Need A Beautifl Black Woman

My life will not be complete until I get to experience the superior sex of a beautiful black woman. Unfortunately, I have never enjoyed the sex of a black woman, but it is my fantasy. I'm drawn to them and I'm not quite sure why.

I have a beautiful white wife that I love very much but if I were ever single again I would only date black women. I surf EP looking for beautiful black women but they are rare to this site. I watch **** with white men having sex with black women and it seems to make my wife jealous.

I did meet a gorgeous black woman in a ***** club once. She was so considerate of my need to be with a black Godess that she often sent me sext pictures of her nude dark skinned body. She even offered to have sex with me just to give me my fantasy, she wanted nothing in return. She understood that I needed black *****. I was twice her age and highly turned on by the thought but in the end I chose to not take advantage of her generous offer.

Since that opportunity I have not had the good fortune of finding another beauty to share pics with. :(
bucknut bucknut
36-40, M
Jan 19, 2013