Where Are The Stories?

The closest I've come is having a black woman spend the night. We showered together and I got to feel her up pretty good. When we went to bed, she asked, "Did you think we were going to have sex?" Well, she did pretty much invite herself over expecting to spend the night and she did just take a shower with me while we touched each other in sensitive places. How could I possibly think we might have sex? Perish the thought! We saw each other a couple of times after that but it never went beyond kissing. She was older than me, closer to my mother's age than mine, but still attractive. There have been a few other black women that I was attracted to and I think they felt some attraction to me but I was with someone else then. There's one at work now who put her hand on my back as she walked by. If anything should happen to my wife, she's tops on my short list.
hagfish hagfish
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8 Responses Jul 9, 2010

It might have to be a foursome now; the one I really like got married.

You should bring up the idea of a 3some with a black woman, you never know, she might be open to it.

awesome man!!

Good for you, it is nice that some men are loving and faithful.

Thanks. I'm OK with that.

I wish you both a long and happy life, somethings just have to remain a fantasy I guess.

Yes, and my wife is good health.

Are you still feeling this way?