and I'm thankful and grateful that you are one of those mature werewolves that help the real pups learn rather then shrugging a shoulder saying your too young to be one or being rude and denying to help them cause there to busy being a selfish lil smartasses and worrying about gramma and correct spelling also commenting about the fakes and roleplayers so anyways thanks so much again

Please help i half shift randomly any time please help

Im only 10 and i half shift randomly

your lying because if their were such things as werewolves half the population would be dead :)

Actually if like to correct you on that Werewolves are nothing like in the bullshit Hollywood movies we are not killers we don't kill innocent humans we are not murderers so sorry chick you've got that wrong maybe you are jacked up and hooked on how Hollywood peecieves werewolves

Hey dude I doubt it you are lying because werewolves don't shift until their puberty has complelty finished and you haven't even begun

Hello, my name is Jake. I am transgender but physically female. I am only 15 years old so I am not on "T" or anything. I included the information above because I am not sure if any of the following information is anything hormonal in females. Anyways, I have been wondering this for many years...could I be a werewolf? This has gone on now for about 5-6 years. I've always felt different somehow (so stereotypical, I know lol.) I've always felt connected to Werewolves and get excited every time I even hear the word spoken. But, I understand that this is probably just something that is normal. I mean, if you like something you get excited when you hear about it right? Also, I get quite strange emotions on the full moon or just at night in general. Either, or. Last night (the full moon) I felt so strange. My senses were heightened greatly. I could see perfectly in the dark (I went for a walk) and I could hear every sound around me. That same night, I was at my girlfriend's house and we were making out (sorry if this disturbs anyone) and I felt a surge of anger but it wasn't directed towards her. She said I was breathing really deeply (which seems normal enough for the circumstances) but I also remember biting her lips so hard that I think I made her bleed. I bit her neck too, which left her covered in cuts and bite marks on her neck the next morning. I remember leaning over her and suddenly i was on top of her biting her. I'm not saying its more than any teenage lust (lol) but I just figured it was important because I felt not in control and I've never felt like that in any times I can remember. On full moon nights I feel energized and usually run around like a mad man for no reason. It feels great to me. When mad I have the urge to growl but yet I cannot growl very good when I attempt to do it when I'm in a good mood. Lastly, my eyes change color, a lot. Most times they are green but they turn gold or orange and sometimes even a "glowing golden" color which looks kinda creepy lol. There are a lot more things to include such as physical features of myself but I don't want to bore you by going on and on. Message me back letting me know what you think or if you wish to know more. Do not send me hate, please. Thank you :)

i know its been som years since you posted but i need real help im having problems controling it ive tried everything but it just doesnt work!! i have nothing not even a pack to rely on if i tell my friend they will just think im an idiot so please help me

Pm me

Why are you a retard?

Hi I am teodor 12 and I don't why but I dream I am werewolf almost every night it is just like real sometimes when I get hurt in dream like something scratch me when I wake up there is really scratch almost every night I have the feeling like I need to start howling and I start become angry really easy I mean before if somebody punch I will don't do anything but if somebody just punch for joke I just want to kill him I want to punch him I don't what is happening to me

Its hard to control dude just dont focus on the anger

Your too young to even know if you are one or not

Hi I cast one of the werewolf spells right before the blue moon And I got some strange side effects including 2 occasions where my parents heard me up after midnight even though I DO NOT REMEMBER IT AT ALL and i do not sleep walk. also i had tons of energy from 12pm to 6pm on the day of the full moon. can someone tell me what happened. btw i am almost 13

Um sorry but no spells with you have b to be either born one or not at all

I just found out that im a young werewolf waiting for my first transformation iv been acting wierd i lose my mind every time i get angry i destroy things i scream .... And i e been having a nightmare that i was running away from hunters that try to shute me i wasent alone i was with other wolfes im scared of being back to school cause i m verry agrasive when i get angry i want know what do so i can controle my wolf and have my first transformation i howl at full moon and try to consentrate to transform into a wolf but i cant im 14 pleas help i cry every time cause no one understand me and wont belive me if i tell them

Pm me

So I've been told that I'm a real werewolf but I have never transformed before I need help no matter what I do I can't transform all I've had was a very strong m-shift that had a lot of pain but there was no transforming I feel like my wolf is stuck and needs help to be out I was offered to be turned into one before but nothing happened I feel like something is wrong with me

Also I've noticed that on full moons it's very easy to make me mad so I usually just stay away from others and I get really tired early a few days before a full moon

Pm me holly

hey im curious when transforming starts im 14 and ino they start after pubity and my "perks" are showing EG anger strength speed aglity now when does these transformations start so it wont take me by suprise

Plz help!!!! I have been transforming for 3 full moons but it still hurts

All I know is that it takes time for the shifts to hurt less

Full moons do not make us shift

Hi it WolfCrazy here, I just turned 16 and ever since I was 14 I've been acting wired. I growl and get aggressive when someone makes me angry especially when full moon is on it's way. my brothers think I'm crazy. I've also had unusual dreams and even nightmares about being a werewolf. Not too long ago I dreamed that I was running on all four legs through the forest with a another wolf pack, and when I looked down at my feet, they weren't feet, they were giant paws. I also had a night mare the other night that I had just woken up on the a day when it was going to be full moon, I came out of bed and instantly fell on the floor on all fours and my hands started growing fur, my nails grew into claws and my mouth was in pain. I looked in the mirror and saw yellow eyes and there was blood in my mouth and I had fangs and they were acing really bad. then my brothers walked in my room, they freaked out and almost attacked them but they closed the door just in time when I leaped out to grab them. Then I woke up with a massive tooth ace and head ace. what is WRONG WITH ME ??? I even have gone outside on full moons but I haven't transformed yet. What does this all mean, am I a young werewolf? Thank you

Pm me

Hi its Noblewolf1994 here I have been having dreams but its not like you know dreams it feels real i had a dream about my school and friend then i woke up in a cave and my friend shifted in front of me she bit me and scratched me and when i woke up from my dream the place were she scratched and bit me was sore also i had a dream i woke up from the sofa whent to the bath room and when i looked in the mirrior my eyes were glowing and the next night i had a dream that i need to go look id the back door is closed when i looked outside i saw glowing eyes so i whent outside then when i turned around there were no house and i was in a forrest i live in south africa i am serten i am a werewolf or lycanthrope i love wolfs my anger i cant control i shiver when i am angry and i can feel the fullmoons pull i am crazy and acting weird on a fullmoon sorry for spelling please tell me what i can do i want to be one i am not afraid just cautios o yeah and on a full moon i get like pains that wont go away and it verry sore like when i get the pains i go to the bathroom and ly in cold water because i am burning up and cant control it been happening sins my child hood also when i was little i woke up naked it sounds crazy i know but its the truth i swear

I have been growling at people when they make me angry and have been drooling a lot I don't know if this is a sign I am a werewolf or not please help

I'm in band, and we have a performance on a full moon that I have to go to in order to pass. Do you have any idea how to stop a shift in a full moon?

what age do u start turning im still a pup (14)

Pm me

Lol we do not shift on full moons we shift whenever we want so that's not a worry only a worry of your wolf wnats to change but if you enjoy your music you play then it won't

what happens on each moon is it just on the full moon you change it nearly last quater

i get angry close to moons like maybe 2 days apart is that normal

Hi. I don't know if anyone will see this, considering how long ago the topic was started, but I thought I should try anyways.

I'm not a werewolf, nor am I pretending to be one. I'm 23, and simply a believer. I've always felt connected to wolves, and have felt like something was missing from my life only interacting with humans like myself from day to day.

I was hoping someone could give me some information on how you feel about humans interacting with you, or if it's unlikely you'd let someone in.

I confess my complete ignorance. And appreciate any and all help.

hi... it is good to know i am not the only one. I had a dream that felt real were i was in a lot of pain and i was hunched over a dead, bloody body and the taste of blood in my mouth but inside it felt like a normal feeling of calmness. well there you go, proof of being a werewolf. AMEN! :O

Ok one what body was it if it was animal then that's fine ifwas human then its not normal and your not a werewolf as we do Not hunt eat kill humans that's all bs

hello. my name is john thompson.. im 18 years old. and im coming up on to my first shift very soon. july 31st. only problem is i been having bad visions and in one of them. the sky is red. and there is screaming. but i also have a weird reaction to silver necklaces. it would give me a bad rash. and i stopped wearing it. on the full moon i act kinda strange. and at night i can see the movement trailing after the object actually moves. is that some sort of werewolf vision? and i get angry easily as well. ineed help/advice fast!! thank you.

you know that is a full moon right

yes i do... what will happen?

Full moon doesn't effect werewolves nor does silver if anything we just get a reaction or white spots but it does not kill us of that was the case I would have been dead years and years ago

Hello my name is alicia and i am 10 i have been acting really strange and i had a dream last night that I had transformed.And all throughout the transformation i could feel it in the real life plz call or text me my number is 432-934-8353

Hello Alicia. My name is Osheana and I am only 12 so I know where your coming from. I have had some dreams where I shifted and it felt real aswell. I am pretty scared and I growl at people when I get angry and drool a lot. I could use some help too. I hope it works out for you and we should get in contact some time.

Pm me

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I need answer i believe in u and i want to b one but i need answer for something else im seeing thing im scarred to sleep at night because of them PLEASE contact me on face book my name is theresachristie my number (8458917226) please text me i need answer please 😢😭😪😥

Please pm me

I am a werewolf. Well, I'm a werepup. I'm new at this. Well not that new. 2 years ago, there was a full moon, and an eclipse on the same day. That day was also my birthday, sep 22. Ever since I have been staring at the full moon for no reson. your probably thinking "how did she not know she was a werewolf, for two years? She obviasly transformed everysingle full moon!" Well, I have an answer to that. I think that in my specific rare, type of becoming a werewolf, I have to wait a long time to be able to transform. But, every single time that there was a full moon, all parts of my body ached, and I had a craving to going outside. My first transformation was June 2, the strawberry full moon. I was in bed, having my normal body aching, and suddenly I felt hair growing all over my body, and ears growing on my head. It hurt really bad. Then I fell asleep. In the morning I thought it was a dream. That day at school, it told my friend who is a witch, the dream. We had a play date the same day, and she made a werewolf potion, to see if I was actually a werewolf. I drank the potion, and I turned to a wolf again. Well, that's not what I needed to ask you. As I said, I'm new at this. I just need all of the facts about werewolves, and I need to learn how to stop myself from jumping out of my window to live in the forest everysingle time o hear a wolf howl. Please help.

Ok FUll.moon does NOT effect us in the slightest it just looks pretty that's all

is shakiness a sign of being a weewolf becus my back and shoulders have been hurting and i just feel like whingin for no reason like whining to see the moon but it is covered by the clouds

Your probably a werewolf. Welcome to the club!

Hi i think i am werewolf so uh can somebody give me tipz??I am super freaked out so please somebody send reply

im 13 and im super territorial and overprotective and i growl at people when im mad. also im super strong, i have some pointed teeth and despite my small ears i can hear really well. my sight is far above average. am i a werewolf?? if so, do i get a mate??


Hey i am 14 name is oliver i have always felt like a freak and i am.not going to say i feel connected to the moon or tgat i have amazing strenght but i do have a weird bind with dogs and wolf like creatures and i just wanted to now if u can be born into a family that does not turn but yet u can turn and if there is a age u turn and if it turns out i i was wondering if u could give me help to control it and thanks


Look my name is kevin i really need your help my skype is kevin-38395 and im slowly turning i am bullied right i have always tried to beat them up but i couldnt i did a werewolf spell . Then the next day they bullied me i knew i could hurt them but i didnt but the anger was so big idk how my teeth got sharp and then i but my tounge and they are still safe sorry if grammer is **** im typing really fast bc im scared

Spells don't work that's bs

Yeah, um i have a question. So, i have always thought of myself as something not human. I felt as if i didn't belong in the world of humans and i felt the most connection to werewolves. So, i started to browse the internet to see if there was anyway i could change. I came across this spell and casted it on the night of the full moon. The spell stated that i would change after i saw the next full moon. Though the night of the next full moon was cloudy, i could still feel the pull of the moon and my body started shaking uncontrollably for no reason. Since then, it seems that its been harder to control my anger, my senses are heightened at least a little, and my asthma and allergies haven't seemed to be acting up at all, even through vigorous excersize. Am i really a werewolf, or am i just a gullible *** human?

I've heard of that spell, werewolves are born not made and have no connection to the moon (that was Hollywood's fault for creating those stereotypes) If you want to be a werewolf like us, until the government starts tapping into our genetics, is to be born you might be, Highly doubt it though good luck to you on your search though

Thank you for the clarification

can we talk in private?


hello, I want to know when I will shift. my birthday has passed and I recently turned 13, and I haven't been showing any wolf like activity (not sure if I should be happy that I have not shifted or if I should be sad, I'm in between) and I don't have a pack to help me out. I a lone wolf I guess :(

I loved wolves already when I was young and i do believe in werewolfs a lot. I have dogs and sometimes its like I understand them well... my theet arent that sharp and my eyes don't change color or something they are grey green from themselves. I get fast angry and then I growl... Also I'm pretty strong. I know the moon is there even i can see it, i feel it so can it be ??

everything you said has nothing to do with being a werewolf and is all hollywood fiction it's kind of insulting after like 15 years of it. you aren't a werewolf you can never be a werewolf, you can only be born werewolf

So I was looking through my records and found out that my ancestors were born native Americans and started a tribe called the razor feet because they were born wolves someone plz text me or call right away my #is 9295295177 I think I am 1 and I have side affects I m sad I had a dream that I was hurting my best friend and next morning he had a wound and wouldn't talk to me he said he saw me walk and turn a corner so he followed me then he said I popped out claws and scratched his stomach I'm scared plz people I need info also my eyes used to b blue and now for 2 weeks they r halve yellow halve green

I had the same issue. I had my first transformation (Well,not physically,but mentally I was completely wolf) about 3 months after my 13th. So I would expect some changes a very roughly around then although full transformation I don't know yet.

you are just another wannabe coming off that tv show wagon aren't you?

Look I'm not going to let you talk about me like that 1) you don't even know me I've been bullied my whole life probably cuz I'm an emo but idk and 2) I HATE werewolf shows and movies cuz they make me mad cuz its just so fake and they make them look like the evil one aldough humans are the ones that destroy everything

if you are alone, that probably means you aren't one to begin with

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well im little lost so please help. Im 15 and at age 12 i started to have dreams every month about me shifting , but i doubt it was dreams . For exemple one day i got sick and that night i had s dream that i was stending infront of my house and i was looking on a full moon . after that i looked down on my feet and than back on a moon. I started to shake and when i looked down i saw i had grey paws . I started to run around the house and after that i dont remember anyrhing . I thaught is was a dream but next day my mom asked where did i went last night. after 1-2 months i i had dream that i was looking on a full moon than i started to howl and i dont remember anythin after that . Next day my sister asked why i was walking at night. i didnt had any "dreams "after that for a long time but after 4-5 monts i had a dream that i was hunting at something in the forest . I was going throw the trees and everything and next day i had cuts on my arms and legs. This is one story. Other is that i started to have signs after firts "dream". My teeth got sharper, my hair and nails started to grow unnormally faster, i had hazel eyes but now i have green/hazel/yellow eyes , i smell humans in the room , i can see very far and i can even hear what others are wispering in the back of the class when im sitting in the front (my class is really big), i can sometimes lose control at myself.(I always think that im passing out but after that im finding out that i did something stupid). Well i dont know what to say anything else. Do you think im a werewolf? I started to look how to shift but i dont know which one is real so pleas help in that to.

Hi,um. I have a question. During the full moons lately I have been becoming more and more,for lack of a better term,wolf-like. For example,I wanted and tried to chase down a bird and eat it and couldn't stop growling. I'm 13 and have been acting more animal like since my birthday. I was wondering if this meant I was close to transforming and if so,what can I do about it. The person who helps me with my wolf and magic stuff is out of town for at least another 5 weeks and I would appreciate it if you could help me. Thanks a bunch.

meh i dunno i just found out i was one :3

I am having trouble too. You are not alone. You are lucky to have someone who helps you. For me and my bestfriend we are alone.

Awe,I'm sorry.

We are doing ok though. We manage not to be found and how to not to transform around people. We never let the full moon's light touch us so we do pretty well. What do you do to protect yourself for people?

(I'm assuming yo mean FROM people,so...)
Well,mostly I just don't tell them I'm one and nothing happens. If you meant protecting them from you,than,I do nothing. If they mess with me enough to make me wolf out,then they deserve it.

emmmmm ok..

Don't worry. I am on pretty much regularly and would like to answer and research questions and stuff with you. I have been doing that.

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Are there any werewolves in Vermont in the burlington area like in St.Albans or Milton

I am 11 and i am a young werewolf my best friend is one too, Today is a full moon and i am scared because i have never transformed fully i act like a wolf thought. I am an outcast at school and on the full moon i am always worked up I sometimes at night howl and i get scared that someone will find out i don't know how i became on please reply i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are a werewolf,You were born one. That's pretty much the only way


Thanks i was born one but i always made sure that no light from the full moon touched me

If you want to reach your full capability,than go out on the full moon. It will not hurt you,I promise. Especially at such a young age like we are.

fwi you guys, the full moon only has an effect on the werewolf in certain varieties. For example. King Luceon was turned into a wolf by trying to trick Zeus into eating human meat. Thing is, he was turned on a full moon. The wolf relies on the power of the pack. not the moon. When a wolf is alone, he has a very small chance at surviving. If the wolf has a pack, he/she has a very high chance of surviving in the pack. A wolf cannot live alone. I don't know why the moon sometimes triggers the werewolf, but that could be legend. In fact, you should be able to learn to shift on command within a few weeks. It has been 3 moons, and I can shift on command now. I just have to be very careful...

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If theres any werewolves in England i'd love to speak with you! Send me a message if you can!

Every time I transform I end up stopping half way through because it hurts, I've never fully transformed, just half way. I don't know any other werewolves and my family don't know about it, anyone wanna chat/help?

Hey i live in scotland but i was wonder what age did u start to turn and does anyone in your family turn because i really need help about thus please reply

i am 10 and i am a werewolf and well at school i dont fit in need help like now?

Hmmmmmmmmm I Onaly Just Found Out

I am a year older than you and i found out 2 years ago. My advice aviod getting angry at people and don't let the full moon's light touch you that is what me and my BFF do

How do you know? What are the symptoms? I am 15 and a lot happened recently and now I'm getting really angry really easily and when I feel emotional or at night sometimes I get these really bad chest convulsions and I'm like bearing down on all fours and I feel really.... Powerful but then it stops and I calm down but this really powerful bloodlust is driving me and I went to the doctors and they said I was in perfect health so does anything like this make you think I might be... A werewolf?

yes want meat dont like fruit and veg can see better run faster not run out of breth smell better and hear better

and hiting a guy in the face a bit more :/

How do you know? What are the symptoms? I am 15 and a lot happened recently and now I'm getting really angry really easily and when I feel emotional or at night sometimes I get these really bad chest convulsions and I'm like bearing down on all fours and I feel really.... Powerful but then it stops and I calm down but this really powerful bloodlust is driving me and I went to the doctors and they said I was in perfect health so does anything like this make you think I might be... A werewolf?

I also get these really weird dreams about wolves

same but im 4 years younger than u


Hey so everyone is there any real werewolf that leaves around Ethiopia? pls I really need a pack so if any can help plsssssss

Please could you tell me everything you know about dormant genes???

dormant genes are genes that don't particularly have effect on everyone who has it and only certain things trigger the gene to actually activate

JDMaster, could you please read my post? I have been waiting for a response for a while now. The full moon is coming and I am getting super angry at people way more than I usually do. I Growl and I eat raw meat commonly now. Please answer me. i'm really scared because I don't know what will happen when I shift this full moon. If you read one of my posts, I woke up on the back porch muddy. I don't know what I did in my form. My eyes change color when I am mad or upset. When I am happy, I howl. You may not believe me, or you may think I'm silly, but I commonly ask myself. "Where did all of the folklores and myths of the werewolf come from? It has to start somewhere." I have been studying. a lot. please, PLEASE respond with your opinion. It would be greatly appreciated.

the whole shifting on the full moon is completely fake, You can learn to shift upon command, however I almost shifted for my first time when I was ticked off in school, Try learning anything that might be similar either before or after your shifts, as the best you can remember, those could help you learn to either shift or not shift upon command

that's what the books said. However I also read that the full moon has a little to do with the shifting of the werewolf. The moon is where the werewolf gets its power. Not just from anger and command. I have not learned to shift on command yet, but I have a feeling it will one day happen. maybe soon. I will keep studying to see what I can find. I will keep in touch if that is alright. This experience is totally strange and different for me, and I would like someone like me to lead me through. I have shifted already. But it was on the full moon. You may not believe me, or you may. All I know is that what I can do and see and feel is different from others. Please keep in touch also to help me. Maybe I can somehow help you also.
Thank you, JDMaster.

A true Werewolf is born, and besides the different blood yes t is different, the only difference is slightly better of almost all senses sight not included and the actual shifting
it's black magic that makes someone a werewolf that is a two legger
in short : Werewolf = Shape shifter who shifts into a normal wolf

This has been happening to me too. I get you. I've never fully transformed but it's happening, it's just that the pain makes me stop half way through transformation. If you want you can message me and we could talk about it?

Sure! Nice to have friends like me. I learned that there was once an evil king named King Lyceon or Arcadia. He tried to trick to Greek God Zeus into eating the flesh of a child. Zeus got angry and killed all of the kings children, and turned Kind Lyceon into a wolf. That is where the term lycanthropy came from. Also, the full moon corresponds with the werewolf variantly. Since wolves mostly howl at the moon, the full moon when at its fullest sometimes channels the inner power of the werewolf. (Google)

OF Arcadia not or

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How do you know if you have been born a werewolf

im lost i cant seem to control my anger how do i help control this

Ok so I am going to be 11 in June. I have been howling to contact friends (they howl back btw) we run really fast and we looooooooooove meat. I think we're just weird but idk. I really need help. I tried shifting once.... I thought I almost had it everything just BURNED.... I really need help I also think we shifted on a full moon.... We were outside with a bunch of scratches... And blood all over our mouths! It tasted good though.... My friend said the samething to me... Plz respond!

you aren't one
people like you is the reason people don't respond on this anymore

Hi! I'm 11 to and I know what your going through, message me and we could always share experiences ect?

I am 11 too we can probabaly share ideas of survivinng

I need help with whether I'm a werewolf or not, I have a strange infatuation with Wolves as does everyone older than me in my family. I have been getting ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder and neck pains a lot recently and my teeth have been aching. I am twelve years old and I have got really sharp teeth and also; I have an enhanced hearing ability. I also notice things other people don't, the little things like if someone drops a scrap of paper or a worm crawls or a bird is in a tree and recently my eyes have been hurting so much!I have the urge to howl a lot and eat meats but I don't know if I'm a werewolf or something else or just weird! If these are common symptoms and I am a werewolf, when do you usually first shift?Please reply ASAP.

answer ... NO
stereotypical so stereotypical

Is it possible if you keep on having dreams about wolf's chasing after you, I keep on having had tooth aches, I'm getting ready sharp teeth, and I run super fast is that some symptoms?

Could be. I don't know if I shifted on the full moon last night, but I do know that when I woke up, I was sore all over, I was on the back porch, and I was all muddy. If that isn't werewolf, then that must be major sleep walking.

I know this is weird and all, but recently I have been all angry about anything and stuff like that, my legs and ankles hurt like crazy and my arms, back and face, I don't know what's going on. I'm only 12 turning 13 in June tho. And when I get mad I usually growl. And I have this urge to howl every day i don't know why. My teeth are sharp. And I wanna be out side every day. I was a vegetarian but I'm craving meat. Right now. Occasionally I howl bc I just can't stains it anymore..
On my hands there are hair growing. And I don't know my backstory.
Every one has told me this is normal for a human, but I know I'm not a human.
If you can answer that please do.

I am here and I here you. Don't worry, I have had the same meat craving problems. My teeth are also sharper than normal and I do growl at people. I am a friendly person, but I get angry really easily now. Don't know what happened there. Anyway, I always wanna go outside.

so, I have some major anger issues. I am 15 and I am having crazy dreams. Of a wolf that runs in the woods. On a full moon. My teeth hurt, and when I play hard or get angry, my fingers, head, and feet start to hurt. I also have the urge to howl and growl when I am happy or upset. it scares me and I cant explain it. I have ran through the woods on a full moon without noticing until the next morning when I find cuts and scrapes on my arms and legs. What's weirder still, I eat raw meet. I cant believe it, but it tastes good! I don't know if these are syptoms, but I want to go outside most of the time, I love to run, and I have horrible anger issues. Can you tell me if I am a werewolf? or nah.

lol. spelt symptoms wrong :D

If you're a werewolf and you find another werewolf what's the proper way to ask them to be your mate?

Normally? why should there be any difference then if you were to ask them to marry you?

I don't know what happing to me I shake sometimes a I'm angry too an hunger gets me at times what does did mean

Im am honestly so confused. So I'm 14. And later on this year i will be turning 15 in sept. The thing is i think i believe in werewolves but I'm confused. I am starting to feel strange and nervy but i am getting more and more restless. But mainly at night. Im sleeping less and less but when i wake up after a nights rest i have random cuts but not small cuts, long cuts taking up some times. Half of my arm or a quarter of my arm but they appear every where? My arms, legs, back, neck, stomach but mainly around my back, arm and leg area. I am growing a little more hair but i don't really know if that has to do with it. My teeth are getting a bit sensitive now and then but i don't know. I just have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers and i just wanted to know like, how would it work? Am i even in the right age category to even have symptoms? I just want some answers whether I'm a werewolf or not.

no symptoms, you aren't one

I think you might have a ghost. I get the same things,but smaller. I think it's a shadow ghost. If you want to know more,message me. Good luck!

Ok i need help i dont know if i am a werewolf i had better hearing better smell i dont take much damage when i get punch are fall form a high night when i walk my dog i am so much enagey i love the full moon i just do i love wolves to i am 10 so i dont know if i am a werewolf or not please tell me i need to know i aam getting thease rage modes like if i get hert badly i go in to rage mod ewith makes me almost invisible i cant feel pain nothing i get so strong is that mode i also have a creally strong bon with my dog like he knows that somthi g is up i really want to know please help me i need all the help i can get i belivw in werewolfs just please respond i nedd help i have back aces teeth aces head aces arm herts to time i just need help and if i am do i go to hell and was i born like this or did somthing did this to me please anser.

Here is your answer ... NO

I've always felt different. I have better sences then others and tend to act animalistic with my emotions. I'm turning 14 next month and would like to know when signs of being a werewolf show up. Thanks

Respond soon please.

Also, I don't know if this helps but my eyes are normally a light gray and sometimes completely change to a hazel green color, I am able to sence the emotions of people and animals around me reply well, I am extremely loose jointed in my hips, shoulders, hands and feet, and I'm very good with all kinds of animals except for this one cat that lives around the naborhood. I've never been one for social interactions and I'm going to a brand new, mostly technology school where we will be doing everything on computers so I don't need to talk to a ton of people. I also feel that no one understands or gets me and no one is like me.

Hey dude i know how you feel i am 10 you should be seeing sempthems at 16 years old but that is for people aho are born a werewolf if you get curses i dont know you may see Semites in weeks days so its diffrent with evryone i mit have been born a werewolf i dont know

Lets see, it all started when i was little, mom was a drug head and dad wasnt around, plus lots of strange men coming in and out all the time, so its more likly im cursed than anything, but my family could very well be werewolves seeing the unusual aggresion in my family that i currently do not live with, anyways, in elementary school, everything was blacked out, but all my freinds that new me nicknamed me the devil, i remember one instance when i was being a kid and wearing a cape, like super man when a school bullie ( big and muscle for are age group) ripped it and lauphed at me, dont remember the in between, but when we got back inside, me, little juby girl, grabbed him back the back of his shirt and slammed him half way across the room into some neighboring computer, i always got into fights, and my best freind and i would be the ones fighting, she trip me over a chair, id bust me head open on the concrete, or in the playground, we would be at the very top were the slides were and (not down a slide, but an open, tallest area, straight down on hard woodchips) fall diwn fighting, only to still be in the mud wrestling with one another. i never relly got to go outside much becouse i could not concentrate and got into fights, and i swear i had a folder the size of a highschool algebra book of work i never did.
anyways, it took all of middle school for me to make freinds, elementary is a black hole for me, and middle was a blurr of lonely ness and held aggresion, by freshman year in high, i had found a group of freinds, but social contact is to this day, hard for me.
being that i only remeber high school, there have been a few, "incidents", im actually extremlly kind person, who cares about everyone, and im not really muscley at all, i have flabs (fat rolls) most of the time, and am a big teddy bear, but there were a few times things happened.
i was in a computer class, typing away shen my freind let me use some headphonea for music, i always get into a trance when listening to music, and block the world out while listenening, well... she got aggrivated for some reason or another, and grabbed the cord, and ripped um out of my ears( right at the good part of the song too.) my body had tensed up and it took everything i had not to hurt her, i jad my hands on her, and was shaking violently, enough that everyone in room was looking at me, it took me a while for the severe shaking and tenseing to subside, and with a face, stunned like, she said my eyes turned yellow, i looked at her strangelly, and for some weird thing like that, after a little while, she seemed to ignore me, everyone did, course i was glad couse i felt embarresed, but the very next day when i asked her about it, she didnt remember at all, it was really wierd, like everyone just forgot...
there was another incident very simular to this one, we were in art class, and had some free time, some freinds were looking at a book, and i wanted to look, so through some nagging, i got it and read, like the music, everything else blocked out until my freind ripped the book from my hand, my hands, following the boik across the table, slammed on the table, violent shaking acourd, and my breathing got hard, it took shear will power to calm myself, and again, everyone acted like nothing happen.
i had a freind who was good at karate, nearly a black belt and i wanted to see how hard his punch was, just playing around... it hurt, but being the good sport i was ( after clutching my hand in pain.) i challenged him to a little brawl, he came at me, we just playing around, when he tried coming from behind, and reflex a didnt even know i had kicked in and i gave him a mean upper cut in the gut, knocking the wind out of him and sending him straight to the grown, keeled over. i felt strangely excited, energized, till i saw him and felt horrible.
i have always had an aggresive nature, and everyone in my school finds me "scary" and always look away, kinda scared like if im angry and look at them, kinda odd, anyways, whats more, is that there about 3 covens worth of witches in my school and town, if you walk thr streets, youll find random scratch marks littering random places on the roads and sidewalks, and theres numerous people that have reportted sightings of either dead people, or strange black people walking the streets, mainly at night but not all the time.
i always knew, since i was a child, that something was wrong with me, i just assumed i was a demon or something, accepted it and live life, but a were wolf actually makes sense with all these problems iv faced over the years, and my reacent odd shapped growth spurts and my bones setting themeselves back into position and what not, but im still slightly skeptical, any ideas?

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Ok.My name is Redi, i am 17,and i have always wanted to be a werewolf.I tried every way possible and now i think i found a way how to be one.I think i am becoming one cuz some weird things are happening to me now.My eyes have changed color,they look like a mix between brown and red but mostly red and they are shiny.I am very hairy.My teeth hurt a little bit and i have a weird feeling like they are growing up sharper and they look a little sharper,my mom even sayed to me once that my teeth look like dog teeth!Sometimes i feel a little pain in my fingernails like someone is stabbing them with a needle.I am very hot tempered and aggressive.I get into fights easy and i always black out,loose control and I don't remember what i was doing.I am very resistant to pain and i can heal fast.My sense of smell is much more enhanced than before and i am the first one that complements a girl for her good perfume of a girl and the first one who insults a guy for his bad smell.I tried to shift once and i felt a warm feeling over my body,my head started shaking uncontrollable,my eyes started burning and weeping my heart was beating really fast and my chest was burning.I felt like i was on fire.Then it stopped.I didn't shift or transformed!.Now tell am I a werewolf or not?If i really am one can u tell me how to shift?Sorry for the bad english.

Either you cursed yourself and something went really wrong or you aren't one (you are either born into being like me or cursed into being one that is really nasty) contact wolfwitchnyc to tell for sure

Well, there is something going on... I'm almost 12 and my friends and I get all weirded out near a full moon. We kind of stick together like a wolf pack, in fact we call ourselves that. When I get scared or angry i get all tingly. Last full moon my friend Akai woke up to torn blinds and I can run really fast and my friend Sheniquea is really strong. We think we're werewolves, but we dont think weve been bitten. My friend Sheniquea is a foster girl and she's been wolfy her whole life. I started become better with my vision, sense of smell, and hearing since I met her and it became almost unbearable this full moon. Same thing with my other friends. We also have a weird hint that our friend SJ might be a vampire. She needs blood and can run fast too and gets really bent out of shape by us, and me especially. I want meat SOOOOOOO bad. I don't even want it cooked I just want to chase something. Can you tell me what's going on and help me get through whatever it is? Also if we are werewolves, how can we shift by will? Is it possible?

you aren't made a werewolf you are born a werewolf. Also the whole moon thing is a big lie along with the meat thing. ALL Hollywood lies that many people believe. there are very very few side effects that are sort of small that only start to possibly show around 14 - 17 years The whole biting thing is completely fake. ask wolfwitchnyc personally to tell for sure but I can practically tell you you aren't one (also in mine I added mine as a back up the whole loving the moon is a lie, and loving meat is just me

Hey what age is it most likely you will change because lately some pretty wierd stuff has been happening to me and I don't know what it is but it's not normal I'm almost 14 in a month so I was just wondering what age you are most likely to change?

Hi i Really don't know what's going on, i have always had above average sight hearing and reflexes, but recently within the past 6 months after my 15th birthday, i have a really hard time loosing energy. i've gotten a lot stronger and faster including faster reflexes, i love looking at the moon and i am really shy if i'm thrown into a group of people i don't know. I love animals and being outside but i also love meat and food. Even if I do get worn out after only a few seconds i feel like i'm completely full of energy again. i have all the symptoms of a werewolf according to many different sources. i find the mythological and historical accounts of werewolves. i can't typically sit still and i can easily read people's emotions. I am really confused as to why i am always so jittery, especially at night, i just want to know if i am or am not a werewolf. please help me. I just want to know weather I am or am not ... please let me know, I need to know

Can you help i been have head aches muscle aches and blackouts
Like last night I was at desk I went to my bathroom and my my eyes were dark brown and every thing went black I don't remember anything and my nails and and look like they grew over night . is this normal for werewolves??

Also when I'm mad I get this weird rage and my viens turn dark purple

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Help me I think I am a werewolf idk please help me I am good at the dark,have a quick temper,stronger when mad ,I am fast, I feel hyper at nigth and at full moons,I am very agile, I crave meat, I am very protective,heal quick,can take many many punches and resist till win,I can't control my anger and tend to shake a little please help me also I can't support being hungry oh and if I am a werewolf give me info

Hello, hopefully your a REAL werewolf (no insult intended) I came here to explain a few things about me. I'm 17 now and may haven't shifted yet but I've had symptoms back then of what displays a werewolf like growth spurt (thats normal for every species), love for moons, meat yatta yatta all the other things. My hair grows quick and I have three sharp canine teeth. But when I was 15 I had gotten sick and threw up, i had very bad mood swings, and i had heat waves in my body everyday and still do but i'm not as hot as before. I really do believe in werewolves and that I am one I need help to explain these weird events. And since I do believe I am a werewolf I would like help shifting into my form because I believe the shift starts anytime during 14-17 or more likely your teen years but it only occurs through your chemistry of your body so some may be very early, early, late, or very late. I have yet to experience mine but like I said i may be a late bloomer. Please help me.

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what age will I start changing??? I'm starting to get more yellow in my eyes then normal... plz help

I m new and I am going crazy what to do

I don't believe I have changed yet and I am 15 years old and I don't know if I am half or full can somebody help me figure how to change?

Hey, Im turning 15 tomorrow, on the full moon, and I'm asking my self the same questions. If you do find out anything please tell me, and i'll do the same if I find out anything

Well around last year my sister had a friend living with us and she was a wiccan vampire and she said that I was a werewolf and I asked how and she said the way you act, how my canines always stick out and I mean always, and anger issues and the fact that I would have a choice to be anything and I chose to always be werewolf I personally have always been fastinated about werewolves I honestly believe I am and I just do not know how to confirm you know what I mean?

Oh and being REALLY defensive

And growling when you are angry which I do a lot lol

She also said that werewolves in general love pointy/sharp objects and I personally do i have a knife collection and I am moving up to swords soon I hope all of this helps

Wow, I'm pretty much the same way. No one I know is a werewolf or vampire, so I'm pretty much on my own. Im waiting through the night to see if I change or not. So far Ive had the symptoms (Headaches, feeling really hot, heighten senses). And I do seem to growl a lot, It just seems natural.

Well take that back, I have two friends that are werewolves, but one moved away. And I'm kinda nervous to ask her questions on the subject.

(Oh, and some aches and pains added on the side effects.) Also, I run cross country because I love the feeling of running besides others through the forest. And as a freshmen Im the fastest on my team, and the first person in my school to make it to states in 8 or 9 years.

Oh, and I know what you mean by the confirm thing. I read somewhere that werewolves shift at different ages for everyone. Usually in mid to late teens. But side effects (such as growling, speed, ect.) can begin to show in early teens.

I will try

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Hi,so were to begin..I suppose for starters please dont ignore me just because im not a member plz i need advice or an answer or somthing!So i dont know if werewolves exist or not,im from an isolated small town in south wales,and people here are very supersticious,so im open to the idea,For starters i havnt turned or anything like that,i just want to know if im just a normal person with sone kind of mental disorder,or if theirs a reason im the way i am,So ill tell you about myself now and why im seeking advice,First im male,i have long black hair,not sure if thats relvant but ok,im average height and build,im nearing my 16 birthday,im the middle child of seven,now heres were it gets wierd,Ever since i can remember my ears have been horribly deformed,the tips are long and pointed,my eyes used tobe light blue but are now green with yellow around the pupils,in the past few months ive noticed my behavior has changed dramatically,i used to be caring and talketive,but now for sone reason ive become incredibly antisocial,feeling extremely uncomfortable around other people,i hate being in open daylight and very rarely go out,for the past 6 months ive been unnable to sleep at night,falling asleep around 7 in the morning and waking around 4 in the afternoon,which obviously messes with my school life,ive developped a strange off taste,were anything except animal based products makes me sick,and i hate fried food or anything soaked in oil or fats,for these past months ive had extreme anger putbursts about the slightest things,and this has droven my friends away and scared people close to me,i allso feel more energetic at night than i do at day ,so can somone please tell i a werewolf or becoming a werewolf? If so how do stop itOh a few things i missed out too,Ive started sleepwalking quite a lot recently,and ive been getting raily vivid dreams,nd im waking up with scratch marks(when i eventually do sleep)and ive been getting these strange urges,whenever somone in the same room as me ill immediatly get annoyed,and ill get the urge to hit them or worse! And if your wondering whatvdrew me to the idea of lycanthropy,i typed in my story,coz i was curious,and this page and a bunch of stuff on werewolves came up,sorry i made this so long its justIm scared and clueless,can somone help?Thanks!

I just wake up with scratches and once with bite marks. nothing has happened as far as shifting, but about 3years ago I found black hairs on the widows and sink. It might be nothing but I am clueless. Thanks.