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So I'm Not Throwing Stones Or Anything But....

whats up with these half naked pics of women on here like come on now when i hear about interacial couples i want to hear about the love that you shared i want to her about the intellectual moments. what i don't want to see and hear is about how she was the best fornicating you've ever had ,or to see you black women on here with degrading photos......please respect your self and be prideful, your setting an example wether you know it or not.
collegelady95 collegelady95 18-21, F 8 Responses Feb 27, 2012

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Same thought, thanks ^^

no one wants to hear about how i fell in love with the girl who moved in next door. native girl, me. yall want straight love stories and i am not straight. but the instant she put her .45 into nuggerbanger ear and said, " i think you have just made a very big mistake" yea i was hers. i am native she is red haired green eyed NOT NATIVE. so if you let race decide? you will miss life.

Thank you! Black women are sexualised enough as is in general. If I seek interracial relationships, I want him to fall for me based on intellect, warmth, humor, etc all non-physical traits. Men who seek me out because of stereotypes are the first ones to be shown the door. Good post, thanks for putting it out there.

I never doubt guys who interest in me are sincere, but the ones who like to \"experiment\" suffer my wrath lol

ok,,,i love the touch,feel,scent of a blk woman,,, and have been treated kinder by them also,

You are so right, a woman does not show her goodies to every one. I believe that what you don't see is better This is not a site to my understanding that says love is for sale. Who are these women and what are they really looking for.

very well said

Well said.

I feel the same way about women in rap videos. All we are or portray ourselves as, as breasts, butt, and thighs. I think there are some women who are confused in the head as to how to get appropriate attention. I would think posting half naked pictures of yourself, especially your chest would lure the wrong people to your profile.