Put Simply, Im A Werewolf.

Ive been a werewolf for about 3 years now. Im a loner so dont ask me to join any clans. Just looking for some wolf buddies to share experiences with. So if your a real werewolf or wish you were, message me and add me to hear some of my personal experiences. Hope to hear from you soon.
teenwerewolf14 teenwerewolf14
18-21, M
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i think we talked a while ago... was your name badmoonwerewolf?

i am a she wolf aged 16

Add me so we can talk about it

Yes ok

Hey,ive been researching on vampires and werewolves for a long time now...i havnt found anything to prove werewolves are real..i'de like to know some of your experiences and how you became one..can you turn people into werewolves just by biting them?(i donot want to be one)or it that a myth?i donot hunt or want to hurt werewolves but just want to get some information.<br />
Thank you