Help Me.

Hey guys i don't have much to say realy just that i hope you guys might be able to help me Cuz i am freaking out. I am 19 soon 20 years old. Basicly My entire life i have worked well with dogs being able to stare them down without saying anything all My dogs ive had i have made to submit by staring into their eyes. I have strong feelings when it comes to love an i am very protective when it comes to My famile (especialy My mom?) i heal faster Than most of My friends and have never broken a single bone. Very Quick to anger and when i get angry My eyes turn black? Please guys i want to know what i am. i might as well add that i have dreamt about a big black wolf and seen one when i have been awake even heard howls when there are no wolves in the area i live in. message me if you guys want to help me figure out what this is or already know what it is.
Nintsuke Nintsuke
18-21, M
Feb 20, 2013