Excuse Me

But im the real WEREWOLF

Im tired of these wannabes!!!
We are called Guardians. If there are any real Guardians out there message me.. maybe we will talk
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this is funny as fukkkk,
because each one of you point fingers saying another otherkin be faker than the next,
and say you are the only real ones......
i really find it hard to take this type of behaviour seriously,,,,
it just shows that you want to show off,
or want some attention as always.......
i seriously cannot take any one of you guys seriously any more,
your special snowflake syndrome seriously messed with your heads.........
to the point that you cannot even see WHEN YOU ARE ACTING LIKE A FAKER.

i just found i am a gaurdian. i was told by a wolf spirit. And im tired of wannabes to. they are not really werewolves but they say they are and it is really anoying

Omg you kids are killing me! If you want attention dress like a prostitute and walk the Vegas *****!

And how is my reference to a road edited but the rest not?

I'm pure and true Wolf. And I kno exactly what you mean about more and more kids claiming to be Therian or Vamp...really anything.

It almost seems like it's the new "in" thing to be.

It's ******* frustrating!!!

I hope you find more Gaurdians/real werewolfs ^-^ yahh i agree there seems to be wayyy to many werewolfs and vampires.. and therians of a matter of fact : I makes me unconfortable cause I was already called a fake, it sucked cause I know I'm not. I know theres alot of fakers out there so be careful.... people are really good at making up stuff v-v

The term "Guardian" is from the book series of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer is it not?

lol it's funny how people use terms from books XDD i do that somtimes, like I called earth second earth.. but thats about it. second earth is a term in a book called Pendragon it's freakin amazing u should sooo read it.

Lol yeah. But in her defense, that book was actually pretty accurate for a book

oo I'm gonna read that book. It sounds interesting and I'm running out of books to read in the school library =w= I read almost every single one of them.. except for the boring ones.. eh, i don't really care, i aint a werewolf only a therian and a psychic and something else that relates to an indago.. I still have a ways to go ^-^

You'll get there. And I think you'll enjoy the book, it's interesting and also has some truth to it.

So, if they make a book about Therians it must be fake, they make a book about werewolf's must be fake then too. My point being their are tons of books all with different terms doesn't mean that's where it originally came from.

Very true.....just like in one culture the Werewolf is call Loup-garou or the Eigi Einhamr. It doesn't matter the name...it's all the same.

Guardian is a title...just bc it's in a book doesn't mean it's false. Twilight uses the term wolf and vampire, that doesn't make them fake

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