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 I am a werewolf and I have been trying to find a way to give all you real werewolves out there some info on werewolves some advice , Though I doubt most of you are werewolves I cant not think that there is a little werepup out there that doesn't have a shoulder to lean on when they first shift and new things start happening. So like the caring werewolf I am I decided to try and help.... If any of you real werewolves out there are Having trouble with your shifts and abilities please ask questions and I will answer them if i trust you deserve the answer... If your a young werewolf you need to learn about the important facts .PLEASE REAL WEREWOLVES ASK QUESTIONS.
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Some of my bros randomly said I'm werewolf when my body walked away from the full moons raise under a tree and sat down then trough up a big blob of stuff then sat there till one of my friends asked if i eaz good im 17 turning 18

And can so.done give me an example a the birth date thing... I ****** my bd up

I am pretty sure I'm a werewolf but ugh just read my name

I am 11 and I have a dog that is a wolf and If I try to shift in front of her she will start barking and wont stop what do I do respond asap even I know I probably went shift until probably 16

Hi hi

@jaknapton pls when u do add me as fast as u can cuz there is important thing I wanna talk with u. I can only do it on Facebook.

@Wolf puppy. with what do u need help???

Well I think I've transformed before can it happen in your sleep ?

I think I am a werewolf

@ jaknapton
If u are a were,
1. u will have the urge to go outside and just be free
2. u will have the urge to howl
3.ur teeth will be sharper and longer than humanly possible.
4. u can hear better, see better and smell better than a normal human
5. ur faster than ur friends but when u start to grow also ur speed will grow
6. ur stronger but not super human strong just stronger than ur friends.
7. u will always change on full moons.
8. u will look 4 a pack cuz that's ur first instinct.
9.u want to hang out with more than 1 friend.
10. ur ring finger is slightly equall with ur middle finger.
11. an uncontrolled anger.
if u have at least 7 of this then ur a were, but u have to change when u are 13 and above.

I need help

Sorry about my name

My incisors have not fallen out yet so I don't expect them to be long but they are as sharp as sh*t.

I am with silver pack

I have 8 of your reasons

So that means ur a werewolf But u still have to change when ur 13 and above

Ahh crap does it hurt or u not one

Ya it hurts so bad the first time u will fill like ur bones are breaking. can u add me on Facebook my username is Yomlata Assefa pls be fast

If I get Facebook

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I don't know how to tell if I'm a were I'm only 10

I'm with you

I'm only ten let's talk

I'm a person that needs help I have sharp as check teeth and my eyes are too colors day time Brown night time gold plus I'm a Indian I need help

Ya I have the same thing. can u add me on Facebook? my username is Yomlata Assefa I need to talk to u abt somethin.

My name on Facebook is Emmy

I asked you

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@Little wolf 2 don't know how I shifted but I just did and ya u will get stronger everyday. but I only can shift my teeth I can't other parts anymore I don't know how to do it

Hey I have been having trouble shifting, so please please help me what should I do to shift?and I have shifted twice but I don't know why i couldn't do It again so anyone please tell me how to shift. I need to shift on September which is next month so pls help me respond soon

how did you shif??? have to be 16 to shift??? because i am only 13 and i dont know what to do....i am getting stronger day by day and it is difficult for me because i am offraid that i am going to lose control...

I'm 15 going on 16 in november and I think I'm a werewolf or wolf .The anger how do you control it.Can I go to hell for this because It not my fault.

Hey, your fine. I know your born in November from your post, and that's a big thing. I was born in november, and I discovered early the zodiac. If your born between Oct 23 and Nov 22 your a Scorpio like me. The biggest character traits of Scorpio are anger passion and loyalty. Anger is something I deal with everyday. Being a Scorpio will enhance the normal anger of a wolf. Other signs don't quite reach the anger level of a Scorpio. Then there's the wolf. This is really long, so you know where your random anger comes from. Try and focus, maybe meditate to calm, and help control yourself

I'm 16 but my question is how I re unlock my wolf cause its been 4 years since I have shifted I have shifted a total of 15 times

How do you learn to shift

Thank you for helping all us real lycanthropes on here. I will experience my first physical transform under the super moon of September 9th, 2014. Any tips on how to work through the pain?


I need advise

I am 12 and my dad died 3 years ago and my moms bf hes so rude and I get so mad I'm always in my room and I was just wondering what age you start to transform? Idk anyone like me and the only one who knows is my cousin I was just wondering

My bf says hes a werewolf what do I do

I am 22 and in search for answers I havint shifted but have this unnatural love for the moon and can hear and see very well. all my other family members cant. I see things in my dreams I cant explain. I have an anger I barly control. I dont like being in crowded places. I catch myself growling and cant explain why. I just need to know.

How do i know is im a were wolf

Generally just know after 16, some people are born into packs or families known to be werewolves.

Hey valkyric, i have read a lot of times sayin that u don't shift unless your 16. can you pls add me on Facebook so that I can prove u wrong I don't mean no offence. I needed u to add me on Facebook is I will send u my pic which will prove u wrong. so pls add me my username is Yomlata Assefa

Does Chippewa have a wolf pack

I'm that pup/kid and I don't care if anyone DOSENT think that I have transformed 2 or 3 times and when I looked up Wolf Moon on google images it had pics with my birthdate everywhere and I have no one to get advise

Yep, sure

Are you talking about me

Look up wolf moon then on google images some of them have my birthdate in the text and two of them have it on the pics

Yep. So what then only people with your birthday are werewolves? Hm? In which case in your abundance of logic wouldn't you only need to ask a birthday in your line of believing hm? And your basing your know how on a picture someone created probably just to do it and it came up on google. Furthermore, you claim to be a werewolf, been way more than just 2 or 3 full moons, sooo you changing 2 or 3 times is full of ****. So money says you're just the average child that comes on here wanting nothing more than to be different or have a reason for why you got bullied, etc. All you're missing is the " I am an alpha, join my pack" speech and you'd be the same as every other kid to come on here.

I didn't say that every werewolf have my birthdate why are you even on this website you seem to know everything about werewolves and this is for werewolves who need help and advise, and I've seen most of your comments most of the time you're being horrible to people and swearing even if you are right that doesn't mean you have to be mean to people and even if most of the people asking for help are kids that aren't werewolves this place is for advise most were-cubs need advise. So stop being mean to people and instead YOU go somewhere else on a website that there aren't any 'kids' pretending to be werewolves since you don't like this advise bit from your negativity I think you should just go somewhere where you're wanted😑

And keep your f****** sh** to your self

I unlocked it at 10 you think you soooo clever and the boss of everything when most of the time your talking bull **** I don't care who you are your a total ****** thinking you know **** all about everything so why don't you stop talking **** and **** off

Right, little children like you are full of ****. If you know you're a werewolf what more advice could you need, hm? Obviously if you know how to unlock it you would have someone to teach you, or as I said born into a pack. Neither of which any of these kids including you have proven. You want advice, stop lying, stop wishing there was a reason for people not liking you and why you mimic the reactions of a rabid dog when you get mad or disgruntled. You constantly try and strive to lie about being something you're not, you want my help stop wasting my time with your bullshit.

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Im only 12 my dad told me i was a werewolf 3years ago right before he died and noone else in my family is one so i was wondering when im gonna shift

I'm sorry about your dad but you should shift at the 🌕 like everyone else

And you can make yourself shift

And you, you're just gullible. It's disgusting.

Just shut up and leave him alone. Your rude and your the one who's supposed to know when to BACK OFF

What father if one at all would tell a 9 year old who couldn't even conceive the meaning of being a werewolf that they are one? Sooo b.s.

please keep your thoughts to yourself if you don't believe me then i honestly dont care and you want to call a 12 year old girl disgusting well guess what no one cares about your opinions

Welp your little 12 year old self cared enough to reply, so look at that. And if your little mind could properly concept sentences you would know the disgusting bit wasn't aimed at you.

I"ll have u know I'm probably as smart as you are so dont talk down to me cuz i can have u dissapear ................................easily


You should work on making that bad grammar disappear first then. How you manage to screw up spelling on something that corrects it for you, is beyond me. If you were as smart as me, you wouldn't be dropping these stupid bombs. And for your whole "I can make you disappear bullshit" I would love to see you try.

Don't mind Valkyric he was posting to a comment section in youtube saying he was a real werewolf in a Teens Wolf and Being Human Trailer. We can all dream but some people are genetically born with Wolf genes in fused into their blood passed on to generation to generation and others have to be bitten by a werewolf and wait until the passing of the 3rd full moon to fully arise as a werewolf. There's other means of transformations into a Wildbeast or Werewolf either by Witchcraft which can curse you if the magic spell backfires by carelessness or another shapeshifter blessing or cursing you with the ability to ascend into 1. Otherwise it's pointless to think you are 1. Though some people are usually bitten by a wolf when they go scavenging into the woods and barge into unwanted territory which provoke them to attack you in which people get bitten and psychologically think they acquired some special gift from a mythical beast which was just an ordinary wolf just doing what it was made to do protect it's pups or territory maybe because they watch too much werewolf fictional movies, I don't know if there is some cases to this actually happening to someone and turning into a wild beast. Always remember this, "Life" is about survival, we barely manage to suppress our imagination let alone troubles with bullying or guilt. That's just reality for ya. You can not ever trust sites to give u a full explanation on how a transformation come upon you, it just happens. The more you age the more realize you can handle it by yourself. Meditate about it and learn to live with the pain and it will become a mere figment of your past. Then you become a new person once u let go of the guilt. Everyone has come upon an obstacle they just do not know how to overcome it but give it time and you will surpass it. I know have except getting punched in the nuts that will take a long time to forget. Anyways good luck and may your soul live 1 with nature and human society. The only 1 that is in the way is u u are your own obstacle. We all have a yin and a yang, u have to find a way to balance them. That's pretty much it.

valkyric i am tired of your bull s**t i was born into a pack and trust me on what you said a 9 year old can conceive the meaning of being a werewolf i have conceived it since the age of 6 silver hurts but don't kill wolvesbane kills if injected into the blood stream this is just plane knowledge on top of that i doubt you even know half of what you are talking about you don't turn only at 16 and yes you unlock the wolf by dominice like you said you got that right you just have to try you can do it at almost any age so instead of being a ***** why don't you just go **** off

Ooo big talk for a guy who blows *** at spelling. And born into a pack yet here you are, also either looking for help or feeding children bullshit. You want me to lie to them, tough ****. And your knowledge on silver is absolutely stupid. A silver blade cutting anyone ******* hurts, injected or ingested is dead to a werewolf you incompetent whelp.

incompetent whelp who here is the one who thinks he is all high and mighty that's ******* bull**** you think you know everything well you have lost your ******* mind i don't claim to know everything but i know silver hurts anyone like you said but also silver injected into anybody's blood stream can kill them on that note though silver can kill anybody not just a werewolf when a hunter kills a werewolf with a silver blade or something there will always be wolves bane on the knife or whatever it is that they are useing

Don't even know what they are using on a blade, but you just feel it has to be wolfsbane? Cute, real cute. You're proving to be a waste of responses also. But by all means continue to hug each other's butts in defense of being called a fake.

you keep calling everybody else a fake how bout this your a fake and i can talk for the rest of us your a fake and we know it so why don't you go **** your boyfriend you jack*** and **** off

And now you're being homophobic to someone who isn't gay? Must have hit a nerve for you to go to insulting someone's sexual preference. Anyways, grow up kid.

Don't curse Ozzy, it's true Valkyric is a troll and enjoys attacking lil kids but he's a P3dofile (hint hint the way you spell doesn't indicate how you understand what the word signifies good try though Valkyric) so that makes more sense in retrospect.

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hi i am 16 and a half and still havent unlocked it and have no clue how HELP ME PLEASE( i lied about age cuz i dont trust websites.

Can you tell me everything you know about werewolves and if the typical werewolf story stuff is real ex. Silver being dangerous, rogues, alphas, etc.

well for one i know that silver is dangerous but for me a small amount is not deadly. i could were rings and ear rings made of silver and all i will get is a rash. Usually you dont need a full moon to change, you can shift when you want or when you get angry or upset. Alot of werewolves have a temper, they can get angry very easily and when they are angry they can start to shift its not always noticable but when you have been a werewolf long enough you can learn to controll your anger. i also know that were pups or i like to say nightlings are new werewolves that have usually been turned when they are older mostly over 10. but in some cases you can be born into a pack or just born a werewolf, like i was. During a full moon most nightlings and werewolves shift and almost always wake up outside and not remembering what had happen. some just have a "dream" about it but really they see and remember themselves as a wolf. unlike me, i wake up outside and sometimes completley forget im a werewolf. my friends usually gain back my memories since they are werewolves aswell not all of them but most. i have also learned that there is a strange increase of female werewolves then in the male of corse there is always more females in actual wolf packs but it is most defenatley strange that the male are so less dominate then the fe,males. most likely beacause of the emotions and controll females have compared to those of male. anyway this is just most of the things i know about and about being a werwolf but for some reasons i cant remember much of when i shift. it is a complete and strange mistery. sorry if some of my words got confusing but i have indeed been a werewolf from when i was such of young age.

I get rashes from silver, but I don't know if that necessarily means i'm a werewolf

And yeah no, females are not more dominant to say so is ignorant. There are extremely, note the extremely, rare packs that allow women alpha, generally only last until a male of equal or greater strength takes mate with the female. And do explain how you can't remember **** but know for a fact you're a werewolf? Or how you have a plethora of werewolf friends who have to remind you? Please, enthrall me with your ever so extensive knowledge.

And another thing, you can wear silver, if it is introduced to the body you will die or bring extreme pain

What are you talking about? I'm asking what you know about werewolves, I never said I was a werewolf

Obviously not you, sorrowolf here is whom I refer to.

If you're not a werewolf why are you reading this, this is for werewolves who need advise or help

A) he remembers he's a wolf cuz he doesn't remember what he did as the wolfnot because he had an anger flare or something. And B) did u not notice that because you were too amused thinking about how much **** u thought they were saying?

You aren't a true werewolf you said silver can kill wrong it can't kill us at all

Lol coming from the kid who acts like he knows **** but here he is, not knowing **** about what does and doesn't kill a werewolf.

Coming from the person who thinks he knows **** all about werewolves you know why it doesn't kill us it's because silver is a type of metel since when did any materials kill any type of species plus if was made up by humans for no reason it's absolute bull **** and you "Valkyric" think that your so great and tell people whether they're lying or not and exept all of your bull **** for all we know you could be a kid ye ****

I first shifted when I was 12 years old and how this happened was surprising cause I had slept walked outside that night then I wake up outside naked then I shifted with full control and I seen some of what I look like but I have had trouble shifting again any advice

I can tell you some silver bullets obviously kill us everything that kills humans and wolves kills us i don't know why humans talk about silver bullets in-particular, getting bitten by a werewolf if you're human doesn't turn you into one it just hurts, we do hate vampires and they hate us and I can't tell you why , when we transform there are different types of werewolves the 4 i know are the first ever version a standing wolf with black eyes no fur and there feet look like humans but only 3 tows and sharp black nails and their hole body is grey the other one is basically that just with fur and the version I am us just turning into a wolf the modern one is a human with furans a wolf head, I hope that told you some facts😉

I meant the modern one is a human with fur and a wolf face

Yeahhhh you don't know what you're talking about, if humans couldn't be turned into werewolves, the gene would be genetically bound, meaning only way to be one is to be born one, right? So noting that. It's impossible for a non-dormant female werewolf to give birth, they kill the baby when they shift. Meaning females are generally brought in before being turned or go through the long dreary process of going dormant, and last I checked my ***** of a mother wasn't a werewolf, in fact, I'm the only one on this side of the family. You don't know what you're talking about.

Yeahhhhhh and you do 😏

More like you don't know what your talking about

Right a child named "seanymax" is the prophet for werewolves? God ******* forbid. And painfully stupid and gullible as you are, you cease to be fit for a response. And lastly what extensive purpose would I have to lie about my age? Again, you're stupid.

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hey i am a real werewolf with a mojor problem..... i cant remember anything about my wolf form!!!!! Can you help me?

How do you just "know" you're a werewolf?

Normally don't know until you're 16 at the least, my case is rare.

And from the responses below, you said you have to unlock being a werewolf at 16. How do you unlock it?

actually i was born a werewolf and i have known it since i was 4 years old and i have unlocked it when i was about 10

So just proving a point here, just a day ago you were apparently an expert on being a werewolf, now you're asking for help

Again as I said before unless born into it, 16. Ones that are without packs don't go shifting willy ******* nilly at 10, unless born into it.

Easiest way, dominant during sex.

ok so i dont know what your trying to start with me but am a very complicated person and you dont want to get on my bad side. so just correcting a few dip **** mistakes and you decide to judge. well who the **** do you think you are to tell me wrong. so go ming your own mother ******* buissness behind your ******* screen and hope i dont track each of you down and rip off your heads... got it okay.

Lol please do, for someone who stating their age is 70+ you didn't spend much learning English. So I doubt you're capable of much other than **** talk. Now since I established your mental deficiency, what I am getting at is you're full of **** on calling yourself a werewolf. But aye you're free to track me down and prove it to me. :)

Well done for standing up to "Valkyric" because he keeps on talking bull **** and thinking he's the boss of everything

Well done for no longer responding, changing your story and getting another child to back you up. Lol adorable.

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i am a preteen I have never been mauled but my dad has and think he has passed it on to me the reason i thought of this in the first place is i met another werewolf today and he told me I was a were usually I wouldn't believe him but I did some research and i seemed to match up for example I have really good eye sight hearing and smelling when i get mad i get the erg to kill and so on I don't know anything about being a were I just want you to tell me what I need to know as a beginner and what I need to know to servive

No other werewolf is going to sense you're a werewolf unless the wolf is unlocked. And just because I'm an ******* and love calling bullshit on people who claim they're a werewolf. Why would you need my or anyone elses help when you met a guy who "apparently" knew that you were a werewolf and is one himself? How would you know your father was mauled? Your family or at least your father would have been inducted into a pack because he would have shifted at every full moon until he had control, so someone would have noticed. And no one just survives being torn to ribbons, the attacker would have had to help the healing process, and again in which case, he would be in a pack.

1 iv heard stories over and over again about him being mauled and 2 the person who told me was only down for a visit with his aunt and only had 2 days with him and was almost always surrounded by people and couldn't talk and now he is at home on the other side of the country

hey im 13 and i have always been a werewolf, its hard to understand at first but i had friends to help me out. i relate to you alot and i would like to help if you need it.

where do you live ontario

hiii iam 13 and i realize tha i am a werewolf before 3 months ,when i am angry my eyes are changing colour and i am angry all the time... i watn to shift but i dont know how pleasee i need guidance can you help me???

Getting the urge to kill. Not good I'm a werewolf myself and it's not a good sign either I'm here cause I've lost my way of shifting cause I don't remember how to shift anymore. Also I have shifted quite a few times but that's really it

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Help please tell me what age do I first shift I'm 15 right now please help

16, have to unlock first

well you usually shift the first full moon when your a werewolf. so unless you just became a werewolf aka werepup you should change when ever you get angry or on a full moon. in some cases you can controll when and were you shift

How old are you when your suppose to shift?

16 at the earliest but you have to unlock it.

Btw it says 26-30 cause I don't trust websites with my age

Lie about your age and still go out of your way to say you're 11. Sooo yeah pointless

I am 11 I swear on everything holy I'm 11 but like I don't trust websites with my age I'm coming clean like I swear :(

Then what's the point in saying you're a different age on the account? And you're too young for any werewolf **** to be happening to you anyway, unless you're born into a pack.

Well how the hell am I supposed to know if my parents are dead and I have no relationship with my grandparents??????? :( if u don't wanna help or belive me fine but don't say in ur bio if any were pups need help ur here

Doesn't matter what you think, minimal age for any changes to occur unless born into it, is 16. You are not 16. My "helpful answer" to you is come back in 5 years

how do you know you unlocked the wolf i turned 16 just the other day so i need to know how to unlock the wolf to see if i am a werewolf

hey i feel you man i am 13. your not alone.

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And I know you might say too young but i haven't shifted and I have no one to lean on plz give me a helpfull answer

Hi I'm 11 years old and I think I'm a werewolf for these reasons:I get angry uncontrollably I have cravings for rare meat such as rabbit deer squirm etc i am more hairy then most I have sharp teeth and nails help idk wtf I am!!!!! 😨

Too young, so more or less don't mean **** all.