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Have Some Pride

I know many of you out there hate yourselves, hate what you are, well I Know the berdens, the pain, and the sever damages it does to our lives, but with all the hunters, and people who want our heads above their fireplaces, you'd think we'd all have more pride in ourselves. Hating what we are doesnt help anyone or yourself. You know we have an amazing gift (with many Painful strings attached) look strong and be strong. Have some pride.
DallasWolf DallasWolf 13-15, M 11 Responses Oct 14, 2012

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I was told I was a werewolf should belive them

Okey first of all...stop saying stuff like that, hunters want your head, second you are not a real werewolf, i am not a real werewolf...i just feel this deep connection to them and i am learning to shapeshift in my lucid dream and maybe find my inner wolf. but one thing is for sure, if you say other people you are a werewolf they will think of you as a possesed by evil or others u called "hunters" well those will try to kill you in someway. just keep it for yourself or your close strong and train to controll what ever you are feeling, try to let it go, if you are as you say a werewolf you will cry out with your brothers and sisters in a pack.

Try to be a werecat we are getting blown to pieces by hunters cars and werewolf.... we get wolfs to though

Pride should be reserved for something you've achieved.

Hey, I've got a question for everyone, I recently found out I'm a werewolf, my uncle is sorta an expert on us (being one himself for MANY years now...) and he said I was an alpha, and that I was born one... (after I kicked his *** lol :) ) but what the hell is an alpha??

Your not born an Alpha. An alpha is simply a leader of a pack of wolves. Wolves usually become alphas if the Alpha of the pack they're in dies, or if they challenge an Alpha and win. Also, I wouldn't tell people that your uncle said you where an Alpha. it makes you look desperate

DUMB *** AN ALPHA IS BORN.... BORN TO BE a fuckenss boss

An alpha is the leader of the pack

i am proud of it

i take pride in everything i do. every day i breathe is a slap in the face to the hunters. and i hant p hsifted yet but once i doo im gonna be traveling and finding packs.

I doubt many werewolves hate themselves or what they are to be specific. I don't, certainly. What I hate is the dark side of myself. The side that wants to kill people and all that crap. That's what I hate.

i agree with you there. i hate the blood lust. esp. when im around friends im tempted to bite there knecks or wrist. i hate it but i actually did it once they let me but i couldnt break the skin i didnt want to hurt them.i hate the side that makes me want ot kill the ones who stand against me.

I have a vampire coven after my blood...

Yeah,but its not myself I hate,its the abusive fatter I hate

Pride is a good thing to have indeed. c:

HAHA This was a buttload of time ago, but this sounds interesting.

xD I always feel weird when I realize that I respond to a really old comment. It's like "*presses send* oh wait that was written like years ago.."