Life Got Difficult

What is going on with this voice in my head!?!?! I know I'm crazy now! This voice is insane! Reading my thoughts, giving me weird suggestions, and sometimes dictating my actions! Some times when the coice took over.

I was hanging out with my friends at school and this new girl came to sit with us since she made friends with one of the girls in our group. As soon as she sat down I had the impulse to rip her throat out, the word that kept going through my head was 'rouge', over and over it rang in my head, giving me this crazy headache. I ended up going into the bathroom and throwing up it got so bad. I decided that I couldn't sit with my friends. Now everything is fine but according to the voice in my head she is the omega of the pack. Sigh, and so I'm the alpha.

My second instance is when I was working in a group for a project and I was 'in charge' of the group. I had this wonderful idea and eveyone liked it, but this one girl didn't and said she wasn't going to do it. On instinct I bolted up and growled at her, everyone heard it. It was loud and feral. The voice screamed at me to kill her for her insubordination! For defying, me, the alpha! Outraged that someone such as she was challenging my position and my descision! Claiming that I would die before letting my pack fall into her hands! Then I got back into control and went into the corner for the rest of the project, I mean really, she was one of my friends. And I had wanted to rip out her throat and taste her blood.She still avoids me to this very day.

So those are some of the instances, please tell me what you think, and if you have anything to say please tell me! I need to get this under control!
JinxSilver JinxSilver
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Thank you for you input

One of 2 possibilities...
1 possible were or therian
2 early stages of scitzophrenia

fight it. with all your strength fight it. until you become its master

Sheesh, take a deep breath. You're no alpha either. It's blunt yes, but no alpha reacts that way to a problem unless actually attacked.

i think your young
i think you like science fiction
and your imagination may be a bit much.