Can You Guys Help??

Hey. I've been reading a lot about therianthropy. And from what I've read it seems to fit me. But I could used ur opinions. I can't physically change into a wolf but sometimes, I act like one. Like when I get mad about something, I actually growl and show my teeth without even thinking about it. Alot of times i catch myself rubbing my tongue against my top teeth which I do randomly or if I'm in deep thought. And Sometimes I even want to drop to all fours. I've been able to keep myself from doin that but it makes me wish I could physically change. I actually tried to change one time but realized I couldn't. So I know I'm not an actual werewolf but thought maybe I was a therian. Can you guys tell me what's goin on with me??
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I've heard about this before just because you cant change now doesn't maen you wont
i'll talk to you latter

hey can we talk

Could it be that I shifted a long time ago and just didn't know?? Because I was always taught that werewolves and vampires were all fiction. So when people made fun of me I just tried not to let any of it come out. Idk. I'm trying to figure it out.

I was afraid I was just nuts but I thought I'd ask somebody that knows more about it than I do. I mean. Can you "phase" or "turn" (not sure of the term I'm lookin for) at a later age like that? Or do I need a therapist