Are there any other werewolves out there? If there is and thats why im on this site. Im looking for a pack. I dont like being a loner. Help me! Yelp!
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Im one, Im in sweden. you?

Join the been a werewolf for three years pack message me

Thx but i have a pack now. Its called Fire Lights

I know I want to join

Really? Pm me. :)

Hey can you send me a PM or add me to your circle? For some reason it says I'm blocked my you. I'm guessing your profile is private maybe.. Not sure I'm newer to the site so I don't really know how it all works lol.

No. There are no other werewolves out there. All this, including the names, amount of people claiming to be werewolves, all the packs and all the other websites for werewolves are just for the lols.


Sarcasm= The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
That might help you out buddy.

Sorry I grilled u like that

I'm real exuce me

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hey my brothers and i aren,t a big pack only a few of us but i am here to help guide others so if you need some advice just message me.

My pack, sunset moon, is always open to new members :) if you message me, we can talk about it

Throw a rock you'll hit five.

Said it in a comment and I shall say it once more. My pack is looking for members, if you want more information PM me

Would you pm me?


Can you pm me?


It says I can't. So you can't pm me either?

I can give you my email maybe?

Yeah, that works. I have an email just for EP

Ok. My email is maradulaney@yahoo.co.uk

Okay, I'll email you right now


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