Last Month

At the end of last month I went outside as usual to take my wolf for a walk outside and he started acting kinda weird and was playing with me real rough. I remember getting down on all fours and wrestling with him which i usually don't do because you have to stay higher than them or they might try to overpower you, but I was not afraid. Thats the last thing I remember then I woke up snuggled up next to him by a tree. He was licking me and I had blood all over me. I found a dead goat right by me. My wolf was sitting and starring at me, I was naked. My parents thought i went out to stay in the camper trailer of theirs which i do now and then. I snuck in and took a shower and i had scratches all over me like i was running through the bushes all night. I don't know what happened but i had dreams of running through the woods all night. I am scared, my wolf used to bite me all the time since he was a puppy playing real rough and he did tear my skin on my hands and arms a lot. I don't know what to do. I fear for the worst.
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ok thats it. I caught him on the ***** up the street, we are through !!!

He's a dog....he mounted you and you rolled onto your back so he went elsewheres....LOL

The pups will be here in six weeks, ha ha

Kewl you mated with him....when are the pups due?

ha ha

My wolf sits and stares at me all the time now with his beautiful golden eyes and lays his head on me. He is so big and scary but i feel like he is a brother to me. He came to me and took my arm in his teeth and pulled me to the door. I took him outside and he ran around through the trees and would stop and look at me. I knew what he wanted so i got out and ran around the trees and played with him. The neighbor is scared of my wolf because he killed his dog one day and he is real big and intimidating. nobody will get close to me because he gets inbetween us and stares at them and scares them. It has not always been this way with him, he runs and bumps into me and pulls me to the ground with his teeth and acts like he is hurting me and growls and everyone is freaking out but his teeth feel good like a massage to me. He is gentle and is just loving me in his own way. I started feeling like i was having an ****** when he was biting me all over and he knew it. He just poured it on and I was overwhelmed with pleasure from his bites, he bit me all over my neck, arms and legs. When he started biting my neck from behind i turned over on my back and he got down and held my throat in his teeth and gently bit me over and over and I could feel his tongue moving on my neck. It felt so amazing and i did have an ******. He laid there licking me and knew he got me off so big. he was actually smiling at me. I love this amazing animal and I can't wait for the next time we can run through the woods. I am scared about blacking out again and don't really know what happens while i am out. I hope if its true as I expect that I change somehow that I don't hurt a human.

Where wolfs aren't real but ghosts and curses are.

This couldn't have happened you probably were raped then your wolf decided to be a bit rough. I don't blame him I amit dogs are amazing.