You, The Divine.

Remember the words of the Divine, the blessed ones be, for the Death shall come upon, and let it may so be.
The old tells of a story.
That story is old.
It explains why "You" became who and what he is.
"You" was misunderstood.
"You" can be anyone.
He killed many,
yet feared by many.
Feared until the last drop of blood,
he enjoyed and stared,
with the power he has,
he wants to kill all,
killing all is a choice,
but it is a choice of his choosing,
no one ever liked "You",
so he became a Werewolf.
He isn't an ordinary one,
he is an ancient one from over centurys ago,
"You" has ancient power and knowledge,
few can best him, so few, that they die in the first hit.
When it comes to getting denied,
he denied himself.
Creating blood out of hearts,
blood was his friend.
"You" will come for anyone who dare challenges him.
"He is an unstoppable force of power" so they say.

Let it be known, that who wish to challenge "You", will have a better chance of dying.

Could it be possible that he is upset and raged with anger?
What do "YOU" think?
Werewolf01 Werewolf01
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

What the h3ll are you talking about?