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I want to say in advance I know this is a lot to read and I appologise (I fail at spelling. -headdesk-) for that.

So I have read many upon many articles on lycanthropes, how to "be one" and other "facts" about them (in parenthesis because those thing's arn't certain.) and have taken many quizes (just for the fun of it) and all results come out positive, accept for one time when all it asked about was eating human hearts. .3. That being asked many times in different forms got me to the point where I was like WHATEVER and just sort of derped. HERPDERP. -cough- Anyways, more to the point, I've read many things where I can relate to being a lycan by birth. Checking my records on the internet never gives me any details, it always seems shadey, or that I am not realted to anyone at all, like my name's not in the records. I've heard many things about being a lycanthrope, good and bad. I've also read that lycans by birth have better control; this doesn't seem as bad as not having control. (I say control a lot.) So, I feel like I had more to say, but my friend distracted me and I forgot.
So (I say so a lot too.) I realized, according to most sources, 16 is sort of a late age (I've had these symptoms all my life, though.) but then again, other sources speak of everyone having a different "blooming" age and others starting later.
So, symptoms, awaaaaay:

1.) I can't live without meat. Litterally. While it gives me protien, I feel drained if I don't eat some sort of meat, be it beef, which I love the most, or chicken, though I am not a big fan of fish, etc.

2.) My eyes are usually an amber, sometimes brown, sometimes green, and other times gold, as I've been told by many people before.

3.) My teeth are quite sharp for a humans, I guess. Not just my cainines, but all the teeth going back from that are sharp aswell, along with some smaller fine points on my front teeth. (My teeth are perfectly straight, by the way.)

4.) Random one here but, sometimes I go to bed prefectly clean, just out of the shower, brushing off my feet before I get in to bed (I can't sleep if there's junk in my bed. Princess and the pea for real. Haha.) and I wake up with small amounts of dirt on my bed.

5.) My hair grows at almost an alarming rate. I'll shave one day, and then about two days later, I'll have almost the same amount of hair as I shaved before (and it's really annoying/awkward because I have dark hair.), while my friends take 4-6 days to grow their hair back to the length it was before.

6.) My nails arn't the sturdiest when it comes to being able to break, but they are sharp. I've had many people tell me I need to cut my nails, even when I just did and made sure they were filed down (Even though I hate the filiing noise, it gives me shutters.). I also accidetnly cut my friend once with my pinky nail when I moved my hand. ;n; To the point of bleeding, too, but it wasn't that bad. The same goes for my toe nails.

7.) I have a distinct sence of smell that almost over powers all of my other sences, except for maybe my hearing and feeling. (Most wolves sight isn't /that/ good anyways.) I can detect most smells, but not to the point of being able to track an animal by scent. I also have this thing where if I open my mouth and breathe in, I can "smell" what I can smell through my nose, sometimes even stronger. My hearing is also quite good. I can hear a dog whistle so long as it is not up to it's highest frequency (about 1200 for me I think. Below that I can hear it just fine.). And bats. I can hear little chirps from bats sometimes.

8.) I have really tough feet "pads" and the same goes for my hands, though this is probably just built up skin from walking on rocks, hot pavement, and sticks, etc. (I live in the middle of a forest.)

9.) I always have to look at the moon when ever it is out, be it full or not. It's just sort od a weird habbit. If it's out, I need to get at least one look at it before I go to bed.

10.) I am a total night person. I can stay awake all night with no problem, not even get tired. I love to be up in the mornings too, but if I'm asleep and you wake me, I'm usually really grumpy and don't want to talk.

12.) I can produce different dog-like sounds and howl with ease, changing pitches and such all through out it. It's fun to do, and, for me, quite relaxing, though embaressing to do around family members. Therefore, I keep it to myself until I'm alone, or with friends who understand. Growling come naturally and my first responce when a hand comes near me that is not friendly is to snap at it or claw at it.

13.) I weigh about... Less than 200 but over 150, I haven't weighed myself in forever. But in all honesty, most of that is muscle. I'd say it's about 89% muscle and 11% fat.

14.) I don't over heat too easily and I don't get cold too easily either. It's like I'm regulated /almost/ perfeclty for any weather. People who are cold tell me I'm warm, and people who are warm tell me I'm cold.

15.) I have an easy time seeing what my dog is..thinking. Also, I used to be awesome friend with her, but lately she's seemed a lot more.. I don't know, it's odd. Scared? But not really.. I don't know the word for it. Of me.

16.) Full moons are my life, eben though I've mentioned moons already. (xD) I mean, I feel different when they're up in the sky, like there's another part of me that just wants to run wild.

17.) I have an easy time running on all fours, hands and feet. It's a lot of fun.

18.) Again I felt like I had more to say, but I can't remember. So I'll just leave you with that for now.

Oh, and was anyone up on the Blue Moon that happened recently? I had a total spazz attack, I went crazy like I had just eaten a lot of sugar, even though I hadn't. ***Ask LackadaisicalWerewolf if you don't believe me, she can tell you all about my random-attack.***

Oh, and by the by, I'm 16, Female, and I am a Christian.

Any negative comments will either be ignored or responded to in a respectful manor, for the most part.

Keep your best paw forward!

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Wow this is old, I forgot I even wrote this. o3o......

cant message you sorry wont let me due to your settings. Native ameicans in north and south have "wer" stories and legends they all come from truth. vampyre are real too some get along with wolves and exist to coexist. but that is another discussion. I have not found an alpha wolf but asked satan to make me one just through prayers and rituals with the aid of a high priest. I read an amazing book on spiritual warfare which talks about a satanic cult and there use of werewolves as bodyguards and terrorists who would rip members who were found to be traitors into shreds. the name of the book was "he came to set the captives free" written by rebecca browne. its has a part of the book dealing with werwolves.

That's insteresting, but due to the fact that I am a Christian, I don't think I'll be reading it. xD I've heard about the Native American thing before though.

Werewolf stories have been around before cristianity by the way id throw that book out

Before cristianity as in before satan was thought of (sorry wolfmoons no disrespect to your religion

Nah, it's fine. I'm not one of those people who get's all 'offended' when someone says things about my religion. xD

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Do you have any bloodlines leading to native american decent. Your body temperature is also one degree higher than normal and you get sick but once a year. Also you have superhuman strength. would like to learn more of your werewlf traits. i myself always had werewolf traits but never knew it. my strange habits were strange. i used to be a christian but feel im damned for ever and all eternity. i love the moon and can bask in its Glow forever. Im also astral and can travel miles and miles outside my body ever since i was a child. meat is so darn tasty bloody is the best. Also as a child i used to chew on batteries and other things.

I'm not sure of all of my ancestry, actually.
I'm a christian. :3 You can message me if you want to talk or something. :3

Native americans bellived in the windago a flesh stealing deamon and the wererat and werewolfs are from erope

me to. Spaz attack and everything else.