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Man some of the stories I read on here are just complete bs. You live your lives in a fantasy world full of pure lies and its getting old. So many of you want to be wolves are in fact dying to be one making up stories about who you are, what you are, your "pack". This is the reason people laugh at us, people call us crazy, and childish. You do not think before you speak. To be honest this should be entitled "I am a werewolf RPG". Specially to the so called "ALPHA'S" who are handing out invitations to people to join their pack, even the names for the packs are the typical blood,crimson,moon crap that you see on video games, same thing goes for the vampire covens. If you were a real wolf you'd know that to join a pack from an outsider status is very hard to do. Packs are tied together by blood and trust. Anyone who says other wise is a liar. I know a lot of you just want to be accepted, loved, comfortable in your own skin, free to be what you feel you are, but to say you are something you know nothing about is not the way to do it. You read stories about werewolves you fantasy about being free being able to transform into beast so you live it out on the internet where nobody can tell you different where you can be what ever you wish. But my friends that does not change who you really are cause sooner or later you have to turn off the computer and go back to the real world. Your real life. So be honest be truthful don't lie what you are is good enough if you want to be free do it, if you want to be a werewolf seek it, but do not say you are something that you are not people will just look down at you for your deceitfulness. Also the whole p-shifting thing what the ****? So peace be with you life is to short for falseness my friends I wish you all the best in your journeys.
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Spoken like a synical soul. I do agree with you on several points tho, but that doesn't give either of us the right to judge or talk down to anyone. Some individuals need something to believe in or hold on to yes, so let them have that. Some pups have no one to turn to and this site is the only place they have. I have know great wolves who have lost their lives to their own loneliness, because they had no way to reach out to other wolves. So before you make an *** of yourself keep in mind that there are real wolves on this site looking for a place to heal and belong. This is a place of peace and acceptance not of anger or belittling

Aw how sweet. I wasn't talking down to anyone or judging I was stating the obvious. A good percentage of people on here are mere children from 13 to 16 and so fourth who are just seeking some place to fit. Then people like you fill their heads full of fairy tales and lies until finally they realize it was all pretend leaving them more desperate then ever. The truth is being a real werewolf is not fun its not what Hollywood makes it out to be and something REAL wolves keep to themselves they don't spread it out on the internet for people to look at and look down on them for and call them crazy. So if you are looking for a place to belong back away from the screen and seek it out because it is not going to be on some web post. If you are what you say you are then help people in the real world. Also my anger is towards fakes the ones that lie, you know who you are.

Claiming to be something you are not is not how you find your place.

Ah no need to be aggressive. I actually mediate on this site and work to show people that there are more answers out there than just claiming to be a werewolf. Maybe if you actually read some of the posts you'd realize this. These groups are meant for support not "stating facts" as you call it. I don't fill anyone's head with false hope either. I have helped numerous individuals realize that they aren't wolves, but rather lost souls looking for answers and closure

I wasn't being aggressive until you became aggressive nor did I ever "stat facts" I stated the obvious there is a difference friend. Believe me I've read a lot of the posts on here and couldn't believe my eyes, they were like poorly written rpg stories. Good for you helping out some confused tweens. Me I'd prefer to be more blunt about it get straight to the point and stop lollygagging around.

And I respect your bluntness, but to a desperately confused person it's very harsh and could push them over the edge. Sometimes it's easy to look at someone and just be harshly honest, but some people can't take that and it causes them to shut down. I will be honest and admit that some people really do need the reality check, but they are few and far between. Most of the confusion on here can be settled out by helping people work out their problems. You have a unique point of view that I appreciate, but please be considerate of those who don't know how. I apologize for coming across as aggressive, I hope you can understand I was only being protective

Dear friend you forget one thing wolves are aggressive by nature.

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