Who Is Werewolf?

Who am I? I wonder each day. For there are so many things to find out who I really am. I read about ancient mythology, it interests me deeply. I then read and read more, until I stumble upon a creature known as a "Werewolf". I became so interested in this creature, that I wanted to become one myself. I tried many spells, but they all failed. Who is me? I know who "Me" is. I know what my destiny is. It is to become a "Werewolf". Until one night, I am laying in my bed, on the laptop, I feel severe pain all over, I try not to scream, but it is impossible. I run outside the door before mother notices me. I faint from the pain in the darkness of the night in grass. I wake up a few minutes to about an hour later, and I take a look at myself, I feel my face, I look and see I have claws, I noticed everything, and that my destiny has found me...

My destiny will come, and so will yours too.
Werewolf01 Werewolf01
Nov 27, 2012