Take Up Arms My Brothers And Sisters

Iam sick of being let in the dirt the lycan need to be recognised who ever is with me take up your arms and show the pityfull humans wat it really is to be an animal from here we have to take back the world from the filth it's time for a new war the one against man and lycan who's with me
Azrail Azrail
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You made me giggle r3gen

She angel I thought u of all people would understand they hunt us yet we are clearly more powerful we have as much a claim to earth as any other

Who hunts us? In the many years that I have been aware of being wolf I have yet to be hunted and I'm in the spot light more than most. No we do not have more claim to the earth. No one has claim to the earth. My people's purpose is to serve higher powers. Defending man is a part of that. You wish to make a war against humans you will be making a war against all my kin as well. I'm not angry but obviously you have not considered this in your self serving quest.

U live most likely in a high populated area in England or America in Ireland if someone gets the whiff of a werewolf or other therian beings there on it like a fat man on a cheeseburger they killed my family I want revenge I had done nothing to the hunters yet they hunt us they are responsable for my bros and sis's death nearly killed me anyway I'm only carring on the moment my brother started before he died

I will say one thing if u know what it is chat me Lilith

Actually I live in a very small town in North Carolina where people still openly practice magic. Before that I lived in north west Georgia. These people wish they could still hang black people and gay bash on a daily basis. On voting day a man in the auto parts store told me everyone that voted for Obama was godles anti Christian...so yeah don't assume.

And really hunters are the least concern at the moment.

Have u ever heard the name Lilith

Hiss. Why would you ask me that?

Because she is back this is the duty she gave me to make an army

I will let her know u defied her

And why does that not surprise me given she has always been the enemy to wolves.

because lilith is so scary

One answer Lilith I serve her now

Then you don't know much about her.

Did I ever say her alone she has convinced the horsemen to help her we are only soldiers willing to serve her purpose

I made a deal with her that's why I serve her

If u could comprehend her power then u would know

Well I assure you that it will bite you in the ***.

Do u think u could take on Lilith and the horsemen or anyone here if u think that u are a fool

She told me the riders will be here soon

Did it before I can do it again. What gave you the impression I was alone?

She is not a god Az she is a djinn of sorts, a demon.

I was told a message she told me of others coming someone by the name of agnorach

I'm deal is for my sister and brother to come back yes it's selfish u won't banish them as easy this time they came prepared

Az if I recall correctly isn't agnorach a demon?

Lol you underestimate us dear. You allied yourself with demons, did you really think everyone would overlook that?

Yes but a powerful one she mentioned something's not familiar with like Azeroth nephlim maker or something not sure

You did a very foolish thing.

And heresy and I know that name rings a bell all round

Azrail do you not realize you betrayed your own kind?

Baal abba don and merihim all names of ones coming

Baal is mine. You avoided my statement.

She said they were coming wait a sec I didn't bring her back she came to me with the proposal she said if I be loyal enough I could become a demon

She mentioned the seals were broken that term is unknown to me and she said something about satin giving her power or something

Honey c

*sorry finger slipped. Honey she can't make you a demon. People cannot be turned into demons. She lied to you, it's what she does.

Satan is simply a personification of evil and Lillith is older than Christianity. Azsuranil we are done here there is no threat. He told me everything I needed.

No I assure there is no alarm and no threat here. It took me a min but I caught on.

I know I betrayed everyone and here's the thing She says she will use the arc of the convent to power the sacrifices

She and I have a plan

Lolololol azsuranil

Well Gabriel is on ours along with azrail the angel of death

*offers sweet tarts

I'm not ok don't believe me guess u die doesn't matter to me u live or die

I have candy and beer...

Its yeungling

U are ****** up wat I have never even heard of the show they must show it there cas they don't show it in roi so ye be worried and I will happily watch u all die in an inferno

*dramatic eye roll

Your all from America I'm not mening wat ever the **** your talking about I have never heard of it all is well its just as easy to tell her that u denied her would of liked u on my side though u all seem powerful a wat a waste of talent u could of served her and gain power beyond belief but no u don't believe me ok see u when we fight

Lol silly boy even if we bought it lillith hates wolfkin. Why would we serve her?

Actually Hun its my business to handle.

You're welcome. ;)

I'm SURE they killed your family, Azrail. SURE.
Now, which WoW server were you on?

It's a personal matter Hun.

But this is way too far.
Things get to a point that goes from weird but believable to just plain dumb.


lilith is so much better than eve i woldve chosen her if i was adam


Wow...that was very interesting, pathetic and a rather idiotic attempt to strike fear into our souls...but still, I wish I had some of that popcorn D:

I LOVE POPCORN!!!!!!!!!!



U are a *** did u just say my family didn't die do u even comprend the pain and suffering I am going true

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I smell a basement dweller.

No I have my arm amputated its already hard as lycan to in public in fear of hunters I'm sick of living in the shadows war between us would settle who is the dominant force

LMFAO, dude you should watch a bugs life man,

3/10 troll, you made me post

The war against humans!!!! My first victim was my human gf...I ****** her brains out just for you and it was awesome!!! And btw, ****** means intercourse...since I was edited I'm sure. Now, on to the next female!

Forget men...I'd rather fight women ;)

I guess we are broke up?? Lmao

I would never leave you!!! *collapses at your feet* FORGIVE MY FOOLISH RANTINGS MASTER!!!

This would lead to nothing but trouble...

You've read to many fantasy books


Filth like you are why hunters kill us.