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If anyone has any dreams u want to be interpreted right them in the comment box so i can do what i do
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alright... i have a dream for you....in my dream i'm running through a dark forest while the moon is still high in the sky..i run to this river a small running river but its a smooth running river and i see me reflection, its not a human face but rather a almost wolf face and then i felt shivers run up my spine and i hear a small noise in the distance and within a second i sprint off towards the source of the noise i come to this deer laying on the ground and for some reason i felt this over bearing hunger and i attack and kill this animal and start eating it but then a hooded character shoots me with something i don't know what it is at first but it pierces my skin and it burns intensely so i jump up towards one of the trees and climb so that he can't see me and when his back turns i lunge down on this man but before i can sink my teeth or claws into him for what he did i wake up in my bed...when i fall asleep i some how move while asleep and i have ripped a few bed sheets from my movements of my dreams but getting back to my dream...i woke up with a part of my bed sheet in my hand and there was a part of my bed sheet missing...its hard keeping a secret from people around me because i don't know who to trust with such things

1 year ago..i had this dream where..this people with wolf masks were chaseing me and trying to kill me...i have dreams where i am being sacrificed..or some sort of demon tells me..he ll take me no matter what i do...and also..im...seeing and hearing things sometimes..wehn i shouldn't...can you help me out...please?

i keep having a dream its weared but i see my dad being attacked by a werewolf when i think i come in and fight her of when she turns and so do i but i cant see any thing after that does this mean any thing

Its prob just a dream but if its vivid and reacuring it could be a premonition

pre what

It blocked r-e-a-c-u-r-i-n-g

ahh ok cool maby

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Hey, my inner wolf name is Spirit, I have been trying to figure out this dream for awhile and it may seem like a stupid dream but i think it has meaning to what i really am, or maybe its a confirmation to what i am ,but here is a small summary of the dream, So I went to the vet (thought it was awful weird how i was at a vet), she told me to come sit down on the table so i did, then she told me she was going to play a video and show me a girl running and screaming being chased b something. Then as i was watching it she made me hold this metal soda can, after i watched it she took the can from my hand and it was all bent at the top and torn up, and she said i think i know what you are.

Is there something you can interpret about that?

Sounds like someone u know is introuble in probible harm ur wolf wants to be the one to save her

Or its a suppressed memory being shown to u in a unique glimps of it because u subconsiosly want to know

well what if it was showing how dangerous i am or what i am?

Possibly but then like i said its prob a suppressed memorie or a memorie from a past life

what do you mean by both of that?

Well werewolfs usually are imortall but by way of reincarnation somtimes u can get your wolfs memories u have to try to communicate with it somtimes

So in the past I could of been a werewolf? do you think i could awake it to actually shift or would it just be my soul?

Duno try medatation imagion running threw a field trees wizzing by then u reach a puddle what do u see? sage and being in nature helps (dont have to be at the same time but is best)

Alright thank you. and i have one more question, if you start to feel adrenalin go through your body like your excited for something or about to fight is that something i should worry about? it usually happens at night

Depends sounds ok but its different mabey sompthing dagerouse is near if your a wolf it could be instincts

Alright. thank you


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