Greetings everyone,

I'm not someone to claim to be a werewolf. So being one is not my reason to be here. Rather, I am here because I am researching on the possibility of the existence of werewolves. There is no offense meant by that: you yourselves know how easy it is to make-up stories on the internet and get others into believing them after a while. Considering the tales of the past about werewolves, I personally cannot totally rule out the possibility. Wherefore I am here to simply seek answers for the sake of truth: I want to know the truth. And because truth is so important, I'd ask everyone to bear patience with my inquisitorial proceedings - and my skeptical nature.

I am asking roleplaying folks to please stay away and not waste my time.

For all others, I have a couple of questions. It'd be much appreciated if you could answer them:

1) Is the so-called Düsseldorf Project legitimate? Where can I get further information on this?
2) If werewolves were real, do you not think that governments would have long set up special units to hunt them down?
3) How many of you can shapeshift?
4) How many of you can prove themselves to be real werewolves?
5) Are there differet types of werewolves just as there are different human races? If so, which?
6) Who are the "hunters"? Where do they come from? Why do they hunt werewolves?
7) Is being a werewolf considered a disease? Or is it considered as simply being a different lifeform: just as a human is different from a bird?
8) Is there any solid evidence for the existence of werewolves that is accessible to the public?

If any of the questions raised can only be answered with responses that are deemed too confidential, then I would ask you to simply private message me the answers.


Serviam Serviam
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Well, the original legends of werewolves didn't have lycanthropy transferred through a bite. That was not until the release of 1950-Present werewolf movies. In stead, the 'werewolves' attended a witch's sabbath or a satanic ****. When/if the devil was summoned, then they made a pact with Satan, giving him their service in exchange for an ointment that allowed them to become wolves. As a side effect, it gave them a taste for human flesh. Any 'wolf' that says they were bitten is a rolepla<x>yer.

I love reading these. I too wish to know the truths. I am human but I don't want to be. Not just cause of all the horrible destruction our race has done but also cause I feel like I was born different. My body is going through crud and it makes me feel like im not completely I'm empty. I work at a vet clinic and I'm far more social to animals then humans. If I knew you were really werewolves, Midnight, and Beta, and theres a way to change, then I would beg you to change me. I think I would beg any paranormal to change me...cause I feel like that would make me whole. Reason why I like werewolf or any shapeshifting is cause its more natural animal like. I want to seek out the truth like you Serviam, I just don't know where to start. <br />
<br />
P.S. No, I am not just some fantasy loving guy who wants to be werewolf or anything cause its cool, it's cause it would feel right to me. I'm twenty years old and I've felt like this my whole life. My mind may be to wide open but I'm happy this way.

There is no need to change.

Also being a wolf is NOT a disease. If anything being a human is a disease. Animals see beauty humans see things to make profit. Humans kill for fun. Animals kill for survival. Humans rape and sometimes kill kids. Animals treasure there young. Being called a human is an insult. Being called an animal pleases me. I know humans can't seem to understand this but being an animal is the greatest thing you could possibly imagine! It's true freedom And each breath is filled with purpose. If I could I would try to get humans to understand us and to stop callin us crazy and killin us but i can't do that. All I can do is tell my story and others story and hope they listen with open ears.

This is not a roleplaying game, mate. Move on.

What the hell are you talking about mate!

You sound like an immature child - perhaps you are. I am making here a serious effort to find out the truth about those claiming to be werewolves. Many have commented, but thus far noone has been willing to provide for evidence. That suggests that it is pretty much a roleplaying game.

Hahaha. You are the immature kid here. You fail to grasp that we won't give you evidence. That's a hazard for are survival. Might I add your a pathetic human that probably wants to experiment on us so why do I even bother this pointless banter I don't know

Hmm, it sounds like you're from the UK?

For folks who supposedly wish to conceal their identities, you surely are not doing such a great job at that when you join groups exposing yourselves. Unless of course, there is no real threat to you folks as you are simply: human.

Hahaha uk? I think we do a pretty great job hiding who we are since we get to talk to fellow wolves and u humans assume we're lying... There's no problem. You not believing me isn't a problem haha. I'm actually not giving anything away./:) just like every wolf on here we just want some advice and support. Most of us are smart enough not to give any hard proof of are existence.

See, if someone wanted, he could easily track every single one of you down. The internet does leave traces. At any rate, I am convinced that you are a roleplayer; thus: carry on and bore someone else. Cheers

Ur a sorry excuse for life. Ur exstience is pathetic and pointless. If u want answer maybe you should stop being a ****


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Do you guys really not know. HAhahah. Wolve-shifters are being hunter down by the government. Do you know how easy it would be for them to come and kill us without getting caught. I find it funny how oblivious humans can be. And there right you can't get very many true answers off line because humans fake being like us cuz were so great! We've have lasted as long as we have because we stay hidden and we fight back if hunters come. And just to answer one of your really obvious questions... Of course there's different ranks and stuff. All wolves are different and have different status. P.S. wolve-shifters do exist and im gettin tried of us wolves being lower ranking than you sick twisted humans.

Midnight, I know you don't know me, but message me please.

The reason the government hasnt set up any special forces to hunt werewolves is because they havent found any conclusive evidence that would allow them to spend the money it would take to pay that task force

Well stated smarlow.

While the lack of evidence does not mean evidence of lack of truth, I must say that it is strange for a world of information still to not have found out of werewolves until this day.

Look, I'm not a werewolf, but i like to research about different "mythical beings", the most probable reason's why they don't start hunting them down is either because they are massively outgunned; they are researching them secretly; Or the amount of bodies that turn up will be too much cover up, causing nation wide panic.

Massively outgunned? That is ne thing I sincerely doubt. The human population is capable of wiping out any living being on this planet - including itself.

As for cover-ups: there are many people going missing each year - with many of them never to be found again.
Again, if such things exist, the Governments of most 1st world countries will have dealt with them already - in one way or another.

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Don't listen to Beta, not only is he/she illiterate, he/she is pulling their terminology out of random werewolf v vampire games online. You will never find any information online about the actual whereabouts of werewolves. The only way to go about doing so is actually searching for them, which is no easy task considering all of the crazies out their with hair dye, nail polish and "wolf eye" contacts. Your best bet is to find an Omega ("Lone Wolf"). They are werewolves that have either been ejected from a pack or have chosen solidarity. Either way your task for acquiring more knowledge about this topic is no easy one. Happy "huntings".

Well, I am not seeking out to "find" one face-to-face. Though that would certainly be a delight. In essence, I am simply looking for someone who can provide for sufficient proof so as to convince my mind fully of their existence. A way of doing so - for instance - is by simply showing a shapeshifting event via a medium like skype.

Ok I'm a beta 2 highest wolf most werewolf are level x wolf a low self of stim. But there are many types of wolves out there. There are old wolf, alfa, beta, level 2 beta, lookes and level x and at last level x2. Hunter are most of the time people with good migce but some hunter take time by kill werewolf that why I can not say munch about myself. But if you need help sand a email to and I will tell u more