I Really Am A Were Wolf

i realised that even though i could be found by the bounty that hangs over my head, i wanted to share my story

i was snagged by a single tooth of a were wolf and he died due to cursing me with my fate, i have numerous abilitys, i am fast, strong, and due to the infection i am very beutiful, my eyes twitch on full moons, but thats all i rember, i dream about what i try to forget, i am a very violent wolf, i have nck, i am alone, i can smell and see things above an  level. my hearing sucks because i was nearly deaf before i was bitten and due to scar tissue, i only have normal hearing, i am good at hiding, so i dont think i will be found, and i have a secret weapon. my words, as long as people know i exist i will always be looked for, be kept alive by those who are willing to help. i just dont know how i will keep this up im only a young wolf and have no experience with mating and i have fallen in love with a man, but i dream of mating with a wolf, is this normal and how do i control it? im afraid this will be what leads to my down fall, someone help me so that i dont do anything i regret, i cant control myself

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I just wonder how many weirdos have lured unsuspecting people to meetings. I can't tell you If your a werewolf or not but If you are you'd be stupid to reveal your self an meet someone who may have I'll intentions. Also you would know What BS SMELLS LIKE. SO be careful. Use all of your senses. You'll know when the time is right. We take care of our own.

I need your help, i can turn into a wolf but it's not a werewolf that you see in the movies its just a pure white wolf so am i a werewolf or not?

That's transfiguration, which is basically what being a werewolf is.

Pm me

You people need shut ur ******* mouthes unless u want to kill them off

Somebody help me be a werewolf i beg of you

Sorry, but you can't. Unless you were infected by one, or born with it, you can't BECOME a werewolf. But, I can tell you how to earn all of the things tht werewolves have.

I ok unless you were Born one bites and spells are all bs

Hey I would love to talk to a werewolf and ask one of you some questions for a paper I'm working on for a college class. If you are interested please shoot me a message and I will send you my email address so we can chat. Everything will be anonymous so don't worry about that. Please let me know if you can help me! Thanks!

No one will be interested

I have known a Vampire that i worked with (as equals) on a ver deep issued site I will not mention. I personaly don't think that ther should be any anger between the two.

wtf werewolves and vamps hate eachother stop trying to convert her

right! we should help eachother!

That wrong in some places vampires helps the werewolfs and verse vered. As well im a half werewolf. And i have vampire friends

You can't be half you are either full or not at all

I to am a werewolf i have been one for quite some time if u have anyquestions my msn is djm1993@hotmail.com

What would a werewolf be doing on EP let alone a computer????<br />
Ya might just want to find that vampire... :)

is there a post here "I am a vampire?" maybe you should look for the one...<br />
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