The Moment You Recognize The Sensation Of Blood Entering Your Eyes You Need To Have A Conversation About Your Life.

A traveling member of of the pack visits an turns out is carrying pit leathers( I'll be happy to explain what they are if needed) along for some fun that we both grew up an none the pups have or well since tx territory's become one an the second alpha took control.
The horrible dance between us draws gasps as we strike with force no claw or tooth, we weave dangerous power not yielding but throwing an moving my empty throat is the show stealer as a snarls in joy.
I blink an we've tired of 45 minutes of hell that has grown cheerless as the reality of are actions are gained brutal talents sink into the virginal mind of the watching crowd, he chuckles at there shock a spit blood an blink rapidly to clear the red haze of my own blood from my eye.
Rory: ain't nothing like pit fight to bring memories back.
His arm in a wrap few fingers broken his smile reflecting in his eyes, it's something a no longer feel the same about an that maybe age talking.
lordvolkhark lordvolkhark
26-30, M
Dec 5, 2012