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Do You Need Werewolf Advice

 I am a werewolf and I have been trying to find a way to give all you real werewolves out there some info on werewolves some advice , Though I doubt most of you are werewolves I cant not think that there is a little werepup out there that doesn't have a shoulder to lean on when they first shift and new things start happening. So like the caring werewolf I am I decided to try and help.... If any of you real werewolves out there are Having trouble with your shifts and abilities please ask questions and I will answer them if i trust you deserve the answer... If your a young werewolf you need to learn about the important facts .PLEASE REAL WEREWOLVES ASK QUESTIONS.
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I really don't know what's happening to me because my eyes are green and reddish sometimes I feel like they really change color and I feel every single thing happening around me when I can't remember what I dream after I dreamed it I can only remember something but not to much I also can remember almost everything I did when I was little I really don't know what is it with me

hello, i was born a werewolf and for a while i have been trying to find a cure it. but all my effort just amounted to delaying my first transformation. its been three years since i was to first transform and its has been a very hard struggle. i have many questions and would love to talk. i was under the impression by another supernatural being that most of the other werewolf bloodlines have been destroyed.

I'm a were pup becoming a teen and am experiencing my first shift. My best friend is the only one who knows and I didn't even tell her the full extent of my secret. I don't whant to tell anyone else in case they think I'm crazy and refuse to speek to me any more and my mum would just call me a liar. I just want some advice on what to do during this confusing time since I don't know anyone like me to help. Can you? *whimper*

Sorry for not being active lately,so message here if you want to know about yourself thank you..

Can I get an advice here I don't know if I'm a pure breed werewolf coz when I was 12 I wasn't very hairy (but I already had hairy armpits on that age) and on the age of 14 my whole body started to grow a lot of hair I'm freaking out and my parents are not hairy I asked them if they were hair back in there teens they said no'. And on the age of 15 I started to have chest hair the hair form my legs grew thicker and longer and I started to grow hair from y feet, a*s, b*ush, nipples, etc. ( hair everyware) and I don't know if I'm going to shift or something? But I kept thinking that I'm different. I love looking at the moon. I have great stamina and strength. I love to run wild. I live in the woods/ mountains. And I started to eat a lot and get hungry so often this year and I have anger issues. ( Serious anger issues) Plss need help don't know what will happen next year to me. I believe in werewolves and I love them. I'm not lying. I'm 17 years old now

Well were u ever seriously hurt by something when u were younger cuz that would help and your not pure breed from what ur parents were saying in less they are trying to hide that part of them

how do you know if you are a wolf

How does it work when you transform into a wolf and then back?

what is yoir first question

How do you go from one to the other.

Redmoon12 I have an answer to your question and its simple your a beast and the wolf inside is hungry it needs to eat you will get it and one or two human lives are nothing just do what you have to

I have a problem. I have this bloodlust feeling inside me and i'm not sure either to let it out or hold back. It makes me want to, do things i don;t want to do. help

This nigga's fake, guys really? Man, this boy disappeared two years ago and wants to help us? From what source, his ***? *smacks lips I don't get how some jokers get on this list anyway.

why r u being so mean... nobody likes bullies

I really need some help because i've always had an obsession with werewolves and always hoped i was one but thought it would never happen. But i have been doing some research because a friend showed me a legend about werewolfs and it fitted me perfectly, but with all the research i have colloected too is fitting me perfectly and i dont know if its true or not, i just need to be positive. If it is true it would explain alot of things and would explain why i destroy so much things when most of the time its just accidents, i get stronger and stronger. p.s don't be hating or judging, i get enough of that already.!!!!!

I, need your help. plz email me yoloko

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I don't know if I'm a werewolf because I have yellowish brown eyes, and I growl, I always in tiptoes, hairy body, ears little pointy, teeth little sharp, nails always long. I'm only 12.

Yay, Halloween my favourite time of year when all the humans are dressing up as werewolves and thinking we're all monsters it's absolutely fantastic

Ok Im just reminding all WEREWOLF here are REAL.Im just telling this because many people claim they are Werewolf and keeping away the wannabe Werewolf people here.THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME FOR READING THIS!!Have a good day!!


Is it real that we have slow aging body?Im just asking


for what

OK I'm 12 and my mom is not a werewolf but my dad is he died 2 weeks ago and I've been getting more angry and sometimes for now reason and more energetic and my senses have gotten better and my speed has grown and when I stay up I don't remember most the night and my bones and joints hurt and sometimes I fill a shift coming on like my body is preparing its self for the real shift can you give me advice.

That signs show that you are a Werewolf..Because a werewolf that is 10-20 is preparing its body for the Shift..My advice is wear comfy clothes that dont restrict your body movements as you shift..

That signs show that you are a Werewolf..Because a werewolf that is 10-20 is preparing its body for the Shift..My advice is wear comfy clothes that dont restrict your body movements as you shift..

If you look for everything you need to know about werewolves which is one of my resent comments on this then you'll find out all the info there

Can you use were wolf spell. But will you kill people on accident

Some werewolf says that you cant be a Werewolf with a spell but via Dna.If you are born with that bloodline..Then you are..And you wont kill any people if you can control the way some says that you can be a werewolf by BLOOD TRANSFUSION with a Real Werewolf..but i dont think that is possible.

Some werewolf says that you cant be a Werewolf with a spell but via Dna.If you are born with that bloodline..Then you are..And you wont kill any people if you can control the way some says that you can be a werewolf by BLOOD TRANSFUSION with a Real Werewolf..but i dont think that is possible.

can i have important advice?

What do you advice in

can i have important advice?

is there anything can cure me like some special medicines

What would you need to cure, and this goes for all werewolves STOP ASKING QUESTIONS AND THEN NOT SAYING WHY YOU NEED TO KNOW sorry it's just very annoying

how to kill a werewolf?it is just my question i wont kill any of us

That's like asking how to kill anything the same way anything can be killed but not SILVER ITS HUMAN RUBISH

After i transform i am always really sensitive and feel like i want to hunt and taste blood.

Good for you 😯
We don't really need to know that

Everything you need to know about werewolves:
The random facts: there are millions of us we're scattered across the globe and we've been here since the humans, there are 2 types of us ( all to do with evolution ) one is a human who just turns into a full wolf and one is a human covered in fur with a wolf head and tail.
Ways to know you're a werewolf: you can smell, hear and see amazing distances but with smelling you can only just detect by smell wether someone's near you who it is and wether they're old young sick or injured
, also to know you're a werewolf is if you're quite hairy, get hungry very fast, and you're very fast and strong, you also don't know you're a werewolf until you're at-least over ten then at any time over ten you'll unlock the wolf and then change usually when ever there's a full moon but after you've unlocked the wolf and not always the first time you see a full moon after you've unlocked it.
Dogs, Wolves and behaviour around them: you should get quite exited around exited dogs ( but not randomly at the park ) and start to want to play with them sometimes and you like them very much and if you have a dog like me you will always love playing with him/her.
So that's all you'll need to know, except we've been fighting vampires for centuries to protect the living we're not evil and you don't turn into a werewolf if bitten by one and we don't die from silver
I only written this because it's very tiring telling everyone the same thing over and over

just challenged vamp. feel awesome

Im 12 and im just curious what will happen to me if theres a full moon?

Well it veries on how old you are, we normally change from ages 10-20

Good quick sum up

Thx, a lot of people were messaging me at once and I had to be quick. 😊

If you're 12 then you should turn first time when ever I'm going ask you what do you think you know about werewolves just so I can confirm you're a werewolf

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I think my sister is a werewolf. Please tell me how to know if she is. I only want to help her, not kill her.

y do u think that

She'll get angry easily, be quite hairy, fast quite strong and she'll like hanging out with dogs and find the moon really amazing and like looking at it

She may be hairy, have mood swings, get angry a lot, adore the full moon, stuff like that. Also I'd try to find out if she knows or not.

I just need to know how to kill my boyfriend x_x

What is ******* wrong with you he's never hurt you or harmed you he's still the same person even though he's always been a werewolf exept him for who he is because how would you like if you were a werewolf and had loads of humans including you're boyfriend hunting you down andtrying to kill you you are sick. No one will tell you and if this changes you're mind at all or not **** off you're a horrible living being I don't see other animals or people killing other species because of what they are or who they are you're a horrible excuse for a humanbeing or this werewolves girl friend/boyfriend, and you're boyfriend should be warned only if someone could you *******

I am really sorry we both were talking and we made everything clear and I really love him a lot .The way he gets treated is really bad it really made me regret of thinking about a stupid thing like dat I even told him and he said with the amount of love I have for him its impossible and that is soo true I amm really sorry to you all werewolfs out there . I love my boyfriend a lot he means the world to me I can't live without him and some other personal problems of our brought us even more closer when he explained his feelings to me .

one more thing what can I SAY to say dat I am REALLY SORRY ! about all the nasty things I said .I want to make it up to u guys .forgive me at least I will NEVER ever again treat a werewolf or anyone whose possessive over me :D take care and sweet dreams to everybody .tight hugs to all of you

i accept your apologize but only because how you say it it sounds like you mean it so i will accept

Thanks a lot u don't know how much I really meant when I said sorry .things are also going perfectly fine but oren my bf said that doesn't change the fact that he still protective over me . I actucally wanted to know if all lycans are protective over their stuff and whats their

I accept your appoligie sorry I was so mad about it I just get really annoyed when humans start thinking killing anything not human that they've done nothing wrong or when they look at a pig and think baken
By the way us werewolves save you humans along with every other living creatures every day from vampires trying to take over the world so we at least would like a thanks instead of being locked up, humans examining us like we're dirt or being hunted down so maybe one thanks would do
Can you tell your human friends maybe

thanks I love animals a lot sum times ppl call me a dognapper lol x_x cause sum people just don'"t know hw 2 take care of them .

So do I

yeah yeah they are

LOKL how do u guys become wolfs? did u all do spells if not then how?

We're born with the wolf inside us if are parents aren't werewolves then we've been born on a wolf moon (yellow full moon), being bitten by one of us will not turn you into a werewolf, also we don't know we're a werewolf until we've unlocked the wolf then we start to shift

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Not a werewolf, but a werebear. Been looking for a site like this for me (werebear). Anyone know of one?

Neeeewww sorry but total no prob the same with every else I know about every were animal and the only thing I know is that you also change at full moon except for vampires they're basically were blood sucking bats but since they don't change on full moon there called vampires

What do u do if your school friend finds out you are a were wolf

Well no ones going to believe them so you should be fine but if they're a very close friend of yours then try to explain to them that you're not a monster and hurt anyone and you're still the same person even though you've always been a werewolf

I meant you'd never hurt anyone