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What Is Happening?

I'm not sure why or how this happened this still happens but it scares me. I feel really alone in this situation. I know for sure im not human exactly i cant be. I'm 13 '1/2 and every day since 11 I felt awkward , different, & tired. I havent gotten enough sleep lately vivid dreams keep pouring in like... Ex 1. My first dream of werewolves : I was caged in I looked through gated bars and looked outside to a dark meadow then I turn around looking at my house really wierd ik i doesnt mean I'm a werewolf but I have more. Ive had at least 5 about werewolves but I wont discuss all of them for privacy reasons. Ex.2 My dad comes home and drops his keys quitely, the door was locked and I was watching a loud scary tv show and say " Hey dad " really loud and my mom just stares at me and says how did you know that was dad? Turns out my dad was half way through the walkway when he dropped them. Ex. 3 I wake up in bed neked:/ with bed covered with dirt I didnt even do anything that involved dirt the night before. me thinking: hmmmm okkkkkkkkkayyyyyyyyyy & when i wake up my dad doesnt even say goodmorning neither my mom or sister which they always except my sis. Ex.4 It was the day I turned thirteeen at Universal studios my mom took a fast snapshot photo of me and my eyes were a glowing white/light yellow orangish color. Anyways I am not saying I am just stating examples but I do have a strong feeling I something other than human.
Jilegg Jilegg 13-15 3 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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Hey guys i don't have much to say realy just that i hope you guys might be able to help me Cuz i am freaking out. I am 19 soon 20 years old. Basicly My entire life i have worked well with dogs being able to stare them down without saying anything all My dogs ive had i have made to submit by staring into their eyes. I have strong feelings when it comes to love an i am very protective when it comes to My famile (especialy My mom?) i heal faster Than most of My friends and have never broken a single bone. Very Quick to anger and when i get angry My eyes turn black? Please guys i want to know what i am. Sometimes i even get scared of myself when ive just argued with someone and wash my face and sees my eyes going black in the mirror. i hope you guys wont think its weird i dont even know what is happening to me its been going on since i was 8 and just recently i started to try and confront this and try to figure it out. would appreciate if you guys could help me.

Ok this isnt normal so you HAVE to keep it secret. If anyone knows it will be dangerous for you. Stay calm and try to control your dreams. I believe that because you saw yourself as a wolf in your dream that without knowing you shifted during your shift. Dont talk to your family yet and try to solve things out. Good luck!!

Ignore her. Best piece of advice while your here kid. Don't listen to anyone under 18. I been doing this a long time. Wait and see how it pans out.

hy there, i just read your story and definitely doesnt sound like something normal, but i do want to warn you about telling people about this, even your most trusted friends or family, the reason is because you are barely beginning to experience this and not everyone would think it is normal, rather they would be very frightened and could tell on you. I dont know what you must feel with all this happening to you but i am here to let you not to be afraid sometimes things happen for a reason, but never do something you are not sure of. You are young and still have a lot to learn so regardless of what you are, never lose that other side of you and try to avoid exposing yourself unless you think you can really trust someone. Now days anyone can make you their target for fame or success. Be real, and be honest with yourself. :)