I Am Gorean

have you ever ripped the beating heart out of a living creature and eaten it ? the taste of iron and minerals as the blood rushes through your mouth and trickles down your throat.... the smell of the grasses and plants that are half digested in its stomach .... Have you ever stalked and killed.... knowing that if you didn't make the kill that you would not eat that day?..... have you ever slept hulddeld in a cave or under a bush shivering as the dew settles in on you early in predawn morning.... and then had to go back to the mundane world and act like you don't know what it takes to MAKE a living breathing animal into a hamburger????do you know what it is to look in the eyes of a person a head taller and without a word make them back down... ?what it is to let go of your humanity and rush headlong into a fight with no thought of wining or losing the only thought is to destroy that threat without even a seconds thought of whether or not you can?..... to hunt wild boar with a couple of pit bulls and a knife? JUST CURIOUS.... don't judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes
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yes i have done all said things and one more i have watched the the life leave the animals eyes as it died death is something to respect and never take lightly true hunters know this true wolves live this.

"do you know what it is to look in the eyes of a person a head taller and without a word make them back down..."

Yes, I do and it is a powerful and humbling experience.

wow amazing. this makes me wanna go shift lmfao. it hytpmotized me. amazing story

When I was 12 I did a 3 day solo campout with no gun... And no food and 1 canteen of water... I gaind 2 1/2 pounds...

tempolton, i don't think syrick can handle that............his wolfiness is all up his head, and not practical.


Have you truly eaten the beating??? If so, then I respect.
If not, then I scowl
And don't ever ever brag about it, the secret is a well kept secret

ALL my storys are true. And yes I have honord the soul of many anamils in this fasion... Acepting there strength... There life force into and as part of my own.

Beautiful. Absolutley beautiful. My good sir, I respect, but do not fear you. -Mimi


It really is a beautiful life that you have. My parasitic life is so similar...only when I'm needed do I- not to make you sound bad- act that way. No winner, no loser, just DESTROY THE THREAT to her. -Mimi

You are correct Sir.<br />
It is great to not only possist human instinct, but animal as well.<br />
That is what makes us men...<br />
Gorean as well....<br />
Have a safe Mamorial day Sir...<br />
Thank you for your story

And u as well!
Until we meet again my fried...

if you enjoyed this you may gain more insight by reading my story rights of passage

This collection of imagery makes my breath come shallow, my heart beat faster, & my pulse quicken. I'm ashamed of this reaction. I know it means that at some level, I lack civility. I should feel more like the above commenter who found the posting: "gross." But I don't. I find this story the very essence of what Darwin meant in his reference to "survival of the fittest." <br />
<br />
I can't imagine a woman who wouldn't find a man w/these instincts, compelling. A man capable of such thought is, if he loved me, willing to destroy anything to protect me. <br />
<br />
I have felt EXACTLY this way (capable of instinctive, visceral, hands-on, wholly animalistic violence) in reference to the protection of my children. I believe I'd feel capable of the same if the man I loved was threatened while incapacitated.<br />
<br />
I wonder if I'll feel compelled to delete this comment after the rush of emotion the story evoked in me, subsides? Hmmm.....

TOO LATE: I have read it.... and for the story... TRUTH

Thanks for the insight.

I may just be a "filthy human" but I don't walk in the herd.... never have... never will....