Mate Virtues.

Something I've noticed on here is the cheating, of mates. It's not hard to pick it out if you pay attention.

If you ever have thoughts of breaking up with your mate, do it. Because than they are not your mate. They're you girlfriend/boyfriend.

Don't go cheating on them behind their backs. I know there are some wolves on here who were tricked by role players.

Role players, don't be with a wolf if you cannot see yourself with them in the future. All you are doing is hurting them.

A wolf that has a good, proper mate, (i.e not abusive, or a total *****)
will not break up with that mate.

But that only goes off the fact that both mates are truthful with each other.

I understand not wanting to tell them everything.

But don't invent things with your tongue you did not see with your eyes.

One wolf on here, really nice guy. Had a mate, who lied. A lot. I tried to get him to realize this but he just has such a good heart, he still wanted to believe she was telling the truth. It ended, and in all honesty I wasn't that surprised when it did.

Another thing, you may read about wolves, as in the wild animal, many times will not mate for life.
So? What's your point? We're not wild animals.

WEREwolves. The "were" is there for a reason people.

Werewolves DO mate for life. No matter what, once you find that one who was meant to be your mate you've got it set.

You stay by your mates side no matter what may happen.

"Through health and sickness."

That one person will always be in your mind if something was to happen.

"From life and death."

I know people die. It happens, I get that.
But once your mate dies, they aren't going to ever leave your memories. Personally I believe once a mate dies the one left behind is better stay a lone wolf. Why? Because you won't be able to love someone like you did your mate. Your aren't going to be able to connect to them like you did your mate.

Pretty much, your feelings won't be true to that person. So don't waste their time. Don't break their hearts or get involved in something that in the end you aren't going to take seriously.

Wolves mate for life...
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11 Responses Nov 15, 2012

it is true fake love can be more appealing especially in the otherkin community where everyone feeds on self-deception to keep the show going.

Every one ive dated ive kept on for as long as possible. Ive never broken up with some one im the one getting dumped. Still waiting for the right wolf

im not a wolve but i want to be i dont cheat so if anyone wants to change me ill be thier

I had a mate once I gave her some time then we left I am a werecat I dont commit to a mate because cats have prides and it was a rivle pride mate. So I miss her but really I never really get attached because it was my first mate.

god i miss my old mate. a human surprisngly.

Good points, I'm glad you wrote this.

What if I'm dating a vampire?

I agree with all of this and a good example of a bad mate would be drake or username, 2chainsawesome or drakeisawesome. He is not truthful, honest. He is ignorant, a player, and a fake.

I agree 100%, but what if your mate is human and you are a were?

Is it safe for him though? Could I end up hurting him?

Thank you, I wasn't completely sure.

Woah I agree with this totally

So true in so many ways