Death Spell

Death I say,come forward,
to the one who is forward in my path,
let the death consume them,
yet make it painful, getting what they deserve.

I call the souls of the Wars,
to come and make the one feel pain,
they will feel bullets through there body,
and they won't know what hit them,
all they know, is the last thing they can remember.

Bring death upon this being,
they have tortured me, abused me, hated me, thought I always lied,
I want revenge, and to make it so, call the Souls, to do the job.

(This is a spell I thought of, see if it works. But remember, spells only work if you believe in them, and only cast it upon the one who you know deserves it.)

Werewolf01 Werewolf01
4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Can u tell me where are death spell lines please and anyone u recommend as spell caster to me for same work....

I tried it on my roommates pissed everywhere....I DEMAND COMPENSATION!!!

Oh and for those of you lacking a sense of humor, this is called a jooooke. J. O. K. E. something that people say in order to humor ppl or humiliate them

You are trying to humiliate me now?

I said humiliate OR...keyword being OOOOR....huuuuuumor...geez. You guys are way to sensitive

You said or, but it can be either one.

Mmm I don't recall saying anything that should have humiliated you feel that I have?

" haven't earned any such name...that was to SheAngel"

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Lmao this isn't killing magic for one. Also why on earth would you post this on a site full of children?

You wrote it yourself?

Yes, I make many poems, you should see the others I posted in this group.

So you're saying that if someone says this spell and believes in it, someone will die?

We won't know until someone posts a comment saying it works or not

I don't think so.

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