Looking For A Mate

Put simply, im a werewolf and im looking for a mate. Im 16 years old. Im not good looking. Can send a pic. But really im not good looking and so im not looking for a drop dead sexy girl. I just want an average girl. Im a fun easy going kind of guy. But for someone to understand me they would have to really talk to me and get to know me. You may also have to talk with my gods. They are friendly but they just dont want to see anyone get hurt. Looking for a mate who is atleast 15, believes in werewolves, and is willing to talk to get to know the real me. I live in the U.S in Ohio. Anyways im just looking for someone to love me for who I am. So message me sometime. Warning, I am not a fake werewolf and any negitive comments will be removed.
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Hey, I'm also looking for a mate! I'm female my name is Venom

i,m sixteen and looking for an average mate!

never mind

Did you read that I had a mate and change your mind? Well I dont have a mate anymore. Or you might have read that I cheated on a girl but to the people I explain it too, they understand that I really wasn't cheating. Oh and im pretty sure a girl by the name of Zakkieischarge will comment on this but that I can also explain. I'm just trying to find special someone.

hey my names leila. im 17... nice to meet you!

Who is She?

she left me

Well im 16 and have a mate now.

hey am 15 and mateless