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Filthy Humans

grrr look at this from those filthy humans


To prevent a wave of lycanthropy when authorities caught such werewolf criminals the criminals were publicly and brutally tortured and left strung up and disemboweld in the town square.


sovietwolf sovietwolf 18-21, M 34 Responses Nov 2, 2009

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I'm sum wat human I'm a wolf therian and I do agree I just did some research on the Salem werewolf trials and that was very brutal

This is why hate humans, they disgusting and as you said "filthy"

I can stand being around humans...just not when I randomly get mad

I aint saying like humans or dont like them but all i am saying is i wish we were all wolves....

................. Did this actually happen?

Its prollytrue with all the stuff humans have done to us

Does any one know if there was really a wolf massicare in Washington. I heard there was but I haven't. Talked to any wolves frim up there

Which Washington?

State. I heard 30or so wolves were killed at a meet up by a group of hunters

Oh, I live there. As far as I know there aren't many wolves here at all. They all left because of hunters. But I live more near the Pacific Coast so I can't be sure about the other side of the mountains. My mate only knows 6 and most of them left. So I doubt there was 300 wolves, but I don't know if it was the other side of the mountains and I just don't know about it.

I knew a pack up there but no one is answering my calls. And I said. 30 or so. Lol

Oh, sorry I thought the "o" was a "0". And I see, what side of the mountains were they?

i really dont know the exact location. They are a traveling packk they hid as a circus

I see. Well I talked to my mate and he said that hunters here aren't uncommon, so I'm not sure what happened

Ok imma see if I can get my uncle to let me go. U see I feel like they need a scare

I see. Well there are many green belts here, and plenty of wildlife, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are wolves here that I don't know of. But I don't know where Hunters would be located :/

Its ok ill. Find them lol always do

What happened was in Wisconsin months ago.

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Theres no reason to hate all humans I mean they are good chew toys at times.bu We wolves are more evolved. We should act like it. I kinda agree with she wolf though.

Thank you.

Ur welcome. And hey shewolf.can I ask u something?


Do u know any good packs. I could join I lost mibe when I was 13. And ive been doing a lot on my own but it would. Be nice to be part of a group ive heard we are better together

You can join my pack Fire Lights. I am the Alpha Female. Almost all of the spots are opeb.

Ok so how do I join

You look up I am part of the Fire Lights pack. If you cant go on my profile. It should be the first group on.


Glad for you to join. What position would you like?

idk what there. I used to train pups but idk

Oh. Ifinallyfoundlove isnt a pup but he needs hunting practice.

Thatll be fun. Its been a while so I might be a lil rusty

Thats fine. Hes the only pup.

Dang it shewolf you got him first! XD Lucky wolf. :P


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It's all those "wolves" and "vampires" on TV and the ones that claim it on the news. No reason to hate on all humans. Some are good, most are not

I think your right.

That no reason to say that about us! We are people too! I say make the human pay for saying that!

i agree

Thank you. But not all humans are bad. Just the filthy rotton ones!

Not all humans are bad but if they attack me first they screwed themselves

I may be a wolf,but killing humans,I don't do,unless there hunters,otherwise there no threat to me.

em hello im a human but dont kill me i want to become a werewolf dont kill help SHIVER<br />
im scared help :/

<p>Silver bullets do kill weres like wooden stakes to tha heart kills vamps. Of course, its not the silver that kills ya, its tha bullet as a sharpend stake destroys a vital organ. Lol... I kid. No, but bullets and stakes hurt, especially when wielded by an ignorant totalitarian species hellbent on the destruction of what they dont understand. So yeah, humans are fine.....</P>

Hey dumbass!Anybody can die by a bullet,we wolves will die from ANY bullet!Don't you get it!?!?We're NOT what you see in movies!

Hey dumbass, to quote myself " its not the silver that kills ya, its tha bullet ". Are you so dense that I have to explain to you that I already know anybody can die by a bullet, no matter what element it is made from. A projectile, traveling more than several hundred feet per second, piercing your body in vital areas will kill you.

Look, I am a human. I understand for you guys why you hate humans, but technically were almost the same. I know, I hate the human history, for what they did to you guys. It's terrible! But back then people were very riligouse and believed that Werewolves were evil and had bargained with the devil (but which isn't true but that is what they thought) and so they needed to eliminate them. Is truly sad, I don't hate Werewolves but I hate it when you guys say "Enslave all the humans" or "Humans are such disgusting things" or "These humans are an abomination". Not all humans are terrible, and let me tell you right now, if you were to enslave all humanity, think about all those innocent people, and that you will enslave children too, whilst they did nothing wrong? Look, I am sorry but it is coming to the point of being hurtful. It makes me wonder what this world has come to! No, I am not just going to run out and kill all werewolves because that's just wrong, killing without a reason, how could anyone live with that? And besides, we're all pretty much the same. The only difference is that you guys shift! But yet, this world just isn't ready for the unbelievable to become reality, until further into the future when things become, well just something, I think it will be time to reveal yourselves to the world.<br />
I thank you for reading, yours truly<br />

We are not the same.

@EAF thank you for your nice comment about standing neutral, and saying that I am not hated :)
@dataworm yea, but it happens all the time... A whole lot of the time
@Whiteshe I didn't say we were exactly the same, I said techinchly were are same, but still pretty far. We are humans, nothing special, you are wolves, now there is something special. But when not in wolf form, you are a human. Right there is a simerality, I am a human, and you shift into one

I see where you're coming from but humans destroyed my pack, my family this is why we are no where near the same.

Of course aren't all humans bad, they are some great people too. But I think, when we say that we hate humans that we only mean the ones who have done the wrong things, like wars, or destroying our packs. I'm sure that a lot wolves have at least one good human friend, maybe not all, but alot. I'm not promoting humans now, I hate really much humans, but not all, I think you're a nice person.

And I don't think all wolves or humans think of this, we have to share the earth with each other,don't matter if we want it or not.

But I don't know of you guys have the same feeling, but I'm expecting some problems sooner or later, but I don't want you to worry about it.

All humans are the same, cruel destroyers whether they know it or not.

I think you're right anyway, but I just want the war stops. I mean we've to share this world, but they hurt us. and this battle between humans and wolves, is going to cause a lot of problems, only because of that humans who don't believe or hunt us, like I said, there are problems on the way

If they wan't war against us, so be it they will bring to their own downfall.

I just wish stuff like this coul come to an end... You know what,i will make a vow, a vow saying that I will not quit on trying to help and change this world, to live in peace and stop all wars and many more things. I vow to do that, because I care of this world. A lot.
Oh, and thank your for saying tat you think that I am a nice person :)
And not trying to be rude to you Whiteshe, but werewolves can be cruel destroyers as well

How would you know, human?

Violence is never the answer you should know that. Wolves should not even be able to comprehend the idea of war.

Don't call me human. I hate it when someone dose not talk to me by my name. Especially when they treat me like I do not know anything. I have has some help with the knowledge of other werewolves that are caring enough to teach a person about this stuff. I now know that werewolves are not murdurus machines, or walk on two legs, or are evil beings. They are beautiful creatures, they are loving and caring for their family and mates, and that they would do anything for them. And we ALL have that killing instinct within us. It is not just human beings. I bet you that you have once or twice in your life that you have done something cruel, and don't lie, I know that at least everybody has done 1 cruel thing... I know that I did one... But anyways that is that. I don't want to start a fight, I do not like them. They make me sad

Nice said EuropeanAlphaFemale =D

Thank you EuropeanAlphaFemale, those were great words said

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I dont have a problem with humans myself, but knowing what they did to our ancestors was wrong and they had no right to. to torture us to make them feel strong, powerful, and fearless. but not all humans today are like that only some

We just have to stay hidden. It sucks, but we have to so we don't all die from them. They just have to get over that we exist.

we have to stay in the shadows until humans are able to handle the fact that werewolves are real. we only need to hunt thoughs who hunt us.

yay but if you hunt the hunter wouldent that lead to more hunted?

not all humans are evil vile creatures but a good deal are just dont go around trying to kill every human it would really suck

hey wat the flip is the problem with humans? i got 5 words for u : u r a human too. so enough of that. humans have alot of respect for humans as wolves do too. so talking like u hate humans is gonna send a whole lotta hunters at ya. that would suck cause i like werewolves and having them tells me that im not the only breed around thank u very much. so dont u go prejudice on me or other humans. peace out:)

I hate humans, when I was young I was 'abused' by one and now some crazy couple has eliminated most of my clan, I'm next.

humans can say the same on werewolves and not all humans r lik that, mind u weres r also lik humans u cry lik them u feel temptations all the emotions werewolves can just transform into another form theyre still and if u enslave all humans u would b enslaving the gud and innocent ones

Hey! I'm a werewolf too... And I don't think humans are filthy.. We are also a part of them, I love humans, I'm really loyal to them, I live with them everyday (while hiding my true identity) I would risk my life saving them, my friends support me as a wolf.. As who I am.. Why do you hate humans??

We should enslave all the humans!!!!!!!!__

No we shouldn't, I know this is an old comment, but let me explain something. We want that humans believe in us, trust us, and have respect for us, right? If we enslave all humans, do you think we'll get respect, the problems will increase, they will hunt us more and more, and by killing them, you kill the good people too, and before you say that there aren't good people, yes, there are good people, take Shaun Ellis, the wolf man, why do you think that the wolves trust him, think about that!!! I hate some humans too, everyone hates some people. I'll give you an example, 2 kids have an argument, they start fightning, are the problems gone, do the kids like each other again?? No!! believe me, war is not the answer, it's the problem.

We should enslave all the humans!!!!!!!!__

im a werewolf and i got my friend to shoot me and i was fine till i turned back into human form.

i have one question who believes that silver hurts werewolves?

i have one question who believes that silver hurts werewolves?

no they won't hurt... werewolves are just humans that have an ability to change into wolves.. Try putting silver on a normal wolf, it doesn't hurt it... Just like werewolves.. Silver killing method is only present in Hollywood movies..

I don't hate werewolves or humans but I do hate Hollywood


Werewolves??? Really??? I dare not ask how you came to become werewolves but I am intrigued, perhaps for all the wrong resons but intrigued nonetheless. I'll be honest, I thought you guys were joking at first but I soon realised how serious you all were. I know that people try to imitate the vampire lifestyle, although they clearly aren't because they CAN still walk around during the day, they simply choose not to. How do werewolves live then, what makes one a werewolf? I cant even believe I'm having this conversation. Seriously people...

Hmmm... Interesting. Thank you for that explanation.

And they thought I was the one who needed psych meds........sorry I mean no offense to anyone, but I believe some watch the Sci-fi channel way too much.......NONE OF THAT STUFF IS REAL, NO VAMPS, NO WEREWOLVES, NONE OF IT. I WAS READING THE STORIES IN HERE AND I THINK I AM GOING TO BE ABLE TO SLEEP GOOD THIS NIGHT......I HAVEN'T LAUGHED OE SMILED IN A LONG TIME, SORRY I JUST DO NOT BELIEVE...........

I'd like to point out that a) Werewolves would be on the fantasy channel, not the Sci-Fi channel (unless you count Being Human). B) If you haven't laughed or smiled in a long time then maybe you should see a doctor for depression. C) If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all. By the way sorry about my username.

HEY! Im not filthy.. I happen to support the weres, and even though Im not one, I've dedicated a lot of my time to try to understand as much as I can! In fact my boyfriend is one. <br />
You cant put us ALL in one category, yeah, there are A LOT of "humans" that are rude, and judge easily. But, I KNOW I cant put weres in a monster category, because in MY opinion, you are not. You guys have feelings, you arent evil. But I'm extremely offended. I definetly understand why you have a hatred for THOSE people who do that, but not all of us are like that. I'm definetly not. /:

I agree with this so much. I really don't give a damn about what people say in the first place.

Hey? I've been reading this and I would like to apologize for these closed minded brutes. I feel that quite a few of them are not up to it. A lot of humans are rude, and don't understand, but on here especially I have seen more weres with those qualities instead. Soo.. I hope you and your boyfriend are very happy together, and goodbye now! :)