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My name is Malachi I am werewolf or at least I believe I am. No I do not turn into some kind of human/wolf hybrid or a normal wolf on four legs. The reason I think I am is because of the blackouts, cravings, wolf dreams, and seeing myself as a white wolf. But, my questions are how do you know your a werewolf for sure without full transformation? Are there any wolves or packs near my area(Message me if you want to know my area)? Are there wolf spells? Do wolves practice Magic or Meditation? How does a wolf train? Also how many types of wolves are there? Therian, alpha, omega, lone, beta, berseker, hybrids, elemental, guardians and skin walker these are different wolves I heard of dont know if all of them are true so please tell me.

Please looking for legitimate answers if you cant answer then please try not to respond. Not to be mean but it would give my hopes up just for someone to comment with no feedback instead message
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this is exactly like me. im glad to see there are others out there i would be glad if someone more used to this could help me grasp this. i made a topic about my current state which is freaking me out.

Oh man I have had the same feelings, I have dreamt i was running in the woods as fast as my legs could carry me. I am running on a long, windy, narrow path when i get to a large clearing with a large boulder in the middle of it, I stop running trying to figure out where i am when something on this boulder grabs my atention, it is a large white wolf with deep blue eyes. It does not growl or anything it just whips its tail and kinda beckons me closer to it, so naturaly i start to bak away when i feel a nudge in the middle of my back from another wolf helping me to move forward. When i get to the wolf perched on the boulder I feel a tremedous sensation, but then I wake up. I also get strange feelings as if I am being watched during the Full moon. or at night when its pitch black out.

It looks like you have a wolf guardian animal, Just be close with it, try m-shifting, It will bring you and your wolf close together.. After mastering m- shifting, you can master p-shifting, in which you actually become the white wolf yourself.. I hope this helps..
I support you, I'm a silver/white werewolf myself.. :3

what is m-shifting and p-shifting I haven't heard of it before?

It's like meditating, to connect the relationship between you and your wolf.. google it.. :3