All My Life... A Feeling Of Missing Something

I remember second or third crush as a kid. Her name was Christina and I used to try to do things to impress her. I was attracted to her dark skin because it was so different than mine. I still remember the first time I saw a black centerfold in playboy. I won't go into how I wore that magazine out. There were a couple of crushes in high school but my family is not supportive of interracial relationships. I have had a few hook ups with black women in my life and some were extended into a several weeks but there has always been the voice in the back of my head reminding me of my family. The first time I was with a black girl was amazing some of it might have been the pent up desire being released but it was unforgettable. I see beauty in all women but the darker the skin the more sexy I find them.
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Have you ever asked your families opinion on the matter?

Did we read the same story? It is ok to have sex with a certain type of woman as long as none of the people you care about know? Are you being honest with yourself?
WOMEN: are you really ok with being reduced to dark meat? Is it really positive? Men have always been attracted to women... Stop the shenanigans!

white meat dark meat l love my meat arab and hairless

White men are cool. I hope they stand strong if ever ridiculed for loving a well put together black woman or woman of any ethnicity.

I don't understand this situation. There are SO many white men that find Black women attractive. But it's like they lie to one another. So all the white guys think that THEY are the ONLY ones who actually find Black women attractive. I wish you guys could have a conference and just all come out of the closet on this issue. LOL. From my perspective as a Black woman, it's ridiculous the number of times a conversation with a white man has featured this line, "Actually, I don't know how to say it, but...Black chicks REALLY turn me on..."

All men should be trained like pets white men make the best first pets lol you should just start slapping them since thats what they really want

you are so cool, i never saw a white guy that found black women so intoxicating. your story makes me feel warm, sorry about your family though but your experience is cool. esp they darker they are the sexier they are-we need more people in the world like you