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Werewolf, Lycan?

I don't no if I'm a lycan (werewolf). I think I might be it doesn't matter I just want answers. It started a few months ago I started having dreams about werewolves and running through the woods very fast. I remember a dream I had about first joining a pack except this dream was odd it was really happening. I was in bed and I started dreaming but I was half conscious I started thinking about the big grey wolf with blue and golden eyes in my dreams that is always me and then I felt as I I couldn't move and it was really hot it was kinda like tingling or shaking. Then in my mind I was running through the woods as the wolf and found a pack. As we were running I could feel my legs and arms moving the pack went after a big buck as a welcoming feast. I lunged at it and could feel my mouth and body moving. Then after we ate I came out of whatever that was and I had the previous feeling again and was weak and couldn't move for a few minutes it was slightly painful. I have been getting more aggressive and angry. Whenever I think about wolves or am angry I start to like shake and breathe heavy. One time it felt like my hand was rearranging and it was painful. My cousin always says I act like a wolf. I have light blue eyes that turn lighter and darker naturally daily. I am really territorial and protective of whats mine and what I love. I love to fight and always win . My whole family is strong. I am 13 and can lift 300 lbs and have 600lbs laid on my back.I can smell really well but my sight sucks. I keep dreaming about the wolves and the pack. I am jumpy and more alert now. I usually have a lot of adrenaline running through me. I have to dogs I get along with well but if im angry they run. I have horses too and if I don't take my time and get there trust they haul *** away from me. I love being outside and nature. I live on 40 acres of woods. Please just answer me no things that say your crazy
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There is a move titled Catwoman or something like that. She becomes a warewolf. In one scene to protect her, she is human and tied spread eagle. I remember the girl had dark short hair.

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Hey nice story maybe you guys could help me out. Aight here goes some info...
Hey guys i don't have much to say realy just that i hope you guys might be able to help me Cuz i am freaking out. I am 19 soon 20 years old. Basicly My entire life i have worked well with dogs being able to stare them down without saying anything all My dogs ive had i have made to submit by staring into their eyes. I have strong feelings when it comes to love an i am very protective when it comes to My famile (especialy My mom?) i heal faster Than most of My friends and have never broken a single bone. Very Quick to anger and when i get angry My eyes turn black? Please guys i want to know what i am !!!!!

You sound a lot like me. You might be one.

Yup, it seems pretty accurate. I've had those dreams too.