Why I Love White Men And Their Soft Milky White Skin! Just Being Myself...

First let me start off saying that I see ALL ethnicities as being equals. Prejudice should not exist in this world. People are people created by one God and there's no reason for any of us to not get along. There's beauty in every nationality and no one should ever be made to feel superior or inferior.

I am a mulatto/multi-racial woman(if you can't tell by the user-name. LOL) who has always loved white men shamelessly since I was as young as five years old. I didn't realize I had a preference for them until I was in my mid twenties. When I say preference, I don't mean that I don't want to be black and feel that I'm inferior to white women in any way. I mean kind, God-fearing(especially), respectful, handsome, open minded white gentlemen make me weak in the knees, make my heart flutter, leave me with butterflies and make my eyes gaze all day at their beautiful alabaster skin.

I'm not the type of woman to pursue men and I'm not aggressive, as I feel that is the man's role and I prefer to let the man be the man while I walk in the role God assigned to me. I'm actually rather shy. Not knocking women who pursue men but It just feels unnatural to me. I am a Christian and I'm not looking for sex outside of marriage(or a strictly sexual relationship at all) when I'm interested in someone. Just mutual attraction, Godliness, friendship, kindness, loyalty, respect, a child like sense of humor, humility, honor and genuineness.

Sorry if this reads like a dating ad. It isn't. Just wanted to briefly share some of the things that attract me to white guys and always will. And even if I wasn't multi-racial, I would still love white men! I thank God for variety in this world!!! We should all appreciate each other and get along. Much peace and joy. :)

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4 Responses Jan 8, 2013

The world would be better place with a few more people like you.

yeah, what Northern Man said.

Very nice story. Thank you from a White fella!

very very nice and heart warming not sure what else can i say but well done very nice post enjoy your time at ep hun