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I Really Am A Were Wolf

i realised that even though i could be found by the bounty that hangs over my head, i wanted to share my story

i was snagged by a single tooth of a were wolf and he died due to cursing me with my fate, i have numerous abilitys, i am fast, strong, and due to the infection i am very beutiful, my eyes twitch on full moons, but thats all i rember, i dream about what i try to forget, i am a very violent wolf, i have nck, i am alone, i can smell and see things above an  level. my hearing sucks because i was nearly deaf before i was bitten and due to scar tissue, i only have normal hearing, i am good at hiding, so i dont think i will be found, and i have a secret weapon. my words, as long as people know i exist i will always be looked for, be kept alive by those who are willing to help. i just dont know how i will keep this up im only a young wolf and have no experience with mating and i have fallen in love with a man, but i dream of mating with a wolf, is this normal and how do i control it? im afraid this will be what leads to my down fall, someone help me so that i dont do anything i regret, i cant control myself

smarceau smarceau 18-21, F 152 Responses Oct 8, 2009

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Also when you transform, You probably recognize people. I watched teen wolf, and I like it. But, you won't be able to control it. You also won't remember anything.

But I would like to be one.

sorry, you probably won't recognize people

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First you ever need a place to hide, email me at tinklover26@hotmail. c o m no spaces I know it's girly. I'm a she-werewolf, so just, u know if u ever need help or a place to hide, email me

Ill just say ur a friend from school.

if you need help i can help you find your pack

I hav sensitive hearing and smell and I can run faster and I get really mad at shrill sounds and I'm confused and scared I'm gonna hurt someone and I want to kill and hav a craving for blood

If u can help me txt me at 706-879-831

Text me i havè something tat will help all werewolfs my number is 13175862945

I called you just now no onw answered

I had dreams about wolves 2 so far and I write everyone of them about them 20-30 poems I have I am a person who Likes to me better than others yet I do not speak or anything hardly I do not personal stuff I am a AB/DL in this world very much I always think about it but I don't so I can write

contact me at i think we could both use the the help. i will tell you more if you email me there

Sweet child why would you expose your self to the internet your being delusional you would sense another wolf if it was around anyway so I suggest you take this down before you get totally and completely ****** :)

First of all, if u don't believe, then y are u on this page? Second, if u doubt her, get off ur soapbox and go look up some por/\/ vids.

ya I see you on my email I don't usually use Google but I have an account on it I don't how to add you you add me

Werewolves are not real

Werewolves are not really get that through your hard heads

Hello. My name is will names are not imported so I am a werewolf my blood I was not bit it is a family curse my native amrican relieves had this curse and now so do I . I do not eat people eww but I will eat other meats like cow and sheep ect. But anyway I am really good friends with. Vampier she is awesome she like to get into my head and that makes me mad but we both know there is no point in fighting. So what you are all saying you have a choes to eat people yeah sometimes I have a craving for it but I control it and just to let you all know I my not be the worlds strongest werewolf but I am almost nineteen so I am pretty strong ^.^ so now have a nice day or night where ever you are at

I can't control it I've tried but it's just to hard

Okay, so there's a long story that I have, but to sum it all up, I wasn't ever human.. I haven't been human for centuries.. My original life, my father would use me to experiment on for his black magic.. When I was decapitated, I started body hopping and it's permanent... My fiancé has been with me since the beginning of it all.. He would help my mom locate me and find me.. We don't age fast at all.. But, when I enter a new body, I'm not human, I would age as slow as I use to, unless my first kiss is with a human.. He couldn't ever find me in time to help me with that.. If I would've kissed him first, I wouldn't age like a human.. In order for me not to leave him again, he is asking some local werewolves that he knows personally to change me so I can have a longer life span... It's not because I just want to and out of desperation, it's so I can live longer with my love.. But my question is, do werewolves know exactly where to bite someone and how hard they have to bite them in order to change them, without killing them? (so much for the long story being short xD)

and i am still Young so....i dont know if my time has come?

How old are you

Im too i got cursed by my.....long way back in time! my great great great great great something killed a witch who cursed him and my parents got lucky but i have trouble with my shifting

I am a werewolf too but I cannot p-shift only m-shift if anyone can help me respond thanks :)

I'm a wolf therian and I no u wouldn't want to be bitten first off it hurts like hell and also the shift is very painful yea u will have super cool heightened scenes but you don't want that

as a fox THERIAN (SPIRITUAL) i want to p1ss on someone's front garden when reading this.

at school 2day i almost turned full wolf at lunch i almost bit my friend i tore the hole top of my pencil in 1 bite trying to keep in the cravings

so like, you wanted to eat your friend, and you like your friend so youre like no lol
so you ate a bit of a pencil?
"oh ok lemme eat this pencil nom nom lol"
"no lol"

I understands I once chewed a pen up

a girl in my class chewed on a pen and she chewed so hard it exploded on her face

how old r u im alone too and young but havent got a bounty

You can love and date but don't be near him as long as the full moon is up cancel or tell him your at a friends house don't show or tell him no matter what

I don\'t know about wolfs but a moon can\'t stop us from shifting. We foxes shift when we want. Plus u can be bitten or born with the fox.


So If you got bit can you bite others as well and turn them

Omg! I too am a werewolf... But only when I'm off my forking face on acid! Or mushrooms. And sometimes even ecstasy, ya know when you take far too many and start totally tripping balls? Yes, you can totally trip out from ecstasy if you take too much! I'm not taking sheeet (like all there retarded werewolfs). I also think I might close this thing down now cos that stupid f#%king banner asking me to install the app for this thing keeps covering up my oh so important typing. See, this is what happens when I can't get to sleep. GhilllljiiiytdzFtukkknvvdsatiopyrewwyioknvcxzadyiimb cz...,?!'kv.,?((,.'nczz.,<+¥

Are you willing to bite me?

Bite my sh1te

WhY wOuLd YoU ************* WaNt SoMeOnE tO dO tHaT?
wEiRd HuMaNs...

Could I possibly be the only voice of reason here? Wolfism, as the shortened term is, is not conducted through saliva unless you are a moron with a death wish, or that of wanting to catch a disease. The only know, proven ways to truly shift are Astral, and Metaphysical. It is recorded in ancient texts in France, Germany, and parts of Spanish countries (Italian, I guess many like to be called) that lycanthropy was not a mental disease but also a physical one. This has not been proven. However, Astral projection and Metaphysical shifting is different, and has been known to happen through many trials of meditation after months of work and training the mind to achieve a state of mind which everything is clear and one can be 'with the inner beast'. I am not a spiritual man, this is what research shows. Now before any other moron wishes to post here, read this and understand what the truth is. Don't lie to yourself, find facts, research. Don't jump to conclusions.

Very welcome.

What research? Please point me in the direction of the peer reviewed scientific journal that shows this. And I'm not taking about those bullsh1t open access journals that will publish any old crap if the author will pay for them to do so. There must be lots of extremely interesting publications out there on wolfism. I'm particularly interested in the whole saliva thing. Not from a spiritualific point of view... buy just because I like spitting. On the ground. Or even better, at werewolfs. When I'm not being one myself of course

I astral projected down to the supermarket last week to get a pack of cigarettes. To my utter surprise, I had no ciggies upon my return! You know why? Because astral projection is all in the mind! Go thing too. Smoking makes you smell like an ashtray.

im a werewolf i need help phasing to my wolf form i may not be ready because im only 11 im almost 12 i have tryied alot to phase nothing works could someone plzzz tell me what to do??

im a werewolf i need help phasing to my wolf form i may not be ready because im only 11 im almost 12 i have tryied alot to phase nothing works could someone plzzz tell me what to do??

Lies and more lies.

i myself am a werewolf.when i was little i had been chased by a wolf in Wyoming at the time i was 7 years old and i was playing in the woods when a wolf apeard out of nowere and started growling at me i didnt know what to do so i started to run. i ran to the house as fast as i could but it was hard to run in the3 feet of snow once had goten into the back yard i triped in the snow. i was so scared. When the wolf bit my arm it started to yank it thankfully my dad came out with a gun and shot it even tho i hate the killing of wolf i was happy my dad saved my life... anyway after i went to the doctors and and got all fixed up i started to have these dreams of the wolf and that went on for a couple of weeks untill onenight in the dream i was the wolf and i was runing after myself i know it dosent make sence but dreams dont. ever sence then ive had the same dream and ive had this feeling everynight and i cant really explain it but it feels like rage and and sometimes i just want to scream and rip something to shreads. the feeling still gets stronger. i cant really sleep at night because of the feelings so i allways go running it seems to help calm me down.. please if you have anything to say please tell me ... i dont know what i should do should i just give in or keep fighting it?

Don't fight it embrace it

7 years old. 3 feet of snow. Hard to run? I bet it was. So what is the average height of a 7 year old these days? 6ft 3in?

who you can be a werewolf???

who you can be a werewolf???

Are you stupid your not a werewolf dummy!!!dumbass