I Really Am A Were Wolf

i realised that even though i could be found by the bounty that hangs over my head, i wanted to share my story

i was snagged by a single tooth of a were wolf and he died due to cursing me with my fate, i have numerous abilitys, i am fast, strong, and due to the infection i am very beutiful, my eyes twitch on full moons, but thats all i rember, i dream about what i try to forget, i am a very violent wolf, i have nck, i am alone, i can smell and see things above an  level. my hearing sucks because i was nearly deaf before i was bitten and due to scar tissue, i only have normal hearing, i am good at hiding, so i dont think i will be found, and i have a secret weapon. my words, as long as people know i exist i will always be looked for, be kept alive by those who are willing to help. i just dont know how i will keep this up im only a young wolf and have no experience with mating and i have fallen in love with a man, but i dream of mating with a wolf, is this normal and how do i control it? im afraid this will be what leads to my down fall, someone help me so that i dont do anything i regret, i cant control myself

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Lies and more lies.

i myself am a werewolf.when i was little i had been chased by a wolf in Wyoming at the time i was 7 years old and i was playing in the woods when a wolf apeard out of nowere and started growling at me i didnt know what to do so i started to run. i ran to the house as fast as i could but it was hard to run in the3 feet of snow once had goten into the back yard i triped in the snow. i was so scared. When the wolf bit my arm it started to yank it thankfully my dad came out with a gun and shot it even tho i hate the killing of wolf i was happy my dad saved my life... anyway after i went to the doctors and and got all fixed up i started to have these dreams of the wolf and that went on for a couple of weeks untill onenight in the dream i was the wolf and i was runing after myself i know it dosent make sence but dreams dont. ever sence then ive had the same dream and ive had this feeling everynight and i cant really explain it but it feels like rage and and sometimes i just want to scream and rip something to shreads. the feeling still gets stronger. i cant really sleep at night because of the feelings so i allways go running it seems to help calm me down.. please if you have anything to say please tell me ... i dont know what i should do should i just give in or keep fighting it?

Don't fight it embrace it

7 years old. 3 feet of snow. Hard to run? I bet it was. So what is the average height of a 7 year old these days? 6ft 3in?

Sorry but that does not make any sence

who you can be a werewolf???

who you can be a werewolf???

Are you stupid your not a werewolf dummy!!!dumbass

Attention everyone, you can be changed by being bitten by a werewolf. Yes, this is true, no bullshit, trust me I know the basics. It still is not recommend to run out and find a were to change you if you're not meant to be one.

Just stop your a terrible actor

Lol sorry your wrong the bite is Hollywood TV movie bs

For all the people who want to be bitten to turn into a wolf, don't...It's dangerous and you could get all sorts of diseases. It's safer to go through the different shifts, that's what I did and i'm now a werewolf. I'm very happy I didn't get bitten because the Alpha of my pack knew of someone that was a human and wanted to get bitten, they did get bitten and they died of loss of blood because they weren't meant to be a werewolf so there wound didn't heal. If you want to be bitten, make sure you know what your animal spirit really is and if it's what you really want deep down. Don't just turn into a werewolf because you think it's cool and you want to be able to run faster, it has to be something to do with your soul.

You cannot be bitten anyways

Don't get mad about the twilights IT WAS MADE UP its obviously not real! And also I think i might be a werewolf... When I'm fighting someone my first reaction is to try and bite them and they step away with a jolt as if they have been struck with lightening. I love the outdoors and animals. I try to mimic human nature and take into account their body language. I'm very mature for my age and I always try to see the moon and what phase it is in when I'm outside I also have a VERY short temper

Ok first of all the moon has not effect on werewolves

I think you need some wolf expeirence.

I agree

the strength of the wolf is the pack

yeah u can i looked it up, so its your turn to look it up. lol


if this helps you guys give me advice:
i can hear like no person can understand
i eat like a dog
i love going outside to run and to chase things
i feel as if i am the strongest thing ever know to man
i can smell meat from miles away
every night i feel weird
i get angry at pple easy
and my bones feel like they swist and turn and crack sometimes
i feel as if i need to protect some people and attack some people

you would not believe what i feel every day.
my name is kori, it is pronounced cory, im a girl, im 12, i cant get over this. please answer!


If you need help then look to your pack. Troubled times are coming and we must ban together to save our species

Do you ...even know how few they are?

Uhm...you can't become a wolf from a bite

then why did i have that dream? he did not bite me to kill me he bit me to make me a werewolf.


Because you maybe watched a movie TV programme

its either ancestors or bitten


No bitten.sorry its just born

You can only be a wolf by blood. Meaning you must be born one. I'm not exactly sure why you had that dream though

She might be half. I know lots who are like this.

No such thing as half

-_-; Whatever. Talk to the older wolves on this group and they'll tell you the same thing I did.

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I had a dream one night and i was in my back yard, then all of the sudden i was running into my woods. not at human speed! then suddenly a huge wolf bite me out of no where. then i woke up. i have had dreams sense but they are all about werewolves and vampires. i have taken many quizzes and i have passed them as werewolf, im a girl but i tower over guys, and i can out run them any day. i love the woods. i act like a wolf all the time and i LOVE meat! i need you pples advice, am i really a werewolf?

I believe you. There are lots of people like you if you look



I think the dream could have been an indicator that I am one... Not sure.

When I was ten I had the weirdest dream that I was outside and I climbed a tree and then a wolf came along and bit me. The really strange thing is I NEVER EVER have dreams. I am eleven and I think I'm one just not sure. I have these things that no one else has:
I can smell things that no one else does,
I can hear things that no one else does,
I am drawn to the moon, I think it's beautiful and amazing,
I love night and I have trouble getting to sleep,
I have a lot of hair on my arms,
I have VERY broad shoulders,
I love nature,
I have seen my eyes change colors and so have my friends,
One time when I was over at a friends house, I could have sworn I saw other werewolves. They might not be on this website however. I don't know what's happening to me and someone please help me and tell me all about it I really hope I am one because it sounds amazing! Just to be so in tune with your surroundings!

You could have astral projected and re-manifested yourself somewhere. I don't know much about werewolves, but I can provide a wealth of information on similar subjects.

my eyes change change colour too, from hazel to green then back again! i am also stronger and taller than the boys in my class other than a boy called conan, who i am very curious about! he has dark hair and skin and has nearly black eyes.
I have a pack near where i live in minnesota. they are all wolves like me.

i am definitely a werewolf just not old enouf...
im 13
sometimes i drool when im looking outside at night i become dazed or when im looking at the moon
i want to howl when im happy
i growl when im mad very softly though
i used to have mayjor anger issues but i got that under controll
i have a realy REALY strong obsessive desire to transforming into a wolf
when i lose my temper i want to tear something to shreds
i used to always curl up in a ball when i sleep but sometimes i still wake up like that
i get paranoid when its almost night time
i think i seen my eyes shift from brown to green before
i have 4 very sharp teeth
and i get very scarce sleep at night
its night right now and im twitching
am i a werewolf? if so THATS AWSOME! and if i am (im assuming theres different kinds of werewolves) can you tell me what kind of werewolf i am from this information?


Do you have any other "symptoms"?

Also this posted a lot of times, just to let you know. xD

lol i know but i just deleted the extras and im new here and i posted it on my 3ds so i got confused becaus it dident refresh the page.

lol i know but i just deleted the extras and im new here and i posted it on my 3ds so i got confused becaus it dident refresh the page.

Haha, that's okay, just wanted to let you know.

oh and almost every day i wake up with bruises and i have no idea where they came from.

Haha, that happens to me a lot. Random brusies and what not, but hey, it's whatever. Doesn't bother me any. ;P

Sometimes I wake up with cuts. And yes I do belive you are you. Good for you ^^ !

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I wish i could right now yell at all of you because your Not REAL WEREWOLVES'. Your just twilight fan wannabe posers who think there Jacob wolves, but your not. All the things Jase said is right ur not werewolves so stop

For your information I hate twilight. The series sucks. Vampires do NOT sparkle. And werewolves arent any bigger than there normal human body. Twilight is wrong about werewolves and especialy vampires. And the whole drama thing sucks. Its just stupid. And YES I am a werewolf.

I am disgusted.. To even think of being compared to Twilight makes me gag.
I dislike it strongly, probably the reason why I'm in the group "I Hate Twilight."

I didnt know that was a group. Cool.

Ikr? xD


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uh no more of this pls could someone just shoot me

oh yeah and you can be bitten

no offense but your not a real werewolf. Your just a twilight fan thinking that your a werewolf. Real werewolves do not turn into wolves or werewolves from teen wolf. Real werewolves transform on the fullmoon, have super amazing senses and strengh. They have quick tempers and have a hard time trying to control it. Real werewolves turn into man wolve beasts. Not wolves like in twilight. Those are called shapeshifters or lycans. Way different from werewolves man wolves which are half man half wolves

I hate twilight. We dont shift on the full moon. We can any time. And we dont have better sences or strength than the average animal. We DONT turn into a human with hair all over our bodies. And shapeshifters can turn into ANY kind of animal. Therians ( thats us )can turn into only ONE kind of animal. And in twilight the only thing they got right is that we FULLY shift into wolves. So shutup. You dont know any thing about us apart from what Ive just told you.

Oh, my. I guess I am the unfortunate one to say this.
Therians ARE NOT shapeshifters. Therians are people who believe they are an animal in the body of a human. Or a fantasy creature like a dragon.

How many people want to punch you in your life?
add another one to the list, if you will.

Well I'm a werewolf but I'm not sure how to change into a wolf i'v seen my eyes glow yellow like a wolf's eyes I'm only 13 I'm saying this on Friday November the 16 2012 please please help me change into a wolf i never learned how I go crazy on eney moon ore if its night I howl every day I like meat and water a lot like a wolf please some one tell me how to change into a wolf


your all the same as me im so glad im not alone and do any of u wanna be in my pack :)


I have no clan or group so I'm a lone wolf looking for others but my whole family are wolves so all of us are full werewolves unlike all of you halfbloods we have all the answers and have helped so many people like us just like the wolf in that old ''story'' the boy who cried wolf yeah, I remember those days. The humans were so stupid those days and now they've grown smarter. Oh yeah we live in the alps in NY hope to see y'all soon.

If you would like, you could join my pack The Blackblood Pack. I only allow werewolves who are born werewolves cause I dont believe that humans who were bit by a werewolf turn into one. And from what youve said your a full werewolf. And I forgot to say that Im the female alpha. Please message me if you would like to join :) !

I will help you my sister if I meet you I shall help you with all my experience because I'm not a half breed like you so I have more experience with mating and live in the apalations with my family if you can reach me I shall help you but come at night my family is more fun at night.

if any one says being a werewolf is a curse they r not werewolves i dont care if u think werewolves is a curse becuz i know for a fact that being a werewolf is amazing i would know becuz im a werewolf and so r 5 other people i know and btw people cant see us we r like shadows we r pretty much invisible which is y scientist have not uncovered werewolves only werewolves and other mythical creatures out there can see us

i agree and disagree being a werewolf can be fun i am now in a pack and they are like my family but it also has its disadvantiges like sleepless night and almost uncontrollable anger and rage when someone in the pack gets hurt by someone who is not in the pack

first i just want to make one thing clear werewolves r real and all of u non werewolves u must have a vary good reason to become a werewolf and just so u know people who say being a werewolf is horrifying u r wrong yes it duz hurt a little when u shift and by the way u can shift anytime u want to not just when the full moon is out and so on werewolves r not roothless creatures who cuss and say what ever they want and do what ever they want being a werewolf is amazing and wonderful being a werewolf teaches u life should be well spent and that every day that u r still alive is a blessing and being a werewolf lets u see what wolves see oh and u do not crave meat at all times those who say they do u r probibly in love with meat... so plz no more comments about crazy cravings for meat and plz no more comments about being a werewolf is terrible

well... once more. though I lost all hope of getting my werewolf powers.... tried chants, spells, calls to marduk and other stuff even during the last golden light super moon... if youre a real one and know a way to get it PHYSICAL shift done, you please pm me. cuz I stand at the end of a long, 30 year search, and the road just ended there. no idea what I should do. but giving up aint possible; it would mean to give up my life.

i am a werewolf it is diffrent and hard recently i have combined my pack with a fellow shifters pack i have always had a passion for wolves and i know werewolves are real becuz i have seen them with my own eyes and herd them with my own ears aany body who dont beleave is wrong

I know I'm not a shifter and probably never will be but are werewolves real?Truth and fiction about this is a blur to me.Are people lying to seem cool?Is it truth? Scientists say it's physically impossible yet so many people say they are a werewolf.
I'm not sure what I am because people say I'm a therian(because I relate to one) and loads of people ask if I'm a werewolf because I apparently act like one .I'm not sure because apparently werewolves can only change when they are a certain age.
I have always been drawn to wolves and love them but you would get hunted if you were one so if I was one I would keep it a secret but,that's just me.
I've said a lot so please just answer to what I've said.

Yes werewolves are real I'm one but I'm not sure how to change into a wolf I'm only 13 I'm an alpha werewolf but how do I change into a wolf I've seen my eyes glow like a wolfs before I'm strong and I can run really fast to and I can smell Realy good I can see in the dark and I can hear really well I'm saying this on Friday November 16 2012

Please tell me how to become on I found out I was a were wolf when I was 10 years old my eyes are blue but when the sun light hits my eyes you can see that I am I real werewolf my eyes are really I light gray but if no one is looking when my eyes reflect of the sunlight you can see my strue eye color I've seen them go yellow in the dark be for

Oh and I go crazy over wolves I draw them to

come and bite me so i grow to a werwolf faster i was born a werwolf 8 old

I'm going through the same thing!

I feel that alot of people don't realise this is in the fiction part. Maybe someone should make a Real Werewolf/ Lycan group because there really maybe some real ones out there and I would like to read about their experiences...

I really hope no humans believe this, or we'll all be screwed. That's what you gotta do. I usually know when it's a full moon with out being outside, is that normal? I'm sorry, I have no one to talk to about this. Oh, and am I suppose to be in some kind of clan?

Embrace your wild side I'm Lycan unlike you I can shift at will you can trust me hide in public but on full moon venture your local grounds and take the opertunity to strike on prey and if you like leave some non shifters to transform

idk what I am it might be me going through puberty but I always feel I'm different and I'm that girl at school that's good at everything when it comes to sports I just recently got really really good but my molars are sharper than ever and I'm alone with no one to help guide me through and I was born one possibly if I am one but I just feel completely excluded with no one again and everything she said is what I feel as if I'm going through

I Howl wear eva there is wind or night but i am strong i am the alpha if anyone tracks me down they are dead!

Look Im a Werewolf And im With A Pack Ok And Im The Alpha Of My Pack But I Know its<br />
Scary But you got to live with it? Who Ever Bees Rude To You YoU Got To Show Them Whos The Boss!!

dont get me wrong, i dont think any of u r nuts or anything. i personally think u all have talents and such but... if u were seriously one of them... u wouldnt go flaunting this around. honestly, being different in this society is dangerous and anything such as that would throw r government in2 a frenzy. so i highly doubt that any of u r really werewolves. sorry to dissapoint. :/

why is a non shifter getting involved in our buisness?

I was attacked by a wolf at the age of three, I have random impulses that make want to run a million miles an hour or just tear someone apart. When I'm angry, I sneer and growl like an animal. I don't seem physically change, but on the inside I feel like I go wild at heart. I'm 16 right now, And I seem to get worse all the time. Every full moon, I feel full of energy and just want to run out into the night. I always run better in bare feet than in shoes.<br />
<br />
Someone please tell me, Could I be a Werewolf?

the samething kinda happend to me

Well, same here, full moon is something that makes me happy, full of life, like i have been refilled with energy after hard day, and anger, sometimes, i have to sit down in a corner to calm down, but still, im thinking about tearing something apart, biting into flesh, sometimes its taking my breath, and i have to breath heavily. When emotions are taking control over me im howling or growling, i've always feeled that i am bound more to forest, dark, cold, but friendly and safe to me. 16 years old M.

Well im 14 years old and im a werewolf.I have amazing sences I can hear from far distances. I can see great and im faster on all four than on feet. About a month ago on the full moon I went to sleep in my bed but ended up in my friends yard two miles away but what I do remember from that night is there was other. Girls boys and I was standing in the middle of the road and took off running I threw my jacket and my hat off got on all fours and took off up the road. I ended up by the lake in my neiborhood. I got up on hind legs but it wasn't as fast. But I blacked out woke up in my friends yard at 5 in the morning and went home.

I can tell from experience that most of the "commonly known rituals and spells" dont work. Tried them. the "send hither the great grey shape" and the "ritual where one stabs a tree with a copper knife... nope. just you know.

so I wonder.. its pure genetic? then I got no chance. am over the teens and that would mean if t didnt trigger by now, it wont ever. just wanted to ask if its bloodline bound... or can be archieved with "magicks" or such...

It's ALOT easyer to have lycanthropy genitically

got moldavian bloodline, russian too. both nobles. for real. there any way to activate the dna wolf if I would have the least bit of lyc blood? pm me here on ep if you know of one.

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Someone turn me . . . please . Anyone . i'm 18 years old , and becoming a werewolf would solve all my problems . I'm a wolf at heart , always angry , craving meat at all times and even consuming raw steak when its available . ive been looking for ways to become a werewolf for a very long time, but theyre complicated , and some are even dangerous . i refuse to make any kind of pact with the devil . please , someone, turn me , or tell me an easy-ish way to become a werewolf .

Look, I am a wolf, I'm 15, but this isn't something you want, what was described above isn't what its like. Do you know what its like to have nearly every bone shift and brake in your body? and to practically loose all mental ability of a human every full moon? craving meant and being angry doesn't make you a wolf.

there are catches, like, mistletoe and monks hood (wolfs-bane), falling ill when you don't phase for a month, weird mental twitches and not to mention the constant life of lies to the ones you hold close.

I inherited this of my father, and I am very glad I've had him to help me. This isn't something I would wish on another person. You are asking allot, its not like the films.

I hope you don't go forward with this idea. And I hope you human life is good and prosperous.


You guys are crazy, u have no idea what your talking about I am a wolf but not a freakin werewolf u change ever night if you are the race I am so if u want me to explain send me messege

explane it all

**** human life. but since it seems real "werewolves" that shift physically can be killed as easely as normal humans, or wolves.. the very thing is self defeating, for my purposes. if there no supernatural power beyond human scope, then its just another way of being mortal.

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i am a wearwolf beleve me i cant controle that dont tray to turn to a wearwolf it a ******* curse i whant the personne how give it to me to take it back or he wont like to now the end well be

Hey and I am a werewolf how old are you? It can depend on if you can make it into a pack if you are in a pack you can avoid the hunters fellow wolves yes hunters do exist they nearlly found me . A group of them have traps and weapons do not trust people that look at u strangley and stuff and yh um how old r u <br /><br />
? X

I agree I was almost killed

I actually quested the werewolf power for more then 20 years now...and what I get from the posts on web generally, the whole "full body wolf shift" seems unlikely to work. never met anyone, in real or in web, who would actually be able or willing to prove he can do it.. few tried to tell me "they can shift by a wolf spirit" but really... if that thing is just body adaption for better functions (agility, senses and healing, strength and such but not actual werewolf phyisically), then the reason of getting it is lost... at least to me, for it would mean leave the human life back forever... get out of civilization and thats it. mean its mainly useful because of the beast power and shape. heightened strength can as well be trained on naturally, and for combat purposes... no wolf shift, no sense in the whole thing, for me, at least. I might be all too sceptical, though. sought it so long I probably lost faith in that thing, by now. Just wondering if there is actually anything behind the legend... or all them who seek it are actually deluded by the media (van helsing, underworld, dog soldiers and all historical legends). if they are... well, that would mean I was chasing a shadowy dream never to be caught... and that wouldnt be good from my stance.


Change me im having my doubts because my race we are wolf spirits we change every night and my wolf name is storm shadow SO COME GET ME!!!!

Again I have my doubts so yeah come change me if tour man enough

I myself am a werewolf, I have changed in the eyes of humans and such. They usually get freaked the **** out and get really scared. It's all in the eyes. I've only met one other wolf that I was actually uneasy in there presence. Turning is easy.. but the hardest part is turning back. It can be very painful and brain boggling. I've been called countless names in the past.. freak, retard, stinking dog.. blah blah. I have power within me that I litreally cannot explain, I crave meat on a regular basis. Some weeks I will consume around 5 kilo's of steak. Just a straight up undeniable animal. It's hard to live with because theres just things you do which you have no idea why you did it or why that choice was made but you have to live with it and try to control it because I have flipped out on many occasions and believe me its not cool. It might sound gay and all but the twilight saga protrays wolves in a very exagerated way but still has some solid info behind it. With everything ever, there has to be a beginning to something. Werewolves were most likely hunted off years ago for simply being to violent. If you stay in your wolf form and live out in the wild who's to say evolution wouldn't just take its toll and you'd grow your fur and what not. Science doesn't lie anymore. I even have a girl that once I've had the connection we've been whatever we are since. 7 years on. Which was when it really started to kick in. I can relate to the Teen wolf movie ridiculousy, that it becomes ridiculous. Very sharp teeth, very deep growl and never look me in the eye too long.

What is the whole process of turning. Is it painful or kinda numbing. Plz reply

can u turn me?

i am the same way i know how it feels when i was little i was bitten by a wolf in the woods of Wyoming i know all about the name calling. have you ever been called a half breed?... that is the name that has stuck with me ever sence i was little. anyway i have also met other wolfs and we have formed a pack i think of them as family

Just for all you wanna be werewolves it just not that simple.

Just for all you wanna be werewolves it just not that simple.

wats up with talking like a vampire from an old movie? usually werewolves cuss u know or dont care how they talk. theyre tough like that. theyre beasts dude werewolves dont need to speak like theyre from twilight its to dramatic

now dont get me wrong i have nothing against wolves im just saying if u want the werewolf community to stay safe dont talk about it so freely because crazy werewolf hunters who are idiots can lead u to your downfall . oh by the way theres nothing wrong with mating with someone werewolf or human who loves u. besides love doesnt cause downfalls unless its someone whos cheating on u it just leads to your heartbreak. peace out:)

um no offense to werewolves if u are one but werewolves arent vicious (or carnivorous). for ex. wolf-respect for humans-will attack if threatened ect. human-will not eat its own kind -will not attack unless someone pissed them off- SMART werewolf- SMART- ISNT STUPID ENOUGH TO SHOW THEMSELVES IN FRONT OF HUMANS UNLESS U HAVE A BACKUP PLAN. peace out! :)

Anyone please I want to be a werewolf add me if you can help!!!!

being a werewolf is something most humans or should i say people could only dream of or hope to achieve i was turned because i was stupid i looked up all the sightings and narrowed the search until i was sure i could find one went to the woods started mocking and joking about a werewolf coming to get me well i sure enough got what i asked for it happened so fast i didnt even realize what happened until it was to late i woke up the next day with marks on my lower right arm these scars have long since healed of course with werewolves we heal at an incredible rate because our cells constantly regenerate when damaged we are stronger faster and better senses than a human could possibly hope for but be warned to those that go looking know what you are getting into before you do it and be absolutely shure its what you want now that thats said here are a few things to set the record straight 1.we dont turn into actual wolves in fact if you want to know the closest to how a werewolf actually looks watch teen wolf on mtv 2.werewolves are not always violent its simply like when a normal person gets mad once our heart rate hits 160 and higher well we change and its damn hard to come back down but it is manageable with taking deep slow breaths or if someone you love calls out to you and brings you back down the way i know is because my gf knows what i am and has accepted me and shes the only one who can calm me down when im in that mode 3.yes we do change on the full moon we are much stronger and faster on the full moon and its something werewolves like myself look forward to i actually count the days anyways 4.any bullet of medium to high caliber can hurt and or kill us if it hits us in the right place as with any human but we do heal quickly 5.as to the mating for the most part werewolves mate for life so once we find that special one thats it thats who we stay with forever and will never have feeling for anyone else but the person we intend to mate with 6.the werewolf disease cannot be passed on to your children if you dont bite or scratch the mother it is not hereditary the child would have to be bitten him or herself in order to contract the disease lastly and this is the most important part do not attack anyone no matter how much you want to if someone discovers who you are it could put you in serious danger no not from werewolf hunters although im sure they are out there but simply because werewolves are supposed to keep a low profile we dont like exposing ourselves more than we have to so there you have it everything ive experienced so far about being a werewolf do with it what you will just never let anyone tell you that werewolves and other thought to be mythical creatures arent real because i assure you...we are

Are you now saying that the ones claiming to be shapeshifters are all liars?

Can u please turn me? i really want to be a werewolf. I know all the risks and i still want to be one, and i wont expose anything if i do become one.

I want to be turned, i won't tell anyone

Can you please tell me all about werewolves. I really want to know.

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I kno a little what you are going through.

You people need some serious help. Lycanthropy is a real disease, of the BRAIN....Maybe this is what you all have and need some serious therapy. If you actually believe you are running around with hair, claws, fangs, and glowing eyes...chasing cars and ****.. wow..And the of course the moon makes you feel funny it does everybody, the moon plays a vital role in nature, it controls tides, helps with the seasons, Animals are more active on a full moon. You guys are a bunch of nuts. And if you really were WereWolves why would you tell anyone, Id be runnin around doing whatever the **** I please, Id be a god...not wasting my time online crying about my musty smell and dirty uncut fingernails!!!Check this website out>>>> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lycanthropy

Are you thereby suggesting that the "real werewolves" here would be none other than what is medically considered someone suffering from the disease of lycanthropy?

I feel as If I got to become a werewolf through genes from someone else from my past anonymous. Me and 2 of my friends have been experiencing strange things that we never normally do. We are starting to grow habits of 'wolf' nature. But does anyone believe us.

I do.I am a dominant wofl (aggressive werewolf) and i exihbet alpha behavior towrds my friends; i protect my allies and bit emy enemies in the butt

you need to shut your mouth,jacoby12!

I believe all of that, except the part where he died after 'cursing you'. That was funny. He wouldn't die. Werewolves changing humans is kind of common, and they never die. So... Yeah.

What is the deal with wanting to be turned? I remember a time when Werewolves were stoned and exiled for being walking demons. Now people find it cool and want to turn into one? Times do change but some of you don't realize what you give up by becoming a werewolf. Try being in pain constantly as you human body tries to fight itself. Humanity makes you want to stop the curse but something else something deeper bites to get out. Imagine waking covered in blood not knowing who or what's blood is on you. Does that sound cool? How about your loved ones disappearing one by one and deep down you know you had some part of it but yet know one knows. Why would someone choose to be a monster? Most monsters are born that way but why have sympathy for the devil? No sleep, food is disgusting, death is around you at all times, images of evil in your head constantly. Where does this sound fun? Take some advice kids and believers it isn't a picnic it's eternal solitude never loving only the next meal that's the life of the wolf if you think you know one don't get close don't ask to be bitten cause your loved ones will have to identify a mutilated corpse. Is this your son, daughter, husband, wife, or loved one and depending on that wolf they may not be able to identify you. Werewolves are bad ALL of them some might act like friends but human like keeping snacks in the fridge well so do werewolves. Don't be foolish and may you always be tasty.

I have seen some pretty crazy things, so i believe in lycanthropy and the ability to turn into a werewolf. i have a really close friend who has seen one and he is one too. he has violent dreams and wakes up in strange places after he was laying in his bed but he doesn't ever remember falling asleep or closing his eyes. we talk on the phone late at night to keep him from doing something horrible. he has Royal European ancestry and i have witches in my background. we love each other and i want him to turn me.

can you bite me

I have used a number of spells during full moon last night and ever since then I have felt more different

How do you find a werewolf that will actually bite you

Wait is all this true? Yo hook me upppp! I'm ******* sick of being human, I just wanna go around biting all the people I hate. Like literally, someone help me out, I'll love you forever. I'll even be your wolf mate!

I am a hereditary werewolf. my great great great granddad was an apache shaman and he left behind a diary which was translated into spanish then english, it is now in my possesion. i have always had a connection with the canine family and at school one i had a stray dog follow me around at lunch. I have been walking with wolves and i can tell what they are saying to me almost, the 2 wolves i met we very catious around me and i was around them. I have woken up outside a few times but i have never had sleeping walking issues, i havent disscuessed this with my parents but i have on many full moons not slept and gone out to the woods near my house. i sit down in the woods and i get a huge flare of heat and pain run through my body and I black out for a bit. when i come round i am aware of whats going on but not relying on the normal part of me. 4 full moons ago i killed a deer when i was like this, before i had blacked out and when i came round there was a freshly killed doe in front of me. i was a long way from home and I barely got back in time. when the night is over i get the heat and pain again and i am human again. my memories are a little fuzzy but get clearer as time goes on. i have not, as yet met any others like me. i have confided in a close friend and she has not yet seen me shift. i have a few scars on me from my runs during the full moon. my first shift was the full moon after i came of age. id explain more but i my self still don't understand it.

Hey, I'm a werewolf too.. nice to meet you!!!

Im going to eat your children

You dont deserve to live.

I don't know that much about werewolves but I've seen and heard some pretty weird stuff in the woods were I hike,fish,swim,hunt.Well I don't really agree with the scientist I respect people's belief why should people argue about it if you don't believe us then don't get on this page problem solved.

so stupid i am i just cant get my obsessive mind off this, ok so this annoys me the most nd im seeing it happen alot on tv now, twilight(gay) and the vampire fageries i mean diaries, werewolves are in essences half human half wolf... they do not turn into a wolf, the media has mixed two legends into 1. yes the old indians believed they could turn in the the animal spirit that guided them, some of those were wolves others eagles so forth so on...<br />
<br />
werewolves are something different, they turn into a beast, they dont shrink in size they grow .... they turn into a beast with a humanish form with the head of a wolf, tail, hair teeth bla bla bla, underworld almost had that part right... except they had alot of bald werewolves... they arent bald...<br />
<br />
and for **** sake the dumb *** that wrote twilight, vampires dont <br />
SPARKLE, and to the makers of both twilight and the ever so immitating vampire fageries, vampire are monsters and do not fall in love, the love one thing... your blood. the end.

continued still...<br />
<br />
one more thing, these two monsters, you people write here like you know anything... because you watched twilight, or the vampire diaries, this doesnt make you an expert because you read soem anne rice books, do not post on things you know nothing about, people who do know something about them simply think you moronic for doing so.<br />
<br />
these monsters are diseased, that means their affliction is a disease, it is contagious contracted through dna, this means a scratch, a bite, a sneeze, a cough, a cut, sleeping with, or being born..<br />
<br />
you can catch the diseases this way, it's not pleasant, I'll assure you, it's nothing you would volunteer for if you knew what the consequence was. Vampire naturally having a dead body and all cannot conceive child, but most other above ways of transmission still apply. anyway im a rambling lunatic... if your not a monster shut the **** up. thanks.

continued from above...<br />
They rely on people not believeing in them because it keeps them safe, they can sneak around, cover their tracks, yes werewolves are mindless beasts, not so much though that they dont know they are few in number and that hiding and covering their tracks is what keeps them alive.<br />
<br />
vampires have it somewhat easier, they are not mindless beasts, though their body is dead, and they are monsters, they do still have a functioning body and brain. It's part of their curse, wether they like it or not, they have to kill people, Have to , no exceptions, no stealing from blood banks, it the stealing of life that gives them eternal life, the blood much be alive.<br />
<br />
you are not a vampire because you liked the taste of your own blood when you licked it off your finger, you are not a werewolf or a vampire, just because you want to be and say you are... noone here really believes you unless they are children and naive. I have stated the the absolute facts about these monsters not from what i gained from movies or books and my knowledge is noones concern, though i know numerous if not all people will doubt what i have said here.<br />
<br />
this all makes me pretty angry and thats why i stopped to type, wether it was smart, or wether i should have or shouldnt have, I do stuff i normally regret when im mad. I've done worse... If in fact you are a monster and you relate to my story then you should know to embrace your monster, from the time you became it, born with it or otherwise obtained it, it is your curse, it is who you are, embrace it and rebuild the population, this world needs us now more than it ever has and there are many people ripe for the picking. I know i'm enjoying it. cheers, and no apologies , if i wronged you in some way, it's my nature if you want to hate me, you must also hate the reason i exist. everything was created somehow right? that means this world belongs to whoever can take it. wether we coexist or not, thats up to the fleshies.

I love reading things, i love reading things about which people claim they know yet have no idea, i love reading things by children who dream of supernatural things and make believe they are something they are not, role playing is fun sometimes, BUT Don't live the lie. Everyone needs an escape from reality, some people use drugs, others use god, others work their fingers to the bone, The thing is, you have no idea what it's like to be a monster...<br />
<br />
Yes a monster , a werewolf, in human form has all the emotions and feelings of a human in essence they are part human. They also have all the qualities that drive people away, they are very aggressive and abusive as mates to friends, to everyone who crosses their path wrongly, it's part of the curse, you are not , and cannot be a friendly loving werewolf, you can love, but your personality traits ruin that.<br />
<br />
that's not to say your a vampire because you have social issues, anyone can show these traits, Werewolves are just cursed with them.<br />
<br />
Turning into a werewolf, is something none of you (given you were actually werewolves) would remember... It's a curse, it turns you into a monster, a mindless , killing beast who does not recognize family from stranger. You are not a werewolf, and you are not a vampire. such beings are so well hidden these days due to superstition and anti monster beliefs they would be out right slaughtered. Those that do exist do not openly tell anyone about it. most there are very few werewolves in the world that know they are what they are, and the only reason they know was buy accident, little bits of knowledge , memories slipping through hen they weren't supposed to.<br />
<br />
Those that do know it mostly hate themself, for what they have absolutely no control over.<br />
The moon plays a part but it is not what turns them, it seems to effect the personality making them more aggressive. all monsters everyone of them, are intelligent, they would not be as stupid as to make forum posts saying they are monsters where people who might be interested could look up an ip address and con their way to a home address, jesus people you think being a monster is fun, it used to be, for alot of people, for alot of monsters, but you all know the stories, the witches got burned, the vampires got burned and staked, the werewolves who were never immortal to begin with and will never be, are by far one of the easiest to kill, besides theyr enhanced sense of smell, and strength and speed all it really takes is a shot to the brain, and no it doesnt have to be silver. <br />
thats why werewolves were slaves, because they could easily be killed. nd that why they are nearly extinct, monsters rely on people not believing in them...

i will help u im a werewolf

no your not.

hey im a werewolf but i cant transform whats up with that?

because your psychotic not a werewolf.

just to inform ... werewolves can´t be created... they have to be born. unlike vampires who can´t give to birth... werewolf crourse is transmitted by one of your parents, the one being a werewolve himself.only vampires are the ones who bite and transform you... thats mostley because they are dead and cant give to birth .so they way to envolve in each specie is different.

just shut up

just to inform ... werewolves can´t be created... they have to be born. unlike vampires who can´t give to birth... werewolf crourse is transmitted by one of your parents, the one being a werewolve himself.only vampires are the ones who bite and transform you... thats mostley because they are dead and cant give to birth .so they way to envolve in each specie is different.

you're wrong, dont bother talking when you base your analsys off of movies and or books.

Werewolves can be 'created'. By any bodily liquids. Saliva, blood, etc.

Hey I would love to talk to a werewolf and ask one of you some questions for a paper I'm working on for a college class. If you are interested please shoot me a message and I will send you my email address so we can chat. Everything will be anonymous so don't worry about that. Please let me know if you can help me! Thanks!

since the majority of existing werewolves dont know they are, good luck talking to one..

Would anyone mind giving me more info if this is fake r not ? Please I'm begging u

almost all the info you find here is fake dont bother with it.

hahah u said almost so that means some of the werewolf facts are true so suck it!

thats how it happend with me

My life's dream is to become a shapeshifter, a wereleopard if possible, but a wolf is also great because my fiance would rather be a wolf. I would be so happy if I could at least meet one of you and see you shift in person..even if I couldn't become one.

no you really wouldnt, its not what you think it will be, if you are so lucky as you think to see a werewolf transform, you already stayed near it long enough for it to kill you.

your stupid stupid weak my god is so strong you are nothing but a little stupid fairy tale do you believe in santa clause too?

fairty tales they tell you the truth about all of them except god, because they do not know it themself.

Your a lucky one... im one that seems to transform in face of great rage or pain, one day i was having an arguement with my GF and then i blanked out, when i woke up there was claws marks everywhere and my Gf was crying in the corner...I broke up with her and im afraid to even get close to another girl, so ive been alone ever since that incident.. But im learning how to control my emotions, but after that, i dont even know what i would do after..

Do you think maybe she was worried for you, and you had a seizure (and maybe clawed at the wall during it unintentionally)? Did she say what happened or just keep crying not saying anything?

werewolves dont recal trnsforming or the things they did. dont fuel a fire , and if you really do beleive you are one, go see a shrink.

Guys... I try to live as though i dont notice what happens to me, it seems that the beast inside me tries to pull out whenever my emotions go out of control, like once when i was fishing, this guy who thinks he's all this and that tried to play a prank on me and pushed me in the river (i couldnt swim properly back then) and when i got out of the water he was laughing, but after a second he stopped and i looked in the river for my reflection and i saw not my eyes, but the eyes of a wolf... once again hes tries to push me in, But this time i grabbed him and lifted him up ( he was bigger than me) and threw him about 4 metres and after that incident the people at my school all started calling me a freak. now im to scared to even eat with other people, so i sit alone

you didnt have to post this lie 3 times

Guys... I try to live as though i dont notice what happens to me, it seems that the beast inside me tries to pull out whenever my emotions go out of control, like once when i was fishing, this guy who thinks he's all this and that tried to play a prank on me and pushed me in the river (i couldnt swim properly back then) and when i got out of the water he was laughing, but after a second he stopped and i looked in the river for my reflection and i saw not my eyes, but the eyes of a wolf... once again hes tries to push me in, But this time i grabbed him and lifted him up ( he was bigger than me) and threw him about 4 metres and after that incident the people at my school all started calling me a freak. now im to scared to even eat with other people, so i sit alone

everybody is different but you shouldnt let people call you theses names they used to call me dolphin kid

read above answer

Guys... I try to live as though i dont notice what happens to me, it seems that the beast inside me tries to pull out whenever my emotions go out of control, like once when i was fishing, this guy who thinks he's all this and that tried to play a prank on me and pushed me in the river (i couldnt swim properly back then) and when i got out of the water he was laughing, but after a second he stopped and i looked in the river for my reflection and i saw not my eyes, but the eyes of a wolf... once again hes tries to push me in, But this time i grabbed him and lifted him up ( he was bigger than me) and threw him about 4 metres and after that incident the people at my school all started calling me a freak. now im to scared to even eat with other people, so i sit alone

everyone likes to make what they consider white lies to feel good about themselve, or even go so far as imagine things, you are not a werewolf grow up.

im in wolf love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats ********** go turn yourself in right now psycho

can someone friend me nobody likes me!!!!!!!!!!!

people say were evil, but were not

since you say we, i know you are talking about humans, and well humans are evil, so they whover they are are absolutely correct, your not a werewolf....

i'm a werewolf and its awesome

no youre not, and no its not, its a curse moron.

I feel it too, wild, free! we are gods. I never want it to end, the night, the air, crisp and cool in my body, hot and fierce as it leaves. I know the the feeling of chasing down prey as ur hand meet the earth as paws, pounding rapidly beneath u.

you know how to dream , but you are not a monster...

omg i have me and a few of my friends who we al told eachother oddly at the same time we were werewolfs and now we are kinda like a pack :D

you are more like a club, fellowship, brotherhood, clan , you are not monsters that turn into beasts...