I'm a vampire and I'm in love with a werewolf, does it have any chance?
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I am not a vampire fan myself and killed some but I would like to change the way we see each other. If you both love each other then nothing can stop you from being together.

Yh it's alright when your half werewolf half vampire tho sorry

Yh I'm a wolf but Wi very special powers I've died n come back a few times so... Yh I powers that r truly amazing although that's Wat makes me a rare breed of wolf

Live for the now, love for the now, at this point it's perfectly fine to be in love with a wolf, the only problem is that you have to love now, because you wont get old and wolves do, whilst they have a longer life you're still restricted by time.

Absolutely. I'm a vampire myself and have been married to my wife, a lycan, for nearly five years now. I cant think of a time it has ever caused a serious problem between us.

I wont lie it does present certain issues but none that go beyond "this is how you live and this is how I live. Now how do we live together?" Its an adjustment but all relationships have them, these are just different than usual.

Plus its not like all vampires hate them and vise versa. I hate that load of Hollywood bullcrap.

I think it does. Love=love doesnt matter what u may be :)

Well if u live each other so much y not just be careful around him n things I mean I'm a werewolf n I'm in love wi a human but there is no reason y u can't like eachother


why should I be careful around him?

Well just incase he changes or gets mad just try n calm him down n just be there for him if u ain't already but don't be to pushy coz u cud make him worse if he's angry n u say calm down somtimes they may get even more mad just saying so hope this helps u

Yes I noticed that indeed! Thanks :)


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If that is all you are, and all the other person is. Then No.

why not??

They are diametrically opposed groups. If you be something more than a Vampy, or he a furry, then there is a chance.

Romeo was MORE than just a Montague and Juliet MORE than just a Capulet.

Well yes ofcourse we are more

Reading your experiences, that is all he is or he's just a jerk. My answer is No, there is not chance. Move on, it will only get worse.

those aren't about him

jarlaxle is wrong :) there is actually no "war" or anything between vampires and werewolves

War was not mentioned.

I realize that. I'm trying to say that vampires and werewolves literally have nothing against each other.

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There is a chance just respect and help each other.

Absolutely but that should be the case in every relationship

True but some don't see it until too late

I always saw it

That's good

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Yeah it does. Just make sure to get a chewy toy so it doesn't destroy the furniture. :P

hehehe I doubt that he will do that ;)