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How I Believe A Physical Shift Happens

I think that this is what really happens when you shift. (I dont know 100%, this is a theory though)
First off, your DNA actually doesnt become the DNA of a wolf. This would mean that you would have to have it already, which in my opinion is sorta hard to...obtain, and it would leave you with the mindset of one, which you wouldnt be able to shift back from. So your body turns on certain genes to make you identical to a wolf-the reason you are able to keep your human intelligence at all. But since all the creatures of this planet share identical DNA, it means that you already have the genes like one, but they need to be arranged more wolf like (or whatever animal you may be.) This is how an M-shift is obtained in the first place (your DNA has certain wolf like genes turned on. For example, both wolves and humans shair the genes that determines hair growth and hair density. If you were to keep the gene turned on longer in humans you would have a human with a lot of long hair everywhere instead of it on the head only. Which explains why it's harder for bird and reptilian therians to shift, since it's takes more genes being turned on and off to get the same look that the animals have.
When shifting muscle, the fibers expand or contract simutaneously based on your creature's muscle mass and stay there, so you can be a strong wolf or a weak wolf. When shifting bone, the bone's fibers are broken down by your body's cells while being replaced with stem cells, which become whatever cells the DNA calls for, as stem cells are malleable (as in they can be changed into whatever cells your body needs at the time).However, since you're not starting over from scratch, (as in you're not making all of the body you're intending to shift to ) it doesnt changes the bones it doent need to change, to save energy, and the organs and bones your body does break down, get reused as energy, producing a Lupus(a disease) like state, but withough using a lot of outside energy,and without killing you. Your skin basically stays the same while shifting (but if any changes, they are handled like the rest of the changes described above. To grow a tail, your body streches out your coccyx(tailbone) and separates the vertabrae using the process described earlier. The body does expel a number of chemicals into your bloodstream in order to do this (testosterone, adrenaline, and various others) which is why when you shift, you'll feel euphoric, giddy, and you may not be able to remember anything (the chemicals can cause memory holes) You body doesnt die during the process, because the chemical dosage is not quite enough to kill you, and the shifting process isnt deadly like that, your brain knows where everything goes and how it gets there. Now to shift back, your brain activates the human side of you, which contains your genetic info as a human, and uses that to shift back into human form, which is why if you do a shift and get permanetely stuck, your brain becomes a wolf's brain (it actually forgets the human genetic sequence.)
Note: You can shift into a creature of any size, as long as you have enough matter to accompany the shift. You could shift into a 30 foot snake or a 50 pound dragon, as long as you have enough matter to make your body, or else you'll come up too short (or too big.)
In other words, when you M or P shift, you're actually making a body out of your own genes that's like a look alike of the actual animal's body using the instincts and genes that you have. This also would explain otherkin and weres well, since they wouldnt exactly need a living animal to shift into-they're shifting into thier own created body based on how they feel (and how their genes activated the traits.) This also explains why you almost never hear of plant or bacteria (or any other lifeform that's not a vertebrate) shifters, since their instincts and mindset would be harder to acknowledge and shift into due to the diffrences of the body types.

The Brain:

Many people seem to think the most unbelieveable part of physical shifting is the brain. They tent to think that, since the brain is a delicate organ, changing it's size or shape would hurt the user, and leave them mentally disabled, if not worse.
But I believe I have found a way for this to happen without any of the problems most people tend to describe. It's very simple: say you're shifting into a wolf or housecat. Even though you will remain about the same in size, the skull will be smaller. Now, my theory is that you dont lose any mental capabilites, nor info, because of how the brain compacts itself during shifting. Your brain, as a human, is very wrinkley (lol) and those wrinkles are part of the reason we can think the way we can. But when you shift, the brain compacts, so more brain cells press in closer together, and your brain gets more wrinkely, so to speak. You lose no brain mass, and your brain is still intact, it just gets compacted. Think of it like a rag in a container. As a human, you have the rag (your brain) spread out inside the container. It fits perfectly, with just enough room to not touch any of the sides (like how your brain doesnt touch your skull.) But say the container gets smaller. All you need to do is fold the rag up, and it'll be another comfortable fit. No piece of rag is cut out, and nothing is lost, so if you return to the bigger container, the rag can just unfold, no harm done.
I hope this helped ^^
Reshire Reshire 18-21, F 19 Responses Nov 8, 2012

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Hello have DNA WOLF have XXY EXTRA CHROMOSOME CONDITION WAS BORN AND FOR become werewolf and every moon have side effects moon every night and have yellow eyes and when shave my facial hair grow four days and thicker my nails longer and moon trying force my transformation to werewolf and when transformation werewolf gene become full moon activated and what changes would have and would and would and am scared become werewolf and want become dragon and dont like being wolf and would and would why have condition and have when and full moon am scared being werewolf and email back

This is the best post I have ever seen on this website..... :)

This...makes so much sense that I may have dreams about it. (But shifting sounds scary, now!!) :(

What I don't get is why are there so many teens that 'think' they are wolves but hardly any adults? I'm not saying there are none because I have seen them pretend to be a wolf but why on this site is it mostly teens? And why EP?! Why come in EP to gather? Why not get someone to make a website for people to be wolves and blabber on about being a 'wolf' on that and stop flooding EP with BS.

Well actually there are a couple of sites,but i guess a lot like to congregate here as well, since this is a cool website to meet people xD Although there might be a lot of teens here because it's easy to get on here, and you can make a fake account in minutes and just post. Also because you can see the groups without having to log in as well, I suppose.

if you kill someone and you leave blood or a hair or somehing apart of you. the cops can still trace it to your human part.

tnx, this helped :)

I belive im a wolf terrian.

This was really well thought out - though you have misunderstood a fair amount of basic biology, the effort you have put in is commendable. I mean, if no-one ever tries, we will never find the truth.

I personally am unsure about the whole chromasome issue, simply because it *is* possible for humans to have extra chromasomes (i.e. those with Down Sydrome, Turners syndrome XXY - 3 sex chromasomes). I think it is entirely possible that some shifters have extra chromasomes. Another issue, is that all a chromasome is is how your DNA organises itself within cells; it is entirely possible that additional chromasomes are formed as markers within the DNA strand are switched on and off. Or that DNA markers function in a different way ensuring the chromasomes 'mimic' those native to the shifters species. For example, the coding on the short arm of chromasome 6 is nearly identical in humans and apes - specifically Orangutans; with manipulation they can be made to be identical.

I think in reality, mimicry is the key here - to break this down, dolphins are the same shape as sharks right? Because that is a shape that is suitable for their enviroment, they are not related, and are not even from the same Kingdom. I was born covered in coarse black hair and with pointed ears; my dad called me his 'baby werewolf'. The hair fell out mostly by the time I was a year old (though not entirely unfortunately), and though my actual hair is totally unlike normal human hair - and is similar in texture to a wolf pelt - I am absolutely positive I have no wolf DNA whatsoever.

I am, however, 'wolf-like' in characteristics; abnormally good hearing (something which has been medically tested all of you naysayers), I can see in the dark (again a medical condition - I see better at night than during the day), three sets of canine teeth top and bottom (at least I never needed braces), my facial features are quite angular, and perhaps most 'indicative'; I can growl and snarl and send dogs into absolute shiver fits at my feet laying on their backs with their throats bared.This is aside from my physical prowess - the fact that a 5"3 15 year old girl competed on the male senior track team and left them all in my dust, I have astonishingly good reflexes; as in, we were on the roof of my friends house, the edging board gave way, and I fell 5 storeys and rolled and stood up without a scratch on me.

All of these things sound like the characteristics that would be given to a werewolf character in a teen melodrama. But though I would be happy to label myself as wolf-like, I do not think I have actual wolf DNA, rather, a series of genetic abnormalities that mimic the standard wolvern sequence, or something inbetween.

I think the #1 proof humans can shapeshift: we have tailbones but no tails.

A) this is not a theory, its a hypothesis. A theory has been tested multiple times and large amounts of data have been collected with similar results. B) All the creatures on this planet don't have identical DNA. C) cells aren't REPLACED with stem cells in order for what your talking about to occur certain electrical signals would need to be sent to the individual cells in which the REVERT back into stem cells, than another different electrical signal turns it into a different cell (skin, bone, blood, etc). D) humans only have 46 chromosomes wolves have 78 (if my info is correct) meaning they carry more genes than humans. E) even with chemicals released to cause pleasure, It would still be excruciatingly painful (words wouldn't do it justice) to the point of causing insanity the body wouldn't be able to cope with such pain unscathed, we are talking about the brain sending out massive amounts of electrical signals just to change the cells.

And dont forget 'matter or mass cannot created nor destroyed'. You cannot shift into bigger than your human body, but if my theory is correct, then yoy can change extra mass or matter to weight. But I highly doubt that it will work :/

Dont forget it hurts like hell :/ This must have taken FOREVER to figure out and a sh*t load of research. But if a human reads this theyll probebly think that they can shift. Humans cant shift. But it does make a lot of sence :)

Thank you Meccasa. This helped. I'm still nervous about shifting my brain...... Otherwise I'm good. Well....this is akward.....but uh......what about the...uh....personal areas?

Hmm...I think they stretch out and change into the parts of a wolf, or shift (as in literally move around and shift position.)

Okay. Thanks.

No prob ^-^

Wow. That is an amazing theory. It explains alot.

Thats not what dna is or how it works in correlation with the brain or body.

This was certainly well constructed and a good general overview about what takes place during a shift well done.

There are reprilian & bird therians.... No offence but i find that hard to believe

What, that there are reptillian and bird therians? Because I haven't seen any reptillians much, but bird therians do exist, so I assume reptillian therians do as well.

Oh okay:P i dont really pay any attention to other types of therians but ill take your word for it:)

Therians don't shift though.

U make it sound so sore but it never really is I'm an old wolf now and mine fast and simple

Yeah, it's mostly to illustrate what happens during a shift (I dont know 100%) but it's to at least show what may be happening during those few seconds, but as Descendant said, not everyone will shift in this manner, and this may or may not happen for everyone.

You need to reassess what you think is 'old'

Well done one the break down, but I hope you're open to the fact that not all wolves would shift in this manner. Not all shifts can be explained or broken down by science. I think this will help A LOT of young wolves with shifting though. Thank you for your thoughts

Yes, I know, but this is a general overview of a physical shift, just to explain it to newbies, humans, and anyone else curious about it. Thanks though :)

Well for those who haven't shifted yet it will be a big help