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 I am a werewolf and I have been trying to find a way to give all you real werewolves out there some info on werewolves some advice , Though I doubt most of you are werewolves I cant not think that there is a little werepup out there that doesn't have a shoulder to lean on when they first shift and new things start happening. So like the caring werewolf I am I decided to try and help.... If any of you real werewolves out there are Having trouble with your shifts and abilities please ask questions and I will answer them if i trust you deserve the answer... If your a young werewolf you need to learn about the important facts .PLEASE REAL WEREWOLVES ASK QUESTIONS.
caretaker13 caretaker13 13-15 283 Responses Nov 8, 2011

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Lets see, it all started when i was little, mom was a drug head and dad wasnt around, plus lots of strange men coming in and out all the time, so its more likly im cursed than anything, but my family could very well be werewolves seeing the unusual aggresion in my family that i currently do not live with, anyways, in elementary school, everything was blacked out, but all my freinds that new me nicknamed me the devil, i remember one instance when i was being a kid and wearing a cape, like super man when a school bullie ( big and muscle for are age group) ripped it and lauphed at me, dont remember the in between, but when we got back inside, me, little juby girl, grabbed him back the back of his shirt and slammed him half way across the room into some neighboring computer, i always got into fights, and my best freind and i would be the ones fighting, she trip me over a chair, id bust me head open on the concrete, or in the playground, we would be at the very top were the slides were and (not down a slide, but an open, tallest area, straight down on hard woodchips) fall diwn fighting, only to still be in the mud wrestling with one another. i never relly got to go outside much becouse i could not concentrate and got into fights, and i swear i had a folder the size of a highschool algebra book of work i never did.
anyways, it took all of middle school for me to make freinds, elementary is a black hole for me, and middle was a blurr of lonely ness and held aggresion, by freshman year in high, i had found a group of freinds, but social contact is to this day, hard for me.
being that i only remeber high school, there have been a few, "incidents", im actually extremlly kind person, who cares about everyone, and im not really muscley at all, i have flabs (fat rolls) most of the time, and am a big teddy bear, but there were a few times things happened.
i was in a computer class, typing away shen my freind let me use some headphonea for music, i always get into a trance when listening to music, and block the world out while listenening, well... she got aggrivated for some reason or another, and grabbed the cord, and ripped um out of my ears( right at the good part of the song too.) my body had tensed up and it took everything i had not to hurt her, i jad my hands on her, and was shaking violently, enough that everyone in room was looking at me, it took me a while for the severe shaking and tenseing to subside, and with a face, stunned like, she said my eyes turned yellow, i looked at her strangelly, and for some weird thing like that, after a little while, she seemed to ignore me, everyone did, course i was glad couse i felt embarresed, but the very next day when i asked her about it, she didnt remember at all, it was really wierd, like everyone just forgot...
there was another incident very simular to this one, we were in art class, and had some free time, some freinds were looking at a book, and i wanted to look, so through some nagging, i got it and read, like the music, everything else blocked out until my freind ripped the book from my hand, my hands, following the boik across the table, slammed on the table, violent shaking acourd, and my breathing got hard, it took shear will power to calm myself, and again, everyone acted like nothing happen.
i had a freind who was good at karate, nearly a black belt and i wanted to see how hard his punch was, just playing around... it hurt, but being the good sport i was ( after clutching my hand in pain.) i challenged him to a little brawl, he came at me, we just playing around, when he tried coming from behind, and reflex a didnt even know i had kicked in and i gave him a mean upper cut in the gut, knocking the wind out of him and sending him straight to the grown, keeled over. i felt strangely excited, energized, till i saw him and felt horrible.
i have always had an aggresive nature, and everyone in my school finds me "scary" and always look away, kinda scared like if im angry and look at them, kinda odd, anyways, whats more, is that there about 3 covens worth of witches in my school and town, if you walk thr streets, youll find random scratch marks littering random places on the roads and sidewalks, and theres numerous people that have reportted sightings of either dead people, or strange black people walking the streets, mainly at night but not all the time.
i always knew, since i was a child, that something was wrong with me, i just assumed i was a demon or something, accepted it and live life, but a were wolf actually makes sense with all these problems iv faced over the years, and my reacent odd shapped growth spurts and my bones setting themeselves back into position and what not, but im still slightly skeptical, any ideas?

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Ok.My name is Redi, i am 17,and i have always wanted to be a werewolf.I tried every way possible and now i think i found a way how to be one.I think i am becoming one cuz some weird things are happening to me now.My eyes have changed color,they look like a mix between brown and red but mostly red and they are shiny.I am very hairy.My teeth hurt a little bit and i have a weird feeling like they are growing up sharper and they look a little sharper,my mom even sayed to me once that my teeth look like dog teeth!Sometimes i feel a little pain in my fingernails like someone is stabbing them with a needle.I am very hot tempered and aggressive.I get into fights easy and i always black out,loose control and I don't remember what i was doing.I am very resistant to pain and i can heal fast.My sense of smell is much more enhanced than before and i am the first one that complements a girl for her good perfume of a girl and the first one who insults a guy for his bad smell.I tried to shift once and i felt a warm feeling over my body,my head started shaking uncontrollable,my eyes started burning and weeping my heart was beating really fast and my chest was burning.I felt like i was on fire.Then it stopped.I didn't shift or transformed!.Now tell am I a werewolf or not?If i really am one can u tell me how to shift?Sorry for the bad english.

Either you cursed yourself and something went really wrong or you aren't one (you are either born into being like me or cursed into being one that is really nasty) contact wolfwitchnyc to tell for sure

Well, there is something going on... I'm almost 12 and my friends and I get all weirded out near a full moon. We kind of stick together like a wolf pack, in fact we call ourselves that. When I get scared or angry i get all tingly. Last full moon my friend Akai woke up to torn blinds and I can run really fast and my friend Sheniquea is really strong. We think we're werewolves, but we dont think weve been bitten. My friend Sheniquea is a foster girl and she's been wolfy her whole life. I started become better with my vision, sense of smell, and hearing since I met her and it became almost unbearable this full moon. Same thing with my other friends. We also have a weird hint that our friend SJ might be a vampire. She needs blood and can run fast too and gets really bent out of shape by us, and me especially. I want meat SOOOOOOO bad. I don't even want it cooked I just want to chase something. Can you tell me what's going on and help me get through whatever it is? Also if we are werewolves, how can we shift by will? Is it possible?

you aren't made a werewolf you are born a werewolf. Also the whole moon thing is a big lie along with the meat thing. ALL Hollywood lies that many people believe. there are very very few side effects that are sort of small that only start to possibly show around 14 - 17 years The whole biting thing is completely fake. ask wolfwitchnyc personally to tell for sure but I can practically tell you you aren't one (also in mine I added mine as a back up the whole loving the moon is a lie, and loving meat is just me

Hey what age is it most likely you will change because lately some pretty wierd stuff has been happening to me and I don't know what it is but it's not normal I'm almost 14 in a month so I was just wondering what age you are most likely to change?

Hi i Really don't know what's going on, i have always had above average sight hearing and reflexes, but recently within the past 6 months after my 15th birthday, i have a really hard time loosing energy. i've gotten a lot stronger and faster including faster reflexes, i love looking at the moon and i am really shy if i'm thrown into a group of people i don't know. I love animals and being outside but i also love meat and food. Even if I do get worn out after only a few seconds i feel like i'm completely full of energy again. i have all the symptoms of a werewolf according to many different sources. i find the mythological and historical accounts of werewolves. i can't typically sit still and i can easily read people's emotions. I am really confused as to why i am always so jittery, especially at night, i just want to know if i am or am not a werewolf. please help me. I just want to know weather I am or am not ... please let me know, I need to know

Can you help i been have head aches muscle aches and blackouts
Like last night I was at desk I went to my bathroom and my my eyes were dark brown and every thing went black I don't remember anything and my nails and and look like they grew over night . is this normal for werewolves??

Also when I'm mad I get this weird rage and my viens turn dark purple

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Help me I think I am a werewolf idk please help me I am good at the dark,have a quick temper,stronger when mad ,I am fast, I feel hyper at nigth and at full moons,I am very agile, I crave meat, I am very protective,heal quick,can take many many punches and resist till win,I can't control my anger and tend to shake a little please help me also I can't support being hungry oh and if I am a werewolf give me info

Hello, hopefully your a REAL werewolf (no insult intended) I came here to explain a few things about me. I'm 17 now and may haven't shifted yet but I've had symptoms back then of what displays a werewolf like growth spurt (thats normal for every species), love for moons, meat yatta yatta all the other things. My hair grows quick and I have three sharp canine teeth. But when I was 15 I had gotten sick and threw up, i had very bad mood swings, and i had heat waves in my body everyday and still do but i'm not as hot as before. I really do believe in werewolves and that I am one I need help to explain these weird events. And since I do believe I am a werewolf I would like help shifting into my form because I believe the shift starts anytime during 14-17 or more likely your teen years but it only occurs through your chemistry of your body so some may be very early, early, late, or very late. I have yet to experience mine but like I said i may be a late bloomer. Please help me.

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what age will I start changing??? I'm starting to get more yellow in my eyes then normal... plz help

I m new and I am going crazy what to do

I don't believe I have changed yet and I am 15 years old and I don't know if I am half or full can somebody help me figure how to change?

Hey, Im turning 15 tomorrow, on the full moon, and I'm asking my self the same questions. If you do find out anything please tell me, and i'll do the same if I find out anything

Well around last year my sister had a friend living with us and she was a wiccan vampire and she said that I was a werewolf and I asked how and she said the way you act, how my canines always stick out and I mean always, and anger issues and the fact that I would have a choice to be anything and I chose to always be werewolf I personally have always been fastinated about werewolves I honestly believe I am and I just do not know how to confirm you know what I mean?

Oh and being REALLY defensive

And growling when you are angry which I do a lot lol

She also said that werewolves in general love pointy/sharp objects and I personally do i have a knife collection and I am moving up to swords soon I hope all of this helps

Wow, I'm pretty much the same way. No one I know is a werewolf or vampire, so I'm pretty much on my own. Im waiting through the night to see if I change or not. So far Ive had the symptoms (Headaches, feeling really hot, heighten senses). And I do seem to growl a lot, It just seems natural.

Well take that back, I have two friends that are werewolves, but one moved away. And I'm kinda nervous to ask her questions on the subject.

(Oh, and some aches and pains added on the side effects.) Also, I run cross country because I love the feeling of running besides others through the forest. And as a freshmen Im the fastest on my team, and the first person in my school to make it to states in 8 or 9 years.

Oh, and I know what you mean by the confirm thing. I read somewhere that werewolves shift at different ages for everyone. Usually in mid to late teens. But side effects (such as growling, speed, ect.) can begin to show in early teens.

I will try

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Hi,so were to begin..I suppose for starters please dont ignore me just because im not a member plz i need advice or an answer or somthing!So i dont know if werewolves exist or not,im from an isolated small town in south wales,and people here are very supersticious,so im open to the idea,For starters i havnt turned or anything like that,i just want to know if im just a normal person with sone kind of mental disorder,or if theirs a reason im the way i am,So ill tell you about myself now and why im seeking advice,First im male,i have long black hair,not sure if thats relvant but ok,im average height and build,im nearing my 16 birthday,im the middle child of seven,now heres were it gets wierd,Ever since i can remember my ears have been horribly deformed,the tips are long and pointed,my eyes used tobe light blue but are now green with yellow around the pupils,in the past few months ive noticed my behavior has changed dramatically,i used to be caring and talketive,but now for sone reason ive become incredibly antisocial,feeling extremely uncomfortable around other people,i hate being in open daylight and very rarely go out,for the past 6 months ive been unnable to sleep at night,falling asleep around 7 in the morning and waking around 4 in the afternoon,which obviously messes with my school life,ive developped a strange off taste,were anything except animal based products makes me sick,and i hate fried food or anything soaked in oil or fats,for these past months ive had extreme anger putbursts about the slightest things,and this has droven my friends away and scared people close to me,i allso feel more energetic at night than i do at day ,so can somone please tell i a werewolf or becoming a werewolf? If so how do stop itOh a few things i missed out too,Ive started sleepwalking quite a lot recently,and ive been getting raily vivid dreams,nd im waking up with scratch marks(when i eventually do sleep)and ive been getting these strange urges,whenever somone in the same room as me ill immediatly get annoyed,and ill get the urge to hit them or worse! And if your wondering whatvdrew me to the idea of lycanthropy,i typed in my story,coz i was curious,and this page and a bunch of stuff on werewolves came up,sorry i made this so long its justIm scared and clueless,can somone help?Thanks!

I just wake up with scratches and once with bite marks. nothing has happened as far as shifting, but about 3years ago I found black hairs on the widows and sink. It might be nothing but I am clueless. Thanks.

I am a werewolf and 13 years old I had my first shift a year ago can you pls tell me how to control my shifting I have anger issues so it is hard to not shift pls tell me how to it would help

ok here is what I know about werewolfs silver thing not true they can shift at will and some live in packs not alot though

that is all I know

how do you know that ur a wolf? can you remember? and how did you become one where you born one or get turned? Can you turn people , people like me?

Okay, hello everyone before anyone types anything about there lives or how they need help or advise could you plz type everything you know about werewolves ( or your story )so we're able to tell if you're a wannabe werewolf or someone who really just clueless, because caretaker13 didn't make this cite for humans that think that pretending to be another species would be fun when there are actual werewolves that need proper help

Hey, I asked a question last year and thx for the information on shifting for the first time. My first shift went really good.
Anyways, I came back for more information. I read a lot of Werewolf fanfictions on Wattpad and the characters always end up finding their mate and living happily ever after.
I wanted to know, at what age does a female werewolf normally finds hers?

Hi, i was born a werewolf. I am 16 now and will be 17 in april. For the past week ive had strange experiences at night.. I would get really lightheaded with a slight headache, then it would progress to pains in my ribs, at one point it felt like my heart was being constricted. One of my arms or legs would randomly go numb for a couple of seconds, then these weird heat waves would go through my body, and my vision even zoomed in and out a couple of times. And today, during the day i started to experience the light headedness and the slight headache and its just styed there. I need to if this is happening because in going to turn this full moon.

I don't know why this is happening, and it isn't anything to do with you're species you're probably just a bit sick O-K-A-Y

please email me at if you can help.

I really don't know what's happening to me because my eyes are green and reddish sometimes I feel like they really change color and I feel every single thing happening around me when I can't remember what I dream after I dreamed it I can only remember something but not to much I also can remember almost everything I did when I was little I really don't know what is it with me

hello, i was born a werewolf and for a while i have been trying to find a cure it. but all my effort just amounted to delaying my first transformation. its been three years since i was to first transform and its has been a very hard struggle. i have many questions and would love to talk. i was under the impression by another supernatural being that most of the other werewolf bloodlines have been destroyed.

I would help you but on this sight I have found hundreds of non werewolves, before I make a unbreakible decision ( that you're not a werewolf )I'm going to ask why do you "know" you're one of us
because already it sounds like you're a human trying to pretend your way into convincing werewolves
That you're one of us so explain everything that you know about werewolves

quite frankly i love to hear im delusional but if im not then i have questions. ill share what i know (or at least think i know) a werewolf's powers flux during the cycles of the moon. a werewolf has superior physical regeneration. the whole silver thing is crap. anger is the only trigger for a transformation and a werewolf is more suspitple to anger. all werewolf's have tails. the lycanthoropy is genetic but someone can have a dormant gene and pass it on to the next generation. its really fun to run on all fours. thats pretty much it

Sorry I missjugded you you are I fact not human

here is my email if there is somthing i should know or if a private conversation is needed (

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I'm a were pup becoming a teen and am experiencing my first shift. My best friend is the only one who knows and I didn't even tell her the full extent of my secret. I don't whant to tell anyone else in case they think I'm crazy and refuse to speek to me any more and my mum would just call me a liar. I just want some advice on what to do during this confusing time since I don't know anyone like me to help. Can you? *whimper*

Sorry for not being active lately,so message here if you want to know about yourself thank you..

Can I get an advice here I don't know if I'm a pure breed werewolf coz when I was 12 I wasn't very hairy (but I already had hairy armpits on that age) and on the age of 14 my whole body started to grow a lot of hair I'm freaking out and my parents are not hairy I asked them if they were hair back in there teens they said no'. And on the age of 15 I started to have chest hair the hair form my legs grew thicker and longer and I started to grow hair from y feet, a*s, b*ush, nipples, etc. ( hair everyware) and I don't know if I'm going to shift or something? But I kept thinking that I'm different. I love looking at the moon. I have great stamina and strength. I love to run wild. I live in the woods/ mountains. And I started to eat a lot and get hungry so often this year and I have anger issues. ( Serious anger issues) Plss need help don't know what will happen next year to me. I believe in werewolves and I love them. I'm not lying. I'm 17 years old now

Well were u ever seriously hurt by something when u were younger cuz that would help and your not pure breed from what ur parents were saying in less they are trying to hide that part of them

how do you know if you are a wolf

How does it work when you transform into a wolf and then back?

what is yoir first question

How do you go from one to the other.

Redmoon12 I have an answer to your question and its simple your a beast and the wolf inside is hungry it needs to eat you will get it and one or two human lives are nothing just do what you have to

I have a problem. I have this bloodlust feeling inside me and i'm not sure either to let it out or hold back. It makes me want to, do things i don;t want to do. help