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I will tell my story in a later post. At the moment it is important for me to share wth you some things that I find troubling.

it seems to me that some peolpe are eager to be lycan. I of course understand the draw. However, people truly need to understand the hardships that are involved in being a werewolf, as well as what a true werewolf  is.

Anyone who is with wolf will understand the dangers, traps, loneliness and yes sometimes pain of being lycan. For those of you I will not rehash strugle that we face.

What is a werewolf? It is a spiritual connecton that runs deep within the soul, a connection that involves family Canidae, not just the wolf. A werewolf is not bitten as many people mistakenly believe. A werewolf is someone who has been accepted and aproved by the soul of the wolf, having been invited into the "pack," so to speak. A werewolf has learned to be loyal to his lupus guide, and still function as Man. Yes indeed, there are spiritual wolves, they do indeed live.

If one has not been accepted into this sacred canidae pack by the spirit wolf leader of all canids (I call this being Grandfather Wolf) then tey may have a great love for wolves causing them to want to be lycan (this is not meant as a slight).

I am a true Lycan, and have been my entire life. I hope that anyone who has a wish to be Lycan truly knows what they are asking for, what is involved and price we lycan realy have to pay sometimes.

I have been searching for quite awhile trying to find a true group, not an easy task.  I hope that being a part of this group i will be able to assist through my knowledge, true lycan, who are not yet as seasoned as i am.

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So I guess my question is do you age as human beings do? Have you lived longer than 200 yrs and if so how do feel about humans evolution? Are you plagued by man's drive to destroy the earth? What powers do you have? Are you territorial? Are you a fallen angel? Are you descendant of a fallen angel? Are there brown skinned lycans? Do you hunt?

I believe lycans all to be true. I have a good dear friend of mine who is an immortal Vampire.. So with knowing the existence of Vampires being real lycans must be. I have many questions for you. I wish you would have a private email I can contact you at.. I love expanding my knowledge with things the human world doenst understand. I have already been opened to it through my Vampire friend..

Hey I am a common boy of India .. ok come to the point. Here nobody knows about Lycans very few here knows them ... I always wanted to be a Lycan & I am 100% sure I have a soul of Lycans .. I have pointed sharp teeths like wolf & since from my childhood I was knowing I have a soul of wolf ... please accept me as a Lycan ...

hello my friend!!!! i just have 1 question..... what do you mean when u said : " It is a spiritual connecton that runs deep within the soul, a connection that involves family Canidae, not just the wolf'.... i dont know anything about this,exept i love the books,(the nice ones,protective side and everything) always,since i can remember...but u said something that got my atte..... would u please explain that to my email,plzz i appreciate your time... :)

if u are the real lycan or werewolf or wolvrine, send me a your blood....or turn me please.......

you are only born, not made ... and why should we? so you can become super rich?

I have an un natural fear of lycans or being one but I find I am drawn to them what does that mean

Hi I think i am possibly a Lychan, is there any possible way to tell? please let me know i am really confused things around me say maybe but i just really don't know
please respond soon if there is one way for me to really tell if I am or not, i would like to put my questioning mind to rest.

And if not, how could i Become one, all i want is to have something be different about me then everybody else, even if they don't know about it.

Being a Lycan is really a hard job, bro. All the rage, the loneless, the instability of yourself and your feelings... But, it is good. I hate and I love this.

Does the name Miora mean anything to you?

Well said.

I would love to here more I am starting to have dreams about just random wolves running through random envoroments like snow forest desert and so I looked it up and I came to this for some answers and I want to undrrstand why I am having these dream s can u help me ?

I would love to here more I am starting to have dreams about just random wolves running through random envoroments like snow forest desert and so I looked it up and I came to this for some answers and I want to undrrstand why I am having these dream s can u help me ?

I have been interested in wolfs ever sence I saw them on animal planet just every thing about them how the packs work just EVERYTHING . I want to know as much as I can about lycans and decide if I want to be one but after all I have learned I am not sure . Someone message me and help me I also have wolf like tendency every one and a while and for some reason after like 8 30 at night I like shiver and start getting like ... Well it's weird message me I'm so curious about lycans (most websites are seemingly fake)

You are the one who has at least an ounce of logic on this website. Perhaps not every single bit of truth, but a hell of a lot more than most. Respect to you.

I am also a young Lycan who is in trouble my friends laugh at me for who I m any ideas on what i should do

I know the dangers of posting also the fact it is unlawful to the rule however I try to withhold my talk from all those unlike me it is with this that I say my first turn is tonight I need advice fast it's 7:51 don't throw bullshit at me ik you need to be accepted as though this man said which also makes it easier to say this please help me

i havent been on in a while sorry to bizzy with dd on the hunt ive been tracking for a while now were back home

Can you message me? I want to learn as much as I can about lycans

Wow, just Wow. Your insight of the Lycanthropic behavior and such is brilliant. I am a young lycan who has little to no power over her abilties and i was wondering if you could help me control them any help would be brilliant. thank you Sir.

Hello sould KNOW if you are a wolf or remember everthing as wolf (which is wierd since you loose everthing known as a human) plus, the whole lycan?werewolf stuff you ppl are saying is just sad and not true...seriously i have seen a wolf...expierienced life as one and you guys do NOT say these cruel is but a mockery to my heritage and well being... .____.

i have to say, i fancy all things wolf. I do believe the hard ships and i understand. But if you guys are lying to me about llycans then thats stupid. I truly believe only the worthly is wolf and NO true wolf would go saying on the internet, "Hey, i am a true living werewolf!" no that is not how it works. I come to understand that werewolves would keep this fate to themselves, to not share with anyone beyond the safety of a i say fake...or dare i say fact...

I am a true lycan I have always been from the beginning to now I'm 20864 years old my dad is so to speek grandfather wolf suck on those apples he lets me choose whose the next lycan/human.

Please do not mock my race. Even i know that we cannot live that long and a lycan is not chosen, they are born as a true decendant of Fenrir himself.

I agree with you as I am exactly the same as u we are in the same pack...

And is anyone turn into a wolf without a full moon you would most likely die

That's what humans have come up with as werewolves/lycans are but to be honest we're NOT!!!!!!

Hello I want to know as much as I can about lycans like how it feels to "shift"and more please message me!!

As I don't want to be a *** but I have to. You need to keep you mouth suth. Thing are going to change for level x werewolf but I hear about lx wolf try to take the high wolf place you will be killed on the next blue moon or when I get around to it. I'm I charge of keep u level x wolf alive **** me off agin and I will bit your lung out with my teeth.

i will kill you you *****.

Wow!!! well for all of the "werewolves/ lycans" A true being would know that there is morphing connection to the moon it is merely a myth and in actuality a true change during the full moon only makes you stronger but a true werewolf can change at anytime. however, when you return to your human form you are very weak. So for those who think th full moon has everything to do with when a change takes place is not a werewolf! this is completely untrue and in many cases insulting to us! PS silver is a funny one as well! And i would like to add that a "true changer would not need the internet to find companion runners, they can be smelt and seen when you are in true form. Also, those who want to be "changed" are getting their hopes up for something that literally has little chance of happening!

Im 15 now and half native american I have been obsessed with wolves since birth I think I might be a lycan but I still have doubts about it if I am not one I beg someone please help me become one I know sound like a silly little teenager who doesnt know wat she wants but its more than that it feels like I need to be one it s want I wad born to be

Wat is a lycan exactly?

call a mage they can help but only for a short time.

I am a vampire. Do not bother telling me I am in the wrong place as I am well aware of the purpose of this. One of my friends has always been, frankly, different. He has always had canine tendencies. Especially involving meat and animals such as coyotes and wolves. Every lunar cycle, he begins to reek of a wet dog around this time, the first quarter moon. He also frequent increases in previously mentioned behavior as the moon waxes and decreases as it wanes. Any information that could possibly help my friend would be much appreciated.

Im a wolf furry and i feel connected to canines. And they feel comfortable and safe with me. Im 17 year old female with a lot of questions. Im confused about everything involving the "wolf" side of me and i need some help understanding if some of these feelings are normal, if they mean something, or if im just crazy... Can anyone help me understand what is going on with me?

I agree with everything on this post, I know this hasn't been commented on in a while but too many rush into the hard embrace of the wolf they cannot control. I found out I am connected to Grandfather Wolf spiritually and through deep hypnotic trances access the form of the wolf but I have not experienced a physical change. I wonder sometimes if ever I will, I fear that kind of pain and trauma deeply, but am curious as to the aftermath, what does it feel like in physical form? It is something I would only attempt if I desperately needed to and at no other time would I consider it but I would like to know the difference between spiritual changes and physical.

i want to be a werewolf my is but he wont turn me

Turn me please

I want turnD

I was born one, yea im 13 and female but i am one,I have nightmares about killing things such as myself...

I need help

I just don't see why everyone wants to become a werewolf.i was attacked camping in wales 4 months ago and my friend and i both survived,with scars,the causes of which we didn't know,but every transformation makes you stronger.but why would people want to have multiple organ failure and break every bone in their body every 4 weeks for their entire life.Who's with me?

There are a lot of young ones out there who dont know what they want or what they are doing. they let their hearts run free and they hurt many people in the process. I respect you, sir. You bring such a positive mindset for, well, everyone. I am glad to see that someone knows who they are. Me on the other hand, I have not a single clue. I am...for lack of a better term...a mut. A mixture of....things. Its hard to exactly put my finger on it. But if you would sir, I would enjoy talking to you through a message(:

Tis the season for Lycan to embrace who they are. Everyone have a good Holliday season


im no lycan but i am a wolf and dragon therianthrope and just wanted to say hi! lol

Hi emrldpeeps,<br />
You were honored by the mother of those pups. I have no doubt that you have a connection with Canis Lupus.<br />
As to knowing if someone is Lycan or not, that is a question between "Grandfather Wolf" and the indevidual. If it is to be so, you will know, as GW will guide you.<br />
<br />
This is the first stage of a Lycan's duality, and a difficult one.<br />
<br />
All the best,<br />
<br />
White Wolf