I Really Am A Were Wolf

i realised that even though i could be found by the bounty that hangs over my head, i wanted to share my story

i was snagged by a single tooth of a were wolf and he died due to cursing me with my fate, i have numerous abilitys, i am fast, strong, and due to the infection i am very beutiful, my eyes twitch on full moons, but thats all i rember, i dream about what i try to forget, i am a very violent wolf, i have nck, i am alone, i can smell and see things above an  level. my hearing sucks because i was nearly deaf before i was bitten and due to scar tissue, i only have normal hearing, i am good at hiding, so i dont think i will be found, and i have a secret weapon. my words, as long as people know i exist i will always be looked for, be kept alive by those who are willing to help. i just dont know how i will keep this up im only a young wolf and have no experience with mating and i have fallen in love with a man, but i dream of mating with a wolf, is this normal and how do i control it? im afraid this will be what leads to my down fall, someone help me so that i dont do anything i regret, i cant control myself

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ok sorrry bud but you Couldnt be cursed nor be snaggged by a tooth nor a bite as thats not how werewolves are werewolves they are Born werewolves not cursed nor bittenn nore spell nor by scracth please do not claim to be one

Also THE FULL MOON HASD NOTHING to do with werewolves stop wathcing bs hollywood movies that are 100% fake

realy man

I will help you all . I can only give you all whereim currently at but some humans are on this page and wolves can find me I have a strong scent so y'all be able to find me my fam has all the answers leave me you lokation and I'll get to all of you

I'm a werewolf too!!!!Read my story.

sovietwolf really? a hunter? great, just another complication i need in my life. but still thank you for telling me

I know that nobodies probably going to read this but i just need to know something. How do you know that your a werewolf? I swear i am but at the same time im not sure. I'll wake up with surface scratches on my face,armsand feet. The doors my parents know they looked are unlocked. I wake up with dirt on my feet. Ive been told i use to sleepwalk. Im freakihly tall for my age. My denist says i have stronger and sharper teeth than normal people. I was bit by a dog when i was little. How do You know!?

That's the same with me believe it or not!

I almost forgot. For ethical and legal reasons, it is important that you are of legal age. The philosphies of being a Lycan are of spiritual matters that may be to intense for some people. (sorry but it is importand for me to add that disclaimer.

If you tuly believe that you are a werewolf, I have much advice since I am a Lycan that has been wolfen for years.<br />
Your confusions are normal. If you truly want answers to your concerns you should send me a private message with more details. I have found many resources for real Lycan.

I wish I could meet you in person~ I'm a leopard shapeshifter but I haven't managed to break the physical barrier yet.. I feel also that if I see a werewolf or a shapeshifter turn it will give me the boost I need to finally break through! Plus, I would love to be friends with someone like you!

umm if any of u r in canada i have very usfull info exept its bad news.... theres a werewolf hunter up here

Where? Ontario?

i hope everything works out for you hun. from what i have read there are quite a few wolves on this site that may be able to help you. xoxo

i hope everything works out for you hun. from what i have read there are quite a few wolves on this site that may be able to help you. xoxo

You should start like a werewolf blog or something. I think it would be pretty entertaining.

ok if ur really a werewolf...<br />
then why worry as u can do lots of different things others can,t...<br />
just make sure u make love in ur human form and u will find the man u have fallen for will perfer it that way....<br />
<br />