Dangerously Confused, Please Comment

As a basic I am 14 years old, I guess I believe in werewolves but I'm skeptical, so I hope you understand my confusion.

I began to realize that I've become more...odd...over the last couple years like since I was 12. I've started to growl or snarl at things that annoyed me, I have wolf dreams, I refer to my friends as 'my pack', I catch myself whimpering at the full moon calling it Luna, I like my meat more raw than I used to and my mother says it's unhealthy to have it that raw, I am starting to dislike meat from the grocery store or any store, when I see a deer walking on the side of the road I start to salivate and think that I could take it down.

As you see it's a lot of things, there are more but I think I should spare you. I might be going crazy, I might be a werewolf, or I might be going through a phase, I don't know what's going on and it's scaring me. I don't really want to tell other people about it because they might think that I'm going crazy so I really need your opinion.
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i would talk to you about it all and how things work but i cant add you or message you

You are probably begining to transform. Go on an only white meat and vegatarian diet. It will make it less noticeable, so you don't attract a group or gang and end up killing them.

Ok thank you!

If you have any suggestions please email me at greekhadesea @gmail.com

I have the answer you've been waiting for..


I may be able to help u

If you need more information just let me know please

You are begining to become a werewolr but that is not bad at all well some stuff sucks....for example my eyes are naturally red so I have to wear contacts so I don't freak anyone out :-) it have more questions feel free to ask. :-)

I meant IF you have any more questins feel free to ask

That would be great, would you mind e-mailing me?

Not at all. :-) I'm happy to help

I emailed u

I think it got messed up though......

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