Why I Love Black Women: An Historical Look

It all began when I was a tiniest of a wee Oren. I was a complete TV kid when I was young and I used to watch Star Trek, live action and cartoon even though I had NO CLUE what was going on. It was Uhura that got my little eyes all wide.

Cut to later on in my life. Teen hood. I moved to Alabama whereat there I was surrounded by Chocolate Southern Belles (and a mix of Ghetto gals) that made my heart thump like crazy. And that is when I met...her... Miranda. She was a terrific athlete. You named it she played it. Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading. She was all that and then some. I was shy but I made an effort to at least have my picture taken with her and she liked me as a friend for the last bit of her school days. Yet I was a fool. I never did confess and she was gone and graduated and now, I can't find her after all these years.

And there you have the Emotional Aspect of why I love Black Women. Here's the physical aspects.

WARNING: The Following May Be Seen As Crude To Some Women. Bail Out Now While You Still Have The Chance. If You Read on From Here, DO NOT Leave Rude Comments Or Else Offenders WILL Be Reported.

PS: It's Clean And Suitable For All Ages.

To start out it's the smile. Those Ebony gals just have the cutest of grins and it makes my heart melt. Next is the hair. I am a sucker for that hair and I was asked by a classmate of mine to help style her. It felt so great...! Another reason is the body types. Usually coming in curvy types which makes my heart go "ba-thump, ba-thump ba-thump" and my chest all flittery. Here's one of the next two reasons I'm a bit ashamed of saying but I'll get on with it. The plump jiggly rear ends that a lot of them have. Now I see why that Sir Mix-A-Lot guy made that song. I won't go into detail what me seeing a Dark gal's bouncing rump does to me so let's move on to the last reason. The endowment of the chest area. It seems more of the Ebony verity have bigger chests than the other, and I'll say it now. DD's I feel indifferent about but still makes me stare , something bigger and my excitement level goes haywire, and last of all some bust above H, and I have to look away so I don't get all hot and flustered and not get an er- *muffles my own mouth*

And there you have it, EP. Emotional and Physical reasons WHY I love Black Women. Oren, OUT.
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How desc<x>riptive - and I must, happily lacking in the usual vulgarity one experiences these days. A very interesting read:-)