Since Birth...

No one believes me. No one cares about it. But I sure as hell do. The changes I'm noticing in my body are scaring me. I know this is something I've lived with all Mt eighteen years if life. I know, but now it seems to be taking over my life. All I ever wanna do is run. Just keep running, feel the breeze, hear the wind zip past my ears, and feel the earth weaken under my touch. I've been going for these runs every night for the past six months. Every night I'm faster, every night I go further into the woods. Every night, the beast inside gets stronger. He's going to escape. Maybe I will let him.
xShyWolfieKawaiix xShyWolfieKawaiix
6 Responses Nov 12, 2012

Cam you give me the bite

Dude no bite turns you into one v you have to be born to one

Can you give me the bite

You have to be Born one

Soulburst is right on partial. Its just your wolf growing inside of you. You change so does it. So let it just change you once its done then you will feel A. O.K

Gee sounds a bit dangerous if it's been closed off due to bear attacks. Do u think u should still be going there? Maybe a safer place would be better.

I am the same I love the wind in my I love running faster ,and faster every day and the woods bit? I love the woods(although, sadly I don't live anywhere near one )

Theres one that had been closed off due to bear attacks that I go to. I just run. Then stop to listen then run again.

Interesting, sounds like u enjoy the freedom of being out in nature.