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I Really Am A Were Wolf

i realised that even though i could be found by the bounty that hangs over my head, i wanted to share my story

i was snagged by a single tooth of a were wolf and he died due to cursing me with my fate, i have numerous abilitys, i am fast, strong, and due to the infection i am very beutiful, my eyes twitch on full moons, but thats all i rember, i dream about what i try to forget, i am a very violent wolf, i have nck, i am alone, i can smell and see things above an  level. my hearing sucks because i was nearly deaf before i was bitten and due to scar tissue, i only have normal hearing, i am good at hiding, so i dont think i will be found, and i have a secret weapon. my words, as long as people know i exist i will always be looked for, be kept alive by those who are willing to help. i just dont know how i will keep this up im only a young wolf and have no experience with mating and i have fallen in love with a man, but i dream of mating with a wolf, is this normal and how do i control it? im afraid this will be what leads to my down fall, someone help me so that i dont do anything i regret, i cant control myself

smarceau smarceau 18-21, F 152 Responses Oct 8, 2009

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Attention everyone, you can be changed by being bitten by a werewolf. Yes, this is true, no bullshit, trust me I know the basics. It still is not recommend to run out and find a were to change you if you're not meant to be one.

Just stop your a terrible actor

For all the people who want to be bitten to turn into a wolf, don't...It's dangerous and you could get all sorts of diseases. It's safer to go through the different shifts, that's what I did and i'm now a werewolf. I'm very happy I didn't get bitten because the Alpha of my pack knew of someone that was a human and wanted to get bitten, they did get bitten and they died of loss of blood because they weren't meant to be a werewolf so there wound didn't heal. If you want to be bitten, make sure you know what your animal spirit really is and if it's what you really want deep down. Don't just turn into a werewolf because you think it's cool and you want to be able to run faster, it has to be something to do with your soul.

Don't get mad about the twilights IT WAS MADE UP its obviously not real! And also I think i might be a werewolf... When I'm fighting someone my first reaction is to try and bite them and they step away with a jolt as if they have been struck with lightening. I love the outdoors and animals. I try to mimic human nature and take into account their body language. I'm very mature for my age and I always try to see the moon and what phase it is in when I'm outside I also have a VERY short temper

I think you need some wolf expeirence.

I agree

the strength of the wolf is the pack

yeah u can i looked it up, so its your turn to look it up. lol


if this helps you guys give me advice:
i can hear like no person can understand
i eat like a dog
i love going outside to run and to chase things
i feel as if i am the strongest thing ever know to man
i can smell meat from miles away
every night i feel weird
i get angry at pple easy
and my bones feel like they swist and turn and crack sometimes
i feel as if i need to protect some people and attack some people

you would not believe what i feel every day.
my name is kori, it is pronounced cory, im a girl, im 12, i cant get over this. please answer!


If you need help then look to your pack. Troubled times are coming and we must ban together to save our species

Do you ...even know how few they are? can't become a wolf from a bite

then why did i have that dream? he did not bite me to kill me he bit me to make me a werewolf.


its either ancestors or bitten


You can only be a wolf by blood. Meaning you must be born one. I'm not exactly sure why you had that dream though

She might be half. I know lots who are like this.

-_-; Whatever. Talk to the older wolves on this group and they'll tell you the same thing I did.

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I had a dream one night and i was in my back yard, then all of the sudden i was running into my woods. not at human speed! then suddenly a huge wolf bite me out of no where. then i woke up. i have had dreams sense but they are all about werewolves and vampires. i have taken many quizzes and i have passed them as werewolf, im a girl but i tower over guys, and i can out run them any day. i love the woods. i act like a wolf all the time and i LOVE meat! i need you pples advice, am i really a werewolf?

I believe you. There are lots of people like you if you look


I think the dream could have been an indicator that I am one... Not sure.

When I was ten I had the weirdest dream that I was outside and I climbed a tree and then a wolf came along and bit me. The really strange thing is I NEVER EVER have dreams. I am eleven and I think I'm one just not sure. I have these things that no one else has:
I can smell things that no one else does,
I can hear things that no one else does,
I am drawn to the moon, I think it's beautiful and amazing,
I love night and I have trouble getting to sleep,
I have a lot of hair on my arms,
I have VERY broad shoulders,
I love nature,
I have seen my eyes change colors and so have my friends,
One time when I was over at a friends house, I could have sworn I saw other werewolves. They might not be on this website however. I don't know what's happening to me and someone please help me and tell me all about it I really hope I am one because it sounds amazing! Just to be so in tune with your surroundings!

You could have astral projected and re-manifested yourself somewhere. I don't know much about werewolves, but I can provide a wealth of information on similar subjects.

my eyes change change colour too, from hazel to green then back again! i am also stronger and taller than the boys in my class other than a boy called conan, who i am very curious about! he has dark hair and skin and has nearly black eyes.
I have a pack near where i live in minnesota. they are all wolves like me.

i am definitely a werewolf just not old enouf...
im 13
sometimes i drool when im looking outside at night i become dazed or when im looking at the moon
i want to howl when im happy
i growl when im mad very softly though
i used to have mayjor anger issues but i got that under controll
i have a realy REALY strong obsessive desire to transforming into a wolf
when i lose my temper i want to tear something to shreds
i used to always curl up in a ball when i sleep but sometimes i still wake up like that
i get paranoid when its almost night time
i think i seen my eyes shift from brown to green before
i have 4 very sharp teeth
and i get very scarce sleep at night
its night right now and im twitching
am i a werewolf? if so THATS AWSOME! and if i am (im assuming theres different kinds of werewolves) can you tell me what kind of werewolf i am from this information?


Do you have any other "symptoms"?

Also this posted a lot of times, just to let you know. xD

lol i know but i just deleted the extras and im new here and i posted it on my 3ds so i got confused becaus it dident refresh the page.

lol i know but i just deleted the extras and im new here and i posted it on my 3ds so i got confused becaus it dident refresh the page.

Haha, that's okay, just wanted to let you know.

oh and almost every day i wake up with bruises and i have no idea where they came from.

Haha, that happens to me a lot. Random brusies and what not, but hey, it's whatever. Doesn't bother me any. ;P

Sometimes I wake up with cuts. And yes I do belive you are you. Good for you ^^ !

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I wish i could right now yell at all of you because your Not REAL WEREWOLVES'. Your just twilight fan wannabe posers who think there Jacob wolves, but your not. All the things Jase said is right ur not werewolves so stop

For your information I hate twilight. The series sucks. Vampires do NOT sparkle. And werewolves arent any bigger than there normal human body. Twilight is wrong about werewolves and especialy vampires. And the whole drama thing sucks. Its just stupid. And YES I am a werewolf.

I am disgusted.. To even think of being compared to Twilight makes me gag.
I dislike it strongly, probably the reason why I'm in the group "I Hate Twilight."

I didnt know that was a group. Cool.

Ikr? xD


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uh no more of this pls could someone just shoot me

oh yeah and you can be bitten

no offense but your not a real werewolf. Your just a twilight fan thinking that your a werewolf. Real werewolves do not turn into wolves or werewolves from teen wolf. Real werewolves transform on the fullmoon, have super amazing senses and strengh. They have quick tempers and have a hard time trying to control it. Real werewolves turn into man wolve beasts. Not wolves like in twilight. Those are called shapeshifters or lycans. Way different from werewolves man wolves which are half man half wolves

I hate twilight. We dont shift on the full moon. We can any time. And we dont have better sences or strength than the average animal. We DONT turn into a human with hair all over our bodies. And shapeshifters can turn into ANY kind of animal. Therians ( thats us )can turn into only ONE kind of animal. And in twilight the only thing they got right is that we FULLY shift into wolves. So shutup. You dont know any thing about us apart from what Ive just told you.

Oh, my. I guess I am the unfortunate one to say this.
Therians ARE NOT shapeshifters. Therians are people who believe they are an animal in the body of a human. Or a fantasy creature like a dragon.

How many people want to punch you in your life?
add another one to the list, if you will.

Well I'm a werewolf but I'm not sure how to change into a wolf i'v seen my eyes glow yellow like a wolf's eyes I'm only 13 I'm saying this on Friday November the 16 2012 please please help me change into a wolf i never learned how I go crazy on eney moon ore if its night I howl every day I like meat and water a lot like a wolf please some one tell me how to change into a wolf


your all the same as me im so glad im not alone and do any of u wanna be in my pack :)


I have no clan or group so I'm a lone wolf looking for others but my whole family are wolves so all of us are full werewolves unlike all of you halfbloods we have all the answers and have helped so many people like us just like the wolf in that old ''story'' the boy who cried wolf yeah, I remember those days. The humans were so stupid those days and now they've grown smarter. Oh yeah we live in the alps in NY hope to see y'all soon.

If you would like, you could join my pack The Blackblood Pack. I only allow werewolves who are born werewolves cause I dont believe that humans who were bit by a werewolf turn into one. And from what youve said your a full werewolf. And I forgot to say that Im the female alpha. Please message me if you would like to join :) !

I will help you my sister if I meet you I shall help you with all my experience because I'm not a half breed like you so I have more experience with mating and live in the apalations with my family if you can reach me I shall help you but come at night my family is more fun at night.

if any one says being a werewolf is a curse they r not werewolves i dont care if u think werewolves is a curse becuz i know for a fact that being a werewolf is amazing i would know becuz im a werewolf and so r 5 other people i know and btw people cant see us we r like shadows we r pretty much invisible which is y scientist have not uncovered werewolves only werewolves and other mythical creatures out there can see us

i agree and disagree being a werewolf can be fun i am now in a pack and they are like my family but it also has its disadvantiges like sleepless night and almost uncontrollable anger and rage when someone in the pack gets hurt by someone who is not in the pack

first i just want to make one thing clear werewolves r real and all of u non werewolves u must have a vary good reason to become a werewolf and just so u know people who say being a werewolf is horrifying u r wrong yes it duz hurt a little when u shift and by the way u can shift anytime u want to not just when the full moon is out and so on werewolves r not roothless creatures who cuss and say what ever they want and do what ever they want being a werewolf is amazing and wonderful being a werewolf teaches u life should be well spent and that every day that u r still alive is a blessing and being a werewolf lets u see what wolves see oh and u do not crave meat at all times those who say they do u r probibly in love with meat... so plz no more comments about crazy cravings for meat and plz no more comments about being a werewolf is terrible

well... once more. though I lost all hope of getting my werewolf powers.... tried chants, spells, calls to marduk and other stuff even during the last golden light super moon... if youre a real one and know a way to get it PHYSICAL shift done, you please pm me. cuz I stand at the end of a long, 30 year search, and the road just ended there. no idea what I should do. but giving up aint possible; it would mean to give up my life.

i am a werewolf it is diffrent and hard recently i have combined my pack with a fellow shifters pack i have always had a passion for wolves and i know werewolves are real becuz i have seen them with my own eyes and herd them with my own ears aany body who dont beleave is wrong

I know I'm not a shifter and probably never will be but are werewolves real?Truth and fiction about this is a blur to me.Are people lying to seem cool?Is it truth? Scientists say it's physically impossible yet so many people say they are a werewolf.
I'm not sure what I am because people say I'm a therian(because I relate to one) and loads of people ask if I'm a werewolf because I apparently act like one .I'm not sure because apparently werewolves can only change when they are a certain age.
I have always been drawn to wolves and love them but you would get hunted if you were one so if I was one I would keep it a secret but,that's just me.
I've said a lot so please just answer to what I've said.

Yes werewolves are real I'm one but I'm not sure how to change into a wolf I'm only 13 I'm an alpha werewolf but how do I change into a wolf I've seen my eyes glow like a wolfs before I'm strong and I can run really fast to and I can smell Realy good I can see in the dark and I can hear really well I'm saying this on Friday November 16 2012

Please tell me how to become on I found out I was a were wolf when I was 10 years old my eyes are blue but when the sun light hits my eyes you can see that I am I real werewolf my eyes are really I light gray but if no one is looking when my eyes reflect of the sunlight you can see my strue eye color I've seen them go yellow in the dark be for

Oh and I go crazy over wolves I draw them to

come and bite me so i grow to a werwolf faster i was born a werwolf 8 old

I'm going through the same thing!

Lyncan or therian

I feel that alot of people don't realise this is in the fiction part. Maybe someone should make a Real Werewolf/ Lycan group because there really maybe some real ones out there and I would like to read about their experiences...

I really hope no humans believe this, or we'll all be screwed. That's what you gotta do. I usually know when it's a full moon with out being outside, is that normal? I'm sorry, I have no one to talk to about this. Oh, and am I suppose to be in some kind of clan?

Embrace your wild side I'm Lycan unlike you I can shift at will you can trust me hide in public but on full moon venture your local grounds and take the opertunity to strike on prey and if you like leave some non shifters to transform

idk what I am it might be me going through puberty but I always feel I'm different and I'm that girl at school that's good at everything when it comes to sports I just recently got really really good but my molars are sharper than ever and I'm alone with no one to help guide me through and I was born one possibly if I am one but I just feel completely excluded with no one again and everything she said is what I feel as if I'm going through