Unworthy You

From all the power in the world, you chose to use the most powerful of power. The sins and even the gods of the unworthy bow before you in your great power, they know they cannot best you. Sins created Monuments of you, and sins ask in deep help for many things. You chose not to help, ignored, and went about yourself. They eventually built a palace for you, but you still chose not to help them with their needs. Over thousands of people then lined up to give you bags of money and gold, you still refused. What was the one thing to do for you to make you help them? Was it blood, death, love, or something very personal? You then decided the sins were unworthy, and therefor, killed them. One by one, they begged and begged, but you just killed every one of them. You wondered though, "Is this the right thing to do? The power is great, but is it worth it?" You then realized what terror and bloodshed you caused, took a look at yourself, and realized you were more then just a monster, you were a demon, or possibly worse... You then ran away, far away, in hopes that you would never do that again. You lived in a forest, and hunted for food. You didn't want to kill the people walking through, you didn't want to kill anyone or anything, but you had too, if you wanted to survive the wild. You are a beast, a killer, and you can change it, but it is very difficult...

Who is You? Is it me? Is it you? Or is it "You"?
Werewolf01 Werewolf01
Nov 27, 2012